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Size (Per Unit): 60 Capsules

Dosage: 1-2 Capsules twice daily, with plain water, after meals.


Why Is Himprabha Capsules Meant For?

This is pure herbal medicine which is made from the ayurvedic herbs. The blend of ayurvedic medicines shows the best results in the urinary tract infections. Each and every herb is very important and supports the proper bowel movements and shows the best results to the patients. This capsule is very good and made under the supervision of experts and is side effect free. It helps to balance the three doshas of the body that are vata,pitta and kapha. It actually decreases the hotness of the body. It treats UTI and other kidney problems. The herbs are basically meant for lowering down the pitta dosha in the body. Himprabha capsules are meant for balancing the pitta dosha in the body and neutralize the disease in a proper way.

Ingredients used in Himprabha Capsules

It is the very best medicine for urinary tract infections.each and every herb of himprabha capsules are important and does not harm the functioning of the body. It is the proper formula made for settling down the pitta dosha. The herbs are collected from the nutritious land and healthy environment to give best results in the diseases.

Sr. No. Indian Name Botanical Name Parts Used Quantity
1. Manjishtha Rubia cordifolia std. ext. Roots 200 mg
2. Saariva Hemidesmus indicus std. ext. Roots 100 mg
3. Chopchini Smilax china std. ext. Roots 100 mg
4. Rakta Chandan Pterocarpus santalinus std. ext. Bark 100 mg

Health benefits of these Ingredients :-

1. Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia)

Ancient Reference

Bhavaprakash nighantu 3\190,191

It is madhur and tikta and kshya best for swelling and female disorders. Manjishtha is also known as madder and is very useful to treat urinary tract infections. It is also used in skin disorders also. Applying manjishtha paste over the skin helps to relieve the skin infections also Manjishtha is one of the best herbs which is given in infections. The decoction is also very useful to treat the burning sensations in the body. It also purifies the blood and destroys the wrong toxins in the body. Consuming manjistha on a regular basis is best for urinary tract infections. Many synonyms are given to this herb that is lata, manjeeth, bhandiri, kalameshi etc. It has anti infectious and anti inflammatory properties which help to find good results in the UTI.

2. Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus)

Saariva is the herbal medicine which is found in the tropical regions and subtropical regions of india. It is also known as anantmool and it plays a wide role in treating the infections of the body. Accordingly it balances the pitta dosha in the body and is very excellent in detoxifying in nature. It also results in skin infections like psoriasis and ringworm. The best action of this herb is in urinary tract infections. The anti infective properties of this medicine is best that’s why it is included in the himprabha capsules. It can be used as body tonic blindly to get rid of being infectious.

3. Chopchini (Smilax china)

Chopchini is also known as china root. It is a very popular ayurvedic medicine for ayurveda infections. The properties are anti-inflammatory and help to fight against the urinary tract infection. It also manages the allergy and by local application it can help in reducing skin eruptions. It also has diuretic properties hence it is the best herb for treating the urinary tract infections. It also helps to balance the properties of pitta dosha which is the key cause of being infected. Other many benefits of chopchini are also known in pain, swelling joints, syphilis and multi immune disorders also.

4. Rakta Chandan (Pterocarpus santalinus)

Rakta Chandana is also known as red sandalwood. It is the known medicine of ayurveda which has multiple benefits which help in giving relief from the inflammatory disorders. It is a well known herb for treating infections in the body. On a regular basis it helps to fight against the urinary tract infection. It has antioxidant properties, anti bacterial properties, anti inflammatory and is gastroprotective. The skin benefits of chandan are very popular, it gives a charm to the face and smells good. It is found in the southern parts of India and in south asia. It is a tropical tree with many herbal benefits which help to fight against urinary tract infections.

Who can take Himprabha Capsules?

All the patient of age and sex are easy to use these medications. Children are even free to use the medication but the dosage should be less for children.

Dosage of Himprabha Capsules

1-2 capsules once or twice should be given with lukewarm water under ayurvedic physician supervision. Be safe and healthy with ayurveda.

Product Information

The product is made under the supervision of experts and is 100% side effect free. This medication is followed by many medical trials. No animal is harmed during preparation of these capsules and while collecting the raw herbs. These are 100% safe and easy to use and are 100% vegan.


The precautions are must for pregnant women and lactating mothers. The patient who is an ongoing surgery patient should first inform the doctor first. The dosage of the patient is decided by the doctor as per the severity of the disease. The proper counseling is to be taken from the doctor as per to start this medication.


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