Coral Calcium Complex

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Coral Calcium Complex: For Better Bone Health

Coral calcium complex is an effective natural supplement which provides calcium in a natural way. Coral calcium complex is a combination of highest quality coral calcium, Pearl Calcium, Purified Agate calcium and other forms of sea calcium. For promoting the bone strength, stamina, hair shine the Coral calcium complex should be regularly used. This product is one of the finest mixtures of marine calcium, which is very quickly absorbed, better in assimilation and deposition in bones than any other land based calcium or calcium carbonate pills.

Several researches have pointed out that when coral calcium is consumed regularly, it will help to fight against diseases like high cholesterol, hyper tension, cancer, arthritis, and diabetes and hyper acidity. In Ayurveda, it is used to help in improving sleeping pattern thereby, helpful in patients suffering from chronic stress and insomnia.

Since ages, calcium supplements are believed to promote bone density in a healthy way. Coral calcium is one of the forms of calcium, available as natural calcium carbonate. Coral calcium supplement effectively relieves multiple sclerosis, cancer, high blood pressure, low bone density, heart disease and other serious ailments.

Calcium is the most prominent mineral found in the body. It usually gets depleted because of improper life style and poor diet. Since olden times, herbs have been used as herbal supplements as per the principles of Ayurveda. Some people are sensitive to pharmaceutical supplements and suffer from side effects.

Calcium intake in the form of Ayurvedic supplements does not give any side effects and the body gets calcium along with other minerals and vitamins. Stress is also one of the leading causes of calcium depletion from the body. Other causes like hormonal imbalance, menopause, use of steroids, other drugs, insomnia, lack of nutrition, fast food consumption also lead to calcium depletion. The coral calcium complex not only provides natural calcium and prevents bone loss, but it also good for shiny teeth, shiny hair and anti-aging. It quickly improves bone strength, which can be checked by measuring the Bone density as early as 1 month. It is the most powerful tool to fight after menopause osteoporosis.

Therapeutic Uses of Coral Calcium Complex

Coral mineral powder is the certified form of Coral Calcium used in this Ayurvedic formulation.

  • Coral Calcium is effective in relieving muscular cramps and hence is useful for athletes.
  • Bone loss associated with osteoporosis can be prevented by the usage of coral calcium.
  • Because of the deposited trace minerals in the coral, this medicine allows the increase of calcium absorption.
  • It aids in the improvement of muscle and bone health in a natural way.
  • Coral Calcium provides overall health of the body.

Ingredients used in Coral Calcium Capsules

Each 675 mg capsule of Coral calcium contains the following ingredients –

S. No. Ingredient- International Name Common Name Quantity
1 Coral Parval pishti 125 mg
2 Agate Akik pishti 125 mg
3 An Ayurvedic herb Jawar Mohra Pishti 125 mg
4 An Ayurvedic herb Kamdhuda Ras 125 mg
5 Pearl Mukta pishti 50 mg
6 Giloy Satva Guduchi 125 mg

Benefits of Used Ingredients in Coral calcium complex

  • Parval pishti (Coral): Praval means Coral in English. This calcium supplement has been used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine. It is derived from the red coral roots. Parval pishti helps in the formation of strong bones and very effective in relieving osteoporosis. Many diseases like stomach ache and hyperacidity can also be relieved with this herb. Other ailments like acne, cracks, osteoporosis, skin diseases, rashes and pimples can also be relieved effectively.
  • Akki Pishti: It is an Ayurvedic supplement used as a cardiac tonic and in the management of cough, heart burn and heart diseases. It is made from the gemstone – Agate, which is rich in natural calcium. After proper processing with organic herb juices, the agate is made into a natural calcium compound and used in the coral calcium complex. This gives wonderful results in osteoporosis and other low calcium states.
  • Jawar Mohra Pishti: It is a herbal supplement which is useful in the management of heart burn, cough and heart disease. It is effective as a cardiac tonic and disorders related to Pitta energy. Several other ailments like headache, heart burn, gastro enteritis also can be relieved with the help of this supplement. It has cooling properties and forms an important element in the Coral Calcium complex. It is also rich in natural calcium and following complex procedures to purify the marine stone, the calcium compound is made into coral calcium complex.
  • Kamdhudha Ras: This herbal remedy effectively eliminates Pitta dosha from the body. Pitta dosha is also responsible for orthoclastic activity of the bone cells and depletion of calcium from the body. Besides being a rich source of natural calcium, this remedy helps in eliminating anxiety, emotional problems and burning sensation in the body.
  • Mukta Pishti (Pearl): The literal meaning of Mukta is Pearl. Pishti means paste / powder. The best pearls are made into powder and processed in rose water to enhance their cooling natrure and improve their properties, remove toxins. After one month of tedious processes and procedures, the pearl powder or pearl paste is made. This is called Mukta Pishti. It’s rich in calcium – the highest amount of calcium per unit. It is used for relieving several diseases like osteoporosis, bleeding disorders, gastritis, diarrhea, chronic blood pressure and burning sensation.
  • Giloy satva (Guduchi): It improves immunity in a natural way. Calcium deficiency in the body can be effectively relieved with this herb. It is nature’s best herb to maintain homeostasis in the body and prevent diseases.

Specific Diseases That Coral Calcium Complex is Useful For:

This unique natural formulation made by Planet Ayurveda is useful in relieving various problems. Some of them are:

  • It is useful for people suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone related ailments.
  • It is useful for people suffering from hypertension and heart diseases.
  • The absorption of calcium into the body is effectively done as it is enriched with other vitamins and minerals.
  • Coral Calcium Complex provides muscle and bone health in a natural way.
  • It helps in the healthy formation of bones, gums and teeth.

Who Can Use Coral Calcium Complex?

Any person who wants to develop a healthy body can use this natural formulation. It helps with strengthening the bones and can be used by people suffering from low calcium content in their bodies or those suffering from bone related disorders, osteoporosis.

This herbal formulation is prepared as per ancient Ayurvedic treatises and modern GMP standards in an ISO 9001:2008 factories.

Certificate of Calcium Analysis in Coral Calcium Complex

Certificate of Calcium Analysis in Coral Calcium Complex


One capsule should be taken two times a day after meals along with plain water for better results.

Product Info

  • Product Form: This product comes in capsule form.
  • Package Type: Bottled pack.
  • Package Quantity: Every bottle contains 60 capsules.
  • Available in sets of 2, 3, 5 and 10 bottles.
  • These are free from chemicals, preservatives, yeast, pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, fillers, starch, raw powders etc.

Side Effects:

As of now there are no side effects known with the usage of this medicine. But care should be taken to use it in the prescribed dosages. It is always better to consult a qualified medical practitioner before consuming any herbs or herbal supplements.

Advantages of Using Coral Calcium Complex by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda has manufactured this unique herbal formulation as per industry standards and there are several reasons which make it superior to any other similar products available in the market. They are:

  • The product uses only standardized natural ingredients of our 100 percent natural calcium supplement.
  • Use of only high quality organic products is done to ensure better health results. It is a high quality product available at competitive prices.
  • This product is 100 percent pure vegetarian.
  • It is made out of pure, natural and safe ingredients.
  • It does not cause any side effects.
  • It does not contain any artificial flavoring, chemicals or added colors.
  • We never test our products on animals.

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