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Treasures of Nature (Prakriti Ka Khazana) – Kutaj

Kutaj herb, also known as Holarrhena antidysenterica. It is an ideal Ayurvedic herb to treat digestive disorder like diarrhea, dysentery, IBD or ulcerative colitis. It is also used to treat IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). Ayurvedic medicines like Kutaj Powder, Kutaj Ghana vati etc. are prepared from Kutaj. This Kutaj Powder offered by Planet Ayurveda in the supervision of MD Ayurveda experts. Other name of Kutja is Kuruchi or ‘White angle’. Kutaj plant, abundantly found in India especially in Himalayan range. Kutaj herb is known to treat such diseases:

  • Pravahika (amebiasis)
  • Atisara (diarrhea) and Jwaratisara (secondary diarrhea)
  • Asra (blood or blood-related disorders)
  • Kustha (skin disorder)
  • Trsna (thirst)
  • Sukra sodhana (sperm-purifier)
  • Ama and asthapanopaga (adjuncts to enema)
  • Stanyasodhana (a lactodepurant)

Kutaj powder helps in indigestion, diarrhea and other ailments related to digestion. Kutaj powder also helps in diseases like arthritis, pain in bones, inflammation etc.

Ingredients of Kutaj Powder

S. No. Herb Used Latin Name Quantity
1. Kutaj Holarrhena antidysenterica 100 gm

Benefits of Kutaj Powder

1. Improves Diabetes

Kutaj powder has beneficial effects for Diabetes. Kutaj powder acts significantly to decrease the levels of blood glucose, serum cholesterol, triglyceride, urea, creatinine and uric acid. Kutaj herb contains qercertin, which have ability to block the absorption of carbohydrates i.e. anti-hyperglycemic and hyperlipidemic activities. Kutaj reduces glycosylated hemoglobin, making it beneficial for people who have Type 2 Diabetes.

2. Treat Infections

Kutaj helps in fevers by reducing body temperature. Also have significant anti-malarial, anti-dengue and anti-filarial effects. Kutaj powder helps to relieve in common symptoms of cold such as headache, nausea, flatulence, constipation, agitation, nervousness and insomnia, vertigo, weakness of the body.

3. Anti-Microbial Properties

Kutaj powder has antibiotic and anti-parasitic properties.

4. Reduces Pain

Kutaj powder is beneficial in reducing pain, act as an analgesic.

5. Improves Gut Function

Kutaj powder is beneficial for IBD (inflammatory bowel disease, as it reduces inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. It also reduces symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. Kutaj powder reduces intestinal motility and protects it against diarrhea, dysentery, loose stool and malabsorption syndrome because kutaj modulates gut stimulant activities through activation of histamine receptors and Ca ++ channel blockade.

6. Antioxidant Properties

Kutaj Powder has strong antioxidant properties as it contains high levels of phenols and can scavenge damaging Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

7. Improves Vascular Function

Kutaj powder also reduces high blood pressure by inhibiting Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme (ACE) and also improve cholesterol levels (HDL and LDL levels).

Ayurvedic Properties of Kutaj

  • Rasa (Taste): Tikta/Bitter, kashaya/Astringent
  • Guna (Characteristics): Laghu/Light, Ruksha/Dry
  • Virya (Potency): Sheet/ Cold potency
  • Vipaka (Post Digestive Effect): Katu/Pungent
  • Effect on Tridosha: It balances Kapha and Pitta

Action of Kutaj on body

  • Dipana / deepana (Digestive stimulant)
  • Pachana (digest ama/toxins)
  • Kapha-har (pacifies the Kapha/mucous)
  • Grahi (Anti-diarrhea, binds stool
  • Sthoulya-har (reduces obesity)
  • Pitta-har (pacifies pitta)

Uses of Kutaj Powder

  • Stomach disorder
  • Atisaar or Diarrhea
  • Pravahika or dysentery
  • Jaundice, cold
  • Improving breast milk
  • Improving health
  • Fever
  • Intestinal disorders

Classical Reference

Classical Reference of Kutaj

Dosage of Kutaj Powder

1/2 to 1 teaspoonful to be taken twice daily with plain water after the meals.

Product Details

  • Packaged Type: Herbal Powder
  • Packaged Quantity: 100 gm / bottle


There is no known side-effects with this herb if consumed in the prescribed dosage.

Advantages of Using Kutaj Powder by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda’s Kutaj powder offers many health benefits to treat all health issues related to GI tract, and effective in digestive issues. Moreover, there are several other factors too, that contribute towards making it better than many other similar products available in the market today. These are:

  • The product uses only standardized 100 % natural herbal extracts.
  • This product is 100 percent pure vegetarian.
  • It is made up of pure, natural and safe ingredients.
  • It does not cause any side effects.
  • Use of only high quality herbs is done to ensure better health results. It is a high quality product available at competitive prices.
  • It does not contain any artificial flavoring agent, chemicals or added colors.
  • We never test our products on animals.

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