PsoriasisPsoriasis can be defined as a non-contagious, auto-immune, skin disorder that is chronic in nature. It is characterized by the appearance of reddish, dry, and scaly skin that comes out as patches. These psoriatic patches are found over the scalp, ears, elbows, genitalia and on the palm and feet. These scaly patches are formed due to excessive skin production in the areas of inflammation. They are formed at a speed faster than the body’s ability to shed off older skin and therefore it gives a slivery-shiny appearance.


Psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder and therefore not clearly demarcated. As per scientists, it begins with some trigger to the immune system. The mechanism is that in case of psoriasis our body’s T cells, that protect us from infection and infectious microbes start attacking the body’s skin cell instead. So, it becomes a case of auto-immune disorder where the body acts against itself.

The body in return starts producing skin cells to replace the older ones. As a result there is accumulation of dead cells layers.


Psoriasis is an auto-immune disorder and its clinical presentation varies from person to person. Owing to this a wide range of symptoms have been reported in different people suffering from psoriasis.

Some of the common symptoms are:

  • Dry, rash skin
  • Redness with itching and burning
  • Silvery skin flakes


  1. FOR PLAGUE PSORIASIS: In this type of psoriasis, there are red lesions covered with silvery white scales. These scales itch and become sore. They usually occur on the elbow, knees and lower back.
  2. FOR SCALP PSORIASIS: Red, itchy scalp plagues. They are usually found on the back of the head and usually cause excessive itching accompanied with hair loss.
  3. FOR NAIL PSORIASIS: In nail psoriasis, the nails become yellow in color. There are pits; thickened skin accumulates below the nail. There are lines running across the nail with loosening of the nail, inflammation, infection, hemorrhage and pus collection below the nail.
  4. FOR GUTTATE PSORIASIS: The plagues are small and widespread. These do not occur on the soles of feet and palms. More common on the chest and legs.
  5. FOR INVERSE PSORIASIS: There is no scaling in this type of psoriasis. Instead of scales, smooth, bright red, smooth patches of skin are formed. There can be pain and itch on the skin. The areas affected are folds of skin in areas like buttocks, groin, in between breast. Sweat aggravates such cases.



The commonly heard element sulphur acts as a wonderful remedy when used in its best form. It is best known for its moisture absorbing properties and it therefore a great hydrant. It helps to generate fresher and younger looking skin. It can also be used as an excellent topical exfoliate. It removes the dead surface of the skin and reveals the healthy and glowing looking skin from underneath. These qualities make it an excellent rejuvenating herb. It is an excellent remedy to flush out toxins from the body. It is used to prepare GANDHAK RASAYAN.


Aloe has been used in several skin care products. It helps in rejuvenating the skin making it shiny and strong. It prevents wrinkles, clears blemishes and prevents aging marks. Herbs and herbal formulations that have Aloe barbadensis reduce skin inflammations effectively. In hair care products aloe is used to repair dull and dry hair. It forms an important part of several hair conditioners and shampoos. Aloe extract is generally useful in relieving hypertension. It has abundant antioxidant properties and effectively eliminates toxins from the body. It helps to overcome high blood pressure and respiration problems. It is used in the preparation of Radiant skin, hair, and nail capsules.


Manjistha is an excellent herb famous for its beautiful actions on the outer skin. It has magnificent powers on the skin that nourish and replenish it in a beautiful way. It is anti-inflammatory and relieves wound and inflammations, helps in ulcers and skin disorders. It portrays astringent like properties. It can also be used as an anti-helminthic. It increases flow and it purifies breast milk. Its special role is in case of different skin disorders related with pigmentation, weakness, general debility and poisoning. Manjistha can be used in skin diseases like leprosy, erysipelas, vitiligo and hypo-pigmentation. It is used in the preparation of Radiant skin, hair, and nail capsules.


Aloe extract is enriched with various medicinal properties. It can be used to relieve skin conditions like eczema, ulcers, psoriasis, acne, bites and stings. In cases of ailments like arthritis, asthma, colitis and diverticulitis Aloe vera juice has proved very beneficial. Aloe vera gel present inside the leaves is efficient in relieving burns, wounds and skin disorders. It forms a protective coating on the infected areas and speeds up the relieving process. The yellow sap which is found at the base of leaves is dried and is known as bitter aloes. It is enriched with digestive stimulants and also a strong laxative. As Aloe vera has antioxidant and nutritional qualities, it helps in the prevention of injury to epithelial tissues if they get damaged. It promotes the process of relieving. Aloe vera works effectively on damaged skin, epithelium present in the gut, bronchial tubes and genital tracts. The natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties along with nutritional constituents encourages cell growth and promotes relieving process. It is used in Kumari Saar.


The herb is known for its rejuvenating properties. It is a natural antioxidant that removes free radicals from the body and helps in regeneration of cells. Amla helps in increasing the body vitality and strengthening immunity. It helps in developing healthy, glowing skin and preventing premature aging. Anemia and blood related disorders are helped in a natural way. It helps in maintaining proper functioning of the liver. It aids digestion by soothing hyperacidity. This wonderful herb helps in improving immunity and boosting metabolism. The herb helps gain youthful skin and beauty. Amla has aphrodisiac, antipyretic, cardio-tonic, anti-diabetic, cerebral and gastrointestinal properties. It prevents premature greying of hair, hair loss and promotes hair and nail growth. It enhances eye sight, keeps the mouth clean, and nourishes bones and teeth. It helps to keep the intestine clean and also controls blood sugar. Amla is used to prepare Navkarshik churna.


Haritaki is an important constituent of Triphala that has wonderful health benefits. It acts well in gastrointestinal ailments, in cases of spleenomegaly, hepatomegaly, tumors, ascites, and anemias. Its powder, when mixed with honey and ghee, is an effective remedy for anemia. The herb improves memory and is salutary in dysuria and urinary stones. Haritaki helps in improving appetite and helps in the digestion. In anemia of any origin, Haritaki herb is highly beneficial. It helps anemia due to haemoglobin deficiency, anemia due to red blood cell deficiency, and anemias of abnormal form origin. Haritaki is used in Navkarshik churna.


A very important herb in the Ayurvedic world, Vibhitaki is famous for its wonderful use in the formation of Triphala. It has numerous health benefits on the human body. Its action on the heart makes it an excellent heart tonic. It helps in purifying blood, thinning of blood, and removing toxins. It is used in cases of low RBC count and low haemoglobin. Vibhitaki helps cases of anemia of any origin and help regain healthy haemoglobin count and form. Our product Navkarshik churna has Vibhitaki.


People in India use Neem herb on a daily basis owing to its rich medicinal effects on the health. It is widely used as a dental and gum cleaner to protect from oral infections and bad breath. Gingivitis, bleeding gums and toothache are also helped by using Neem regularly. Another of its famous use is as a skin disinfectant. It is widely used in soaps, shampoos and body washes and is believed to have relieving action on pimples. Some of its wonderful actions can be seen in diseases like diabetes and arthritis. It is due to its antibacterial properties that it is used in a lot of toothpastes and mouthwashes. Neem works wonder in medical conditions like bee stings, conjunctivitis, hemorrhoids, and ulcers and even in cases of bronchitis and epilepsy. Practitioners have drawn marvelous results in cases of skin diseases like psoriasis, acne and eczema. We have a product made up of Neem called the Neem capsules. It is also a vital ingredient of our Psoriasis care pack and Navkarshik churna.