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Size (Per Unit) : 60 Capsules
Dosage : 1-2 Capsules once or twice daily.



Ayurveda is an age-old science which has not lost its relevance till date. Ayurveda is a term coined by combining ‘ayu’ and ‘veda’ which refers to the science of life. The aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the swasthya (health) of the swastha (healthy) person and to destroy the roga (disease) of the aatura (diseased) individual. This can be explained as eradicating the diseased condition along with maintaining the healthy state of the body. The health of the body depends on the balance between the tridosha (vata, pitta, kapha). Thus, maintaining the dosha in normal limits is essential to stay healthy. Vata balance capsules help to pacify the unnatural levels of vata dosha from the body. Vata balance will be described in detail in the following article.


Vata is responsible for various bodily mechanisms. It is known to be the one accountable for all the movements in the body. Vata dosha controls breathing and all the urges in the body. It also maintains the neurological well being of the body. Vata controls the proper perception of the senses by the sensory organs. As the vata is responsible for numerous functions of the body, it is very essential to maintain the levels of vata in normal range. This can be done by consuming Vata balance capsules in appropriate doses. Vata balance capsules prepared by Planet ayurveda contain a combination of 10 health benefiting herbs i.e. Bilva (Aegle marmelos), Patla (Stereospermum suaveolens), Gambhari (Gmelina arborea), Shyonak (Oroxylum indicum), Agnimantha (Premna integrifolia), Shalparni (Desmodium gangeticum), Prishnaparni (Uraria picta), Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Brihati (Solanum indicum), and Kantkari (Solanum xanthocarpum). These ingredients will be explained in detail in the following article.

Vata Balance Capsules

Vata balance is a very wonderful medicinal formulation prepared by Planet Ayurveda. These capsules contain natural herbs beneficial for the health of the body such as Bilva (Aegle marmelos), Patla (Stereospermum suaveolens), Gambhari (Gmelina arborea), Shyonak (Oroxylum indicum), Agnimantha (Premna integrifolia), Shalparni (Desmodium gangeticum), Prishnaparni (Uraria picta), Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Brihati (Solanum indicum), and Kantkari (Solanum xanthocarpum). Planet Ayurveda prepares all its products according to procedures described in the samhitas (classical texts) and provide great results in improving the health of the patient of lepto meningeal enhancement. All the herbal products manufactured here are free from chemicals, preservatives, starch, additives, colours and fillers. These products are hundred percent natural and are formulated by MD Ayurvedic doctors with deep knowledge of Ayurveda and many years of experience. The formulations are prepared using authentic ways and therefore are very effective in promoting the health of the patient and managing the diseased state effectively.

Ingredients Used in Vata Balance


Sr. No. Indian Name Botanical Name Quantity
1. Bilwa Aegle marmelos std.ext. 50 mg
2. Shyonak Oroxylum indicum std. ext. 50 mg
3. Patla Stereospermum suaveolens std. ext. 50 mg
4. Agnimantha Clerodendrum Phlomidis std. ext. 50 mg
5. Gambhari Gmