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S. No. Products Quantity
1 Chandraprabha Vati 1 Bottle (120 Tablets)
2 Wheat Grass Powder 2 Pack (100 gms Each)
3 Arogayavardhni Vati 1 Bottle (120 Tablets)
4 Punarnava Mandur 1 Bottle (120 Tablets)
5 Green Essentials 1 Bottle (60 Capsules)
6 Hemo Plan Syrup 3 Bottles (200ml Each)

Product Quantity is as per dosage required by Adults – For Patients Under Age 14 – This Quantity will last for 2 Months

What is Anemia?

Anemia is a condition that develops when our body does not receive enough oxygen to fulfill its needs. The lack of oxygen occurs due to deficiency in the blood. It could either be low count of red blood cells or low hemoglobin pigment that binds with oxygen.

The deficiency of red blood cells could be due to low count of RBC’s due to destruction or due to abnormality in the RBC structure. Similarly, the low Hemoglobin could be due to abnormality in chain structure or low production of Hemoglobin.

What are the causes of Anemia?

The deficiency of oxygen in the body results due to deficiency of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the body. There are various causes leading to this. Each different cause leads to a different type of anemia.

The basic reason for anemia are:

  • Inadequate production of red blood cells in the body.
  • Loss of red blood cells due to excessive bleeding
  • Abnormal destruction of red blood cells in the body

What are the types of anemia and their respective causes?

Generally Anemias are caused by deficiency of some vital ingredient in the blood plasma or the concerned production system.

A few types of anemia to name are:

  1. Aplastic Anemia: Some autoimmune diseases or infections can lead to inability of the bone marrow to produce any red blood cells. This life threatening condition is called aplastic anemia.
  2. Iron deficiency Anemia: Deficiency of Iron can lead to insufficient production of hemoglobin in the blood. This deficiency could be due to inadequate diet or some internal factors like polyp, ulcers, excessive internal bleeding, cancers or NSAIDs.
  3. Chronic Anemia: The anemia that is a result of sever chronic conditions present in the human body is called as chronic anemia. Diseases like Crohns, AIDS, Kidney failure may lead to Chronic anemia.
  4. Vitamin deficiency Anemia: Deficiency of Vitamin B 12 and folate can lead to insufficient red blood cells. If the body isn’t able to utilize the dietary Vitamin B 12 it may lead to Pernicious Anemia.
  5. Sickle cell anemia: Results due to defect in the shape of hemoglobin that leads to premature death of red blood cells.
  6. Hemolytic Anemia: It is a condition where the red blood destruction occurs at a faster pace than their production

What are the symptoms of Anemia?

The numerous kind of anemias present with a wide range of symptoms depending upon the causative factors.

Some generalized symptoms of anemia are:

  • Tiredness and weakness on little exertion
  • Loss of color from skin
  • Paleness and dullness of skin
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Loss of breath
  • Confusion and dizziness
  • Pain in the chest
  • Cold and clammy hands
  • Body ache


1. Punarnava Mandur

Punarnava is a wonderful Ayurvedic remedy with diuretic properties and increases the renal blood flow. It has astringent, bitter, anti-inflammatory and carminative properties. It is an excellent kidney and heart tonic. This medicine is useful in maintaining the health of the skin. These capsules can clear excess Kapha from the stomach and chest. They act as a rejuvenator and can be used in treating impaired urinary condition. They are very useful in the reduction of excess body fluids, congestion and edema due to excess Kapha. Punarnava has properties to clear toxins from the blood and increase red blood cells in the body. The haemoglobin content increases and oxygen carrying capacity increases. They act in the prevention of pain and intestinal spasms. Punarnava capsules are recommended in treating diabetes. They are useful in treating swollen joints because of fluid retention caused because of imbalance in Kapha. This herbal medicine is useful in eliminating toxins accumulated in the joints through kidneys and urine. It is effective in the treatment of arthritis and gout. It is helpful in the breakdown of the ‘fibrin’, a blood clotting protein. Punarnava is very effective in treating infections of urinary tract. Dose – 2 tablets, twice daily with warm water after meals.

Dose – 2 tablets, twice daily with warm water after meals.


An Ancient Ayurvedic treasure that has been useful for the Liver and especially cases of Fatty liver and Jaundice.

