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Size (Per Unit) : 60 Capsules
Dosage : 1-2 Capsules once or twice daily, or As directed by physician.



Ayurveda is an age-old science that is the foundation for a number of other health practices. These are based on the theory that all humans are composed of three elements called doshas – vata, pitta, kapha. Maintaining the balance between these tridosha will help to maintain the health of the body. The imbalance between these dosha results in a variety of health related difficulties. There are a variety of herbal preparations available that help to rebalance the vitiated dosha and get rid of the diseased state. One such herbal preparation is Spasmoplan capsules which help to soothe muscular spasms. This wonderful ayurvedic formulation will be discussed in detail in the following article.


Ayurvedic medicines are the mainstay of treatment of many diseases. Be it a physical or a mental disease, Ayurveda provides the best possible treatment for it. Herbal remedies help to improve the health of the body in a natural way without causing harm to the vitals. Spasmoplan capsules is one such herbal preparation which possesses great medicinal significance. It helps to get relief from spasms caused by pain from a variety of conditions and is available over-the-counter. When taken as prescribed, they help to prevent spasms by keeping your muscles relaxed and open. This will help you live more easily with the spasms that you may be experiencing. Spasmoplan capsules along with its ingredients will be described in detail in the following article.

SpasmoPlan Capsules

It is quite difficult for an average person to understand why a particular herbal product works so well and is able to cure his or her problem. The answer lies in the composition of each herb and its combination. Spasmoplan capsules are prepared by planet ayurveda. Planet Ayurveda has prepared this medicinal formulation, it contains natural herbal extracts of the following herbs – Khurasani ajwain (Hyoscyamus Niger), Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi), Cumin (Cuminum cyminum), Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), Sajjikshar and Sat pudina (Mentha arvensis). This combination of herbs is very beneficial for the health of the body.It is prepared using authentic ways and provides great results in improving various spasm related health conditions of the patient. All the herbal products including spasmoplan capsules manufactured by planet ayurveda are free from chemicals, preservatives, starch, additives, colors and fillers. These products are hundred percent natural and are formulated by MD Ayurvedic doctors with deep knowledge of Ayurveda and many years of experience. The formulations are prepared strictly according to the procedures described in the samhitas (classical texts) and therefore are very effective in promoting the health of the patient and managing the diseased state effectively. The ingredients of Spasmoplan capsules are described in detail as follows.

Ingredients Used In SpasmoPlan Capsules


S.No. Ingredient Name Common Name Quantity
1 Khurasani ajwain Hyoscyamus Niger 50 mg
2 Ajwain Trachyspermum ammi 50 mg
3 Cumin Cuminum cyminum 100 mg
4 Fennel Foeniculum vulgare 100 mg
5 Sajjikshar Soda-bi crab 100 mg
6 Sat pudina Mentha arvensis 100 mg

Benefits Of the Used Ingredients in SpasmoPlan Capsules

  1. Khurasani ajwain (Hyoscyamus Niger) – Khurasani ajwain is also known as henbane, devil’s eye, etc. It is hot in potency and katu, tikta in taste. Khurasani ajwain helps to balance the kapha and vata dosha of the body. It is known to aggravate the pitta dosha of the body. It is beneficial for the heart, improves digestion, and shows narcotic effects. It is useful in gulma, pain, flatulence, myalgia, allergic skin diseases, neuralgia, reduced sexual power, etc.
  2. Ajwain (Carum roxburghianum) – Ajwain is also known as ajmoda, kharashva, karvi, and yavani etc. It is hot in potency and katu in taste. Ajwain possesses analgesic properties along with various other medicinal properties such as carminative, appetizer, and anthelmintic properties. It shows great results in managing hiccoughs, flatulence, stomachache, anorexia, etc. It helps to pacify the excessive vata and kapha dosha. Ajmoda is also beneficial in various other health related difficulties such as renal calculi, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, cough, hiccups, asthma, etc.
  3. Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) – Cumin is also known as jeera, ajaji, deepya, shuklajaji, etc. It is hot in potency and katu in taste. It contains analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a blood purifier. Cumin is very effective in pacifying the excessive vitiated levels of vata and kapha. It contains rasayanic properties. Cumin is useful in many other health conditions such as fever, skin disorders, leucorrhea, renal calculi and gonorrhea, etc. Cumin also improves lactation and gives strength.
  4. Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) – Fennel is also known as shatahva, shatapushpa, vajra pushpa, vana pushpa and sugandha, etc. It is hot in potency and has madhur (sweet), katu (pungent), tikta (bitter) rasas (taste). Fennel is used to pacify the excessive levels of vata and kapha dosha from the body. It contains a variety of medicinal properties such as deepan, pachan, anuloman, purgative properties, etc. Hence, can be used in various disorders such as dyspepsia, vomiting, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, dysentery, and piles. It helps to manage spasms effectively. Fennel acts as a diuretic and is useful in dysuria, urine retention and burning micturition. It induces menstruation and is used to manage dysmenorrhoea, menstrual obstruction and mastitis.
  5. Sajjikshar – Sajjikshar is also known as sajjikhar, swarjika kshar, etc. It is hot in potency, and katu and kshara rasa. It possesses deepana and pachana properties. It is indicated in a variety of health conditions such as adhman (abdominal distension), shoola (pain), krimi, gastritis, asthma, cough and rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Due to the hot potency, it mainly balances the vata and kapha dosha and is also helpful in aggravating the pitta dosha. Sajjikhar is very effective in managing abdominal colic.
  6. Sat pudina (Mentha arvensis) – Pudina is also known as rochani, pahari, putiha and podina, etc. Pudina is hot in potency and katu in taste. It helps to pacify the excessive levels of vata and kapha dosha. Sat pudina is a carminative agent, improves digestion, and relieves pain. It is useful in various health conditions such as indigestion, colic pain, dysmenorrhea, fever, intestinal worms, itching sensation and wounds.

Medicinal Properties

Spasmoplan capsules contain beneficial medicinal herbs as described earlier. It possesses a variety of medicinal properties such as it improves digestion, acts as a carminative agent, and an appetizer, etc. It also contains anthelmintic properties, rasayanic properties, and helps to relieve pain. Hence, it can be used in numerous health conditions. The appropriate use of spasmo plan capsules can help in managing spasmodic conditions and improving the digestive health of the body.


Spasmoplan capsules possess natural medicinal properties and are therefore useful in managing various health related concerns. Some of them are as follows, pain due to renal calculi, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, dysuria, urine retention and burning micturition. It helps to relax the muscles and pacifies the excessive vata dosha from the body. Spasmoplan capsules have amazing spasm-relieving action and soothes various types of painful conditions.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of using SpasmoPlan Capsules.


SpasmoPlan Capsules can be given one to two capsules once or twice daily.


In a nutshell, it can be concluded that spasmoplan capsules contain a blend of medicinal herbs that is very effective in improving the health status of the patient. Spasmoplan helps to balance the vitiated dosha and restabilise the equilibrium between them. So we can say the individuals who desire a healthy body must start with the appropriate dose of Spasmoplan capsules. As it is a very wonderful product prepared by Planet Ayurveda to deal with a variety of health conditions.


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