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Godanti Mix is an Ayurvedic medicine which is prepared from a powerful blend of powders which contains various herbs which is useful in the treatment of Headache, Chronic Fever and Leucorrhea. Godanti is a mineral substance which is white and appears as cow teeth, Hence it is named Godanti. Its Chemical Formula is CaSO4.2H2O, which is the most common sulphate mineral and has mineral quality and is commonly known as Calcium sulphate. The shiny layer of Godanti is useful in medicines and is crystal white which has a lustrous appearance like the moon of the Autumn season. It helps balance the tridoshas of the body.


Sr. No. Herbs Name Scientific Name Quantity
1. Godanti Gypsum 150mg
2. Jahar Mohra Pishti Natural Calcium Compound 50mg
3. Kamdudha Ras Natural Calcium Compound 40mg
4. Kapoor Camphor 10mg

Benefits Of Used Ingredients In Godanti Mix


Godanti Bhasma (Gypsum) is helpful in the treatment of fever as it is produced due to an imbalance of Pitta doshas. Has antipyretic properties which cure both acute and chronic fever. Manages Leucorrhea and balances Pitta doshas. Has coolant properties which are used in fever due to high body temperature.


Has mild diuretic properties which help clear the toxins from the body and strengthen the heart muscles and have anti-venom properties which cure inflammation. Has Antidiarrheal and Anti-hypertensive properties. Balances Pitta doshas which is coolant in nature.


Kamdudha Ras helps relieve Chronic acidity and provides various cooling reliefs which stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. Reduces the body heat and burning sensation. Has Antacid and anti-inflammatory properties which remove toxins from the body.


Kapoor (Camphor) has Decongestive property which helps reduce inflammation, and acts as a cough suppressant. Treats various skin disorders and improves respiratory functions. It relieves cold sores and is helpful in anxiety and depression. Enhances the secretion of digestive juice and digestion takes place smoothly.

Product Details

  • Product Form: Tablet form
  • Package Type: Bottled pack
  • Package Quantity: 60 tabs


1-2 tablets twice or thrice daily or As directed by physician.

Types Of Godanti

  • Aparadarshaka (transparent) – It is a dense form
  • Paradarshaka (opaque) – It is a flaky form

Shodhana Of Godanti

  • The good form of Godanti is taken and held in a cloth thus a bundle is made.
  • This is hanged in Pot (dola yantra) which is further subjected to Swedana.
  • This swedan process is done on a medium flame with lemon juice or with the juice of Leucas Cephalotes.
  • This Dronapushpi Patra Swaras is held for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Godanti Marana

  • The plaque of Godanti is placed between the earthen pots (plates).
  • After proper sealing, this pot is subjected to heat by using cow dung.
  • This is kept on the gas stove as it needs moderate heat for 1-2 hours.
  • Then when it is cooled, the white colour powder is obtained and then it is triturated well and is stored.

Properties Of Godanti

  • Guna (quality) – Sheeta (cold) and Laghu (lightness)
  • Virya (potency) – Coolant
  • Karma (action)

Therapeutic Uses Of Godanti Mix

  • It helps diminish pain
  • Reduces the symptoms of fever, pain and various swelling due to its inflammatory response
  • Lowers the temperature of the body
  • Relieves Chronic Acidity
  • Boosts the digestive system and provides cooling relief
  • Has mild Diuretic properties which help clear toxins from the body
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Nourishes the blood vessels and the brain and heart

Benefits Of Godanti Mix

  • Influenza in children
  •  Non- Productive Cough
  • Malaria
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Bleeding
  • Vaginitis
  • Leucorrhea
  • Excessive uterine bleeding 
  • Migraine
  • Heart Tonic
  • Low Bone Mineral Density
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Pacify the Vata doshas in the body

Medicinal Properties

  • Antipyretic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Calcium Supplement

Godanti Mix has a very crucial role in Ayurveda as it works as a Paracetamol which lowers down the Fever immediately. The main action is to act on the Brain, Blood vessels.

Advantages Of Godanti Mix By Planet Ayurveda

There are many products which are available in the market for the prevention of various health disorders. But Planet Ayurveda Godanti Mix is different from others in many ways. The properties which make Godanti Mix different from other herbal Products are listed Below-

  • The Ingredients used in this Tablet are unique from others as it is a planet ayurveda’s own formulation
  • Ingredients used are totally natural
  • There are no possible preservatives added in this tablet
  • Free from any kind of resins, Fiber, color and chemicals
  • Efficacy is 100% and ingredients are totally standardized
  • This product is tested Qualitatively and Quantitatively
  • Does not cause any side effects


In the above topic, we discussed Godanti Mix which plays a very crucial role in Ayurvedic Practice and is useful in many health complications. It is helpful in detoxifying and soothing the body from various ailments. Its Chemical Formula is CaSO4.2H2O, which is the most common sulphate mineral and has mineral quality and is commonly known as Calcium sulphate. It is manufactured by Planet Ayurveda which is useful without causing any side effects.


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