The tablet is a formulation that consists of:

  • Terminalia chebula: It is a commonly used herb in India for relieving constipation. Many herbal formulations meant for treating constipation contain Haritaki as one of the components. It acts very effectively and mildly on the stomach. Haritaki strengthens the digestive system and improves its functioning. It helps to clear blockages in the stomach.
  • Emblica officinalis: It is commonly known as Indian Gooseberry. Amla is the name used in Hindi. It is a popular berry used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is the nature’s richest source of vitamin C and forms a part of Rejuvenation therapy or Rasayana therapy. This wonderful fruit has innumerable properties and works on several ailments. It provides nutrition to the body and effectively eliminates toxins from the body. It is used in fresh and dried forms.
  • Terminalia bellerica: It is helpful in eliminating excess fat from the body. It improves the functioning of the liver and increases the count of red blood cells. Bhibitaki is a rejuvenator and a laxative herb. It helps to relieve constipation. Its anthelmintic properties help to expel parasitic worms from the stomach. It also helps to prevent premature graying of hair. Bhibitaki is efficient in controlling bleeding in the sputum and eases branchospasm. It improves immunity function of the body and is helpful in maintaining the balance of blood pressure and cholesterol. Its paste can be applied on eyelids to cure conjunctivitis. The paste is also useful in treating swollen and inflamed painful parts. It is helpful in arresting bleeding of wounds.

Dose – 2 tablets, twice daily with warm water after meals.


This herbal remedy has a calming effect on the entire body. It is one of the most potent adaptogen and stress-buster. It can also cause a relaxation of tenseness and creates an open truthful atmosphere.

  • It helps both males and females equally in their reproductive organs functions and also helps in diabetic neuropathy, weakness, pain in legs, back and neck, anemia and vertigo.
  • It helps to body to lose weight from unwanted places and restore it back at the places where it is required. It is good for cellulite, obesity and at the same time it is also quite useful for building stamina, strength and muscles without any side effects.
  • It increases the liver function at this dosage for the purpose of making muscle and increasing general activity. It helps to restore the youth and hence the name “Chandraprabha Vati”.
  • It can effective correct urinary complaints due to swellings of these organs disappear. The ovarian cysts, fibroids shrink and the prostate gland shrinks as well after consuming these amazing capsules.

Dose – 2 tablets, twice daily with warm water after meals.


Planet Ayurveda Wheat Grass powder is made from organic fresh small leaves of baby wheat plants. It helps to detoxify Liver, Improves digestion, balances body pH, restores alkalinity, boosts formation of Red Blood cells and treats Anaemia. Dose – 1 teaspoonful, twice daily mixed in a glass of warm water.

Dose – 1 teaspoonful, twice daily mixed in a glass of warm water.


It is a poly herbal supplement of Planet Ayurveda. It is prepared from the standardized extracts of the herbs such as Grape Seed (Vitis vinifera), Wheat grass (Triticum aestivum), Spirulina (Spirulina platensis), Green tea (Camellia sinensis), Amla (Emblica officinalis).

Benefits – This poly herbal formulation helps clearing away the heavy metals from the body. This herbal supplement is a rich source of natural iron, thus helpful in increasing the Hemoglobin level in the body. The ingredients are also rich in B complex, Vitamin C and natural anti-oxidant. Hence it prevents aging, fights infections and clears away the free radicals from the body. This is a wonderful nutritional supplement that provides nourishment to the body. Due to the presence of iron and other vitamins and minerals it helps in healthy blood formation and tissue repair.

Dose – 1 capsule, twice daily with warm water after meals.


This is a herbal supplement in syrup form. It is made from the herbs like Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Shatavari (Asperagus racemosus), Gorakhmundi (Sphaeranthus indicus), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Draksha (Vitis vinifera) and Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus).

Benefits – It is a herbal supplement for low hemoglobin count in the blood. It is a natural source of iron that maintains the blood level. This syrup enhances the red blood cells formation and improves the skin complexion. It also acts as a wonderful blood purifier and useful in skin problems like eczema, blemishes, acne, pimples, dermatitis and psoriasis, etc. Due to these properties, it is very helpful in anemic condition by increasing the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Dose – 2 teaspoonful, twice daily after meals.


Ayurveda is nature’s gift to abundant health problems. Its natural herbs help relieve us of our health and medical conditions in a natural and healthy way. These herbs bring with them the inherent powers of nature to improve the immune system and help recover the body of all its ailments. The Ayurvedic principle works on the inherent powers of the herbs that have the ability to bring the three vital energies back into harmony. The restoration of balance of energies leads to proper functioning of the body system and the improvement in the working of the bone and joint system too.

Our Anemia Care Pack helps prevent Hemoglobin and oxygen deficiency to the body cells by building up sufficient red blood cells and increasing their affinity to hemoglobin molecules. The regular consumption of anemia pack helps you increase stamina, endurance, and agility.

We at Planet Ayurveda offer you a wide range of herbal supplements that take care of your health and life. Our formulations are 100% herbal and prepared after passing through a series of effective and stringent tests that assure their quality. We put in our best efforts to bring to you the best of herbs in their purest form. Our products are prepared under completely hygienic environments and the pass quality check before they reach you.