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  • Ingredient used in Safed Behman Powder: Safed Behman
  • Latin name: Centaurea behen
  • Part to be used: Root
  • Quantity: 100gm
  • Dose: 1 teaspoon twice daily with plain water after meals.

About Safed Behman

It is an Ayurvedic herb used in the treatment of lack of libido, erectile dysfunction and improves the stamina and also used in diabetes, arthritis, improving sexual performance.

Names in different Languages

  • English name: White musali
  • Hindi name: Safed musli
  • Punjabi name: Syahoo musli
  • Kannada name: Bili Mushali
  • Marathi name: Safed musli
  • Telgu name: Sallogadda
  • Afghani name: Sakakulae
  • Urdu name: Musli
  • Uttar Pradesh Name: Jhirna


  • Kharjuri, Gavali, Talamuli
  • Talapatra, Talapatri
  • Hiranyapushpi, Khalini

Medicinal Properties of Safed Behman

  • Rasa (Taste): Madhur (sweet), Tikta (bitter)
  • Guna (qualities): Snigdha (slimy), Guru (heavy for digest)
  • Veerya (potency): Sheeta (Cold)
  • Vipaka: Madhura (undergoes sweet after digestion)
  • Karma (actions): Kaphavardaka (vitiates Kapha dosha), Vatapitta Shamaka (Balances Vata and Pitta dosha)

What are the medicinal uses of Safed Behman?

  • Used in the treatment of following conditions like low sperm count, premature ejaculation, general weakness, low sperm count.
  • Beneficial in urinary disorders like burning micturition and difficulty in urine.
  • Treating other conditions regarding tiredness due to sexual weakness, diabetes.
  • Improves complexion of skin
  • Beneficial in deafness

What are the Therapeutic uses of Safed Behman powder?

Sexual Disorders

By using this powder there is an increase in the sperm count drops and this medication is also useful in other symptoms like inflammation, infections by acting as an anti-inflammatory as well as an antibiotic. It may also reduce the risk of many other health conditions. It is also useful in infertility that is used for increasing gonadotropin hormones. This provides relief to the patients.

Diabetes mellitus

It increases the blood sugar levels in the body by improving the metabolism of carbohydrates in the body. By its anti-diabetic property, it controls the blood sugar levels in the body and also prevents from other diabetic complications like diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy, cataract etc.


This powder acts as an antibiotic that kills the bacteria and reduces other infections. It also acts as anti-fungal that kills the infection caused by yeast. It also helps in providing relief from the symptoms like pain and discomfort during urination. This powder is very effective in this disease.

Diarrhea and dysentery

Patients suffering from this disease will get relief from the use of this powder. This powder acts as an antibiotic that kills the bacteria and other symptoms. Patient should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration with the use of this disease.

Erectile Dysfunction

This powder acts as a muscle relaxant that increases the blood flow and that relaxes the muscles in the penis. It allows erection in response to erectile stimulation. Patients have to do proper exercise during the intake of this medication.

Increases Lactation

This powder acts as a hormone producer that produces the prolactin hormone. This increases or permits the lactation to produce normally.


This powder has an anti-inflammatory property that reduces the pain and inflammation in joints and other disorders like degeneration of joints. The patients start getting relief in a shorter period of time.


This powder prevents the progress of this disease by its anti-carcinogenic property. By its apoptosis property, it stimulates the natural ability of the body. This also helps in preventing the healthy cells in the body against the damage caused by free radicals. It damages the cancer cells and helps to limit the growth and spread of new cancer cells. It is also used in the combination with conventional treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is also found useful in the other cancers like breast, colon, ovaries, and prostate.


This powder acts as an anti-depressant like anti-anxiety and anti-stress medication. It starts balancing the chemicals in the brain that are called as neurotransmitters that affect mood and emotions. This powder increases the appetite, improves concentration, helps the patient to sleep better and also helps in improving mood.

Muscle building

This powder contains a good level of amino acids as well as proteins. As the proteins and amino acids are the building blocks of the body. It nourishes the body and provides proper supplements that the body is required. So this churna is very helpful in muscle gaining.

Weight loss

Most people are suffering from weight loss. This usually happens when the person is suffering from such diseases that are described above. Patients who are losing their weight may also suffer from general weakness, fatigue. Immunity of the patient started decreasing day by day. With the use of this powder, the immunity started increasing and it also provides relief from other symptoms and then helpful in increasing weight.


Gonorrhea is caused by Chlamydia infection, that develops symptoms like the urgency of urination, swelling, and pain in the testicles, redness at the opening of the penis, etc. this powder acts as an antibiotic as well as an anti-inflammatory that reduces the pain as well as inflammation. This also provides relief in other symptoms like if there is pus discharge from the penis.

Side Effects

There are no side effects if it is consumed in the prescribed dosage. Care should be taken if it is consumed as per the prescription.

Advantage of using Safed Behman Powder offered by Planet Ayurveda

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  • This powder is 100% natural.
  • Prepared from best natural herb.
  • No color added.
  • Only organic products are used for better results.
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