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Effective herbs and herbal supplements to fight Swine Flu

S. No. Products Quantity
1 Giloy Capsules 1 Bottle (60 Capsules)
2 Immune Booster 1 Bottle (60 Capsules)
3 Aller-G Care 1 Bottle (60 Capsules)

Product Quantity is as per dosage required by Adults – For Patients Under Age 14 – This Quantity will last for 2 Months


Swine flu can be termed as respiratory disease caused by an influenza virus. This type of virus is commonly found in pigs all over the world and can easily get transferred to humans causing human swine flu. It is a contagious virus altogether requiring adequate amount of prevention. Fever, throat pain, coughing and body fatigue are the main symptoms caused by this influenza. Swine flu can prove to be harmful for your body and its immunity and if not treated on time.


Swine flu is a contagious disease, once the virus enters into the human through pigs, it is transmitted to others. Pigs are the only source of swine flu. On the other hand, we should be aware of our health and cautious about the early signs like cough sneezing, fever, cold etc. It is transmitted through air.


Ayurveda is an Indian ancient system of medicine that works on the principles of using natural plant herbs for managing all kinds of medical problems existing today. Our herbs bring with them some wonderful inherent powers that have the caliber to bring in some of the most astonishing results.

There is no as such swine flu described in Ayurveda, but there so many preventive measures to control flu.


We have a ‘herbal combo pack’ of three different products, which effectively works on your immunity to fight against swine flu’…

1. Giloy Capsules

Giloy has been mentioned in Ayurveda for its antipyretic, anti—inflammatory and immune booster properties. It has tremendous role in strengthening your immunity, kills the pathogenic microbes. The herbal extract of Giloy has positive results to inactivate the swine flu. The herbal extract of Giloy in form of capsule will enhance your immunity, purify blood, kills flu virus and rejuvenate the body. Giloy capsules are 100% pure and do not cause any side effects.

Recommended Dosage: One capsule twice daily with warm water after meals.

2. Aller-G Care

Aller-G is the combination of herbal extracts of four different herbs, Haridra, Neem, Shirish and Ashwagandha. These four herbs work synergistically and fight against respiratory borne infections, allergies and removal of toxins. Haridra acts against allergy, inflammations and acts as an anti-microbial agent. Neem is a popular medicine as antiseptic and disinfectant. Neem purifies blood, and works against allergy. Shirish is one the best known herb, which removes poison from body. Poisons are the accumulated metabolites inside the body, which interferes with our immunity and weakens it. Shirish removes the accumulated substances from boy and boost our immunity. Ashwagandha, an ‘Indian ginseng’ is well known herb to fight against allergies. Aller-G Care is the best remedy to Asthma, sneezing, rhinitis, sinusitis, allergies and flu.

Recommended Dosage: One capsule twice daily with warm water after meals.

3. Immune Booster

Immune Booster capsules (500 mg) is formulated by combining 4 different herbs, Grape seed, Cow colostrum, Bhumi Amla and Green tea. The constituents of herbal extract of these 4 herbs work synergistically and boost your overall immunity. Immune Booster capsules is a unique formulation because it is rich in anti-oxidant activity, antimicrobial activity and immunity booster. On the other hand, cow colostrum is the rich source of antibodies proliferation, therefore, provides strong immunity. While Grape seeds, Bhumi Amla and Green tea are the best anti-oxidants. Immune Booster is a natural scavenger of virus (flu), bacteria, chemicals and toxins. It is a best remedy to relieve flu, bronchitis, sinuses, infections and upper respiratory infections. Together they give strength to the defense mechanism at cellular level.

Recommended Dosage: One capsule twice daily with warm water after meals.


Ayurveda holds in its womb answers to abundant health problems. Its natural herbs help relieve us of our health and medical conditions in a natural and healthy way. These herbs bring with them the inherent powers of nature to improve the immune system and help recover the body of all its ailments. The Ayurvedic principle works on the inherent powers of the herbs that have the ability to bring the three vital energies back into harmony. The restoration of balance of energies leads to proper functioning of the body system and the improvement in the working of the kidneys.

Our Combo Pack for Swine Flu is a complete solution to all the types of flu related problems. It has the perfect mixture of the effective herbs described in Ayurveda as the best anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic herbs. These herbs work naturally to moderate all types of infections caused during Swine Flu. Our Swine Flu Care pack consists of special herbs which take care of all the severe viruses and bacteria’s which can possibly affect an immune system. This in turn improves the body immunity, resulting in reducing the discomfort caused by its symptoms (sore throat, body fatigue, body chills etc.). Also the herbs work specifically to clean the virus off the immune system and bring in a perfect harmony amongst the energies and bring about perfect balance and health.

We at Planet Ayurveda offer you a wide range of herbal supplements that take care of your health and life. Our formulations are 100% herbal and prepared after passing through a series of effective and stringent tests that assure their quality. We put in our best efforts to bring to you the best of herbs in their purest form. Our products are prepared under completely hygienic environments and they pass quality check before reaching you.