Matricaria Chamomilla

Matricaria Chamomilla

Matricaria ChamomillaThe plant Matricaria Chamomilla is a herb that belongs to the family Asteraceae, the order Asterales, the tribe Anthemideade and the genus Matricaria. It is also known among scientists by another Latin name which is Matricaria Recutita.
The plant Matricaria Chamomilla is commonly known as Chamomile or Bitter Chamomile or German Chamomile in English. It is also referred to as Babuna or Babuni Ke Phool in Hindi.

Historical Details

The therapeutic value of the plant were discovered long ago and for ages it has been used to make special potions, teas and concoctions that have great medicinal value and pain relieving properties.

Areas of Cultivation

The plant grows as a small shrub and is commonly spotted everywhere. It grows wildly all over the country.

Parts Used

The most important part of the plant Matricaria Chamomilla is its flowers. The flowers contain oil that has relieving properties. The medicinal drug that is prepared using the flowers of the herb Matricaria Chamomilla is also referred to as Chamomile.


The Matricaria Chamomilla grows as an erect plant that gives out a very strong aroma. It is an annual herb and can grow up to a height of 20cms. to 45cms only. It has several branches and leaves shaped to look like threads. The plant has thin branch stalks and terminal flower heads on them. The flowers grow in clusters. They have white colored petals and a yellow colored center.


The herb Matricaria Chamomilla has found many uses as a medicinal herb. It can be used internally or as a preparation that can be applied externally.

Its uses are given below in detail:

Internal Uses:

  • Insomnia– A concoction of Bitter Chamomile flowers when prepared is useful in relieving Insomnia as it induces sleep.
  • Menstruation– A warm infusion of the flowers of Matricaria Chamomilla must be taken to relieve excessive pain during menstruation.
  • Hyperactivity– A special infusion of the flowers works as a sedative and helps in calming down children that are hyperactive.
  • Dyspepsia– A powder made from the flowers of Matricaria Chamomilla is taken to relieve digestive disorders like Dyspepsia.
  • Flatulence– The flowers when taken in a powdered form can prove to be helpful in relieving flatulence and other disorders of the stomach.

External Uses:

  • Skin Diseases– The oil extracted from the flowers when applied externally can sure bums, spots and eczema as well.
  • Rheumatism– The oil from the flowers of Matricaria Chamomilla can be mixed with vegetable oil and rubbed on the affected portions to relieve Rheumatism.


The oil that is extracted from the flowers of Matricaria Chamomilla is volatile and aromatic in nature. It is used in various perfumes and other preparations used in Aromatherapy.


Chamomile is an herbal extract that is used very commonly and extremely safe to use. If being taken for relieving some particular ailment, a medical practitioner should be consulted for advice first. This applies not only to Chamomile, but also to other herbs and herb al extracts. None of them should be taken except when under proper supervision of a doctor. Planet Ayurveda also offers the option to its clients of availing the best medical advice possible from its team of medical experts before consuming or purchasing any herb or herbal extract.


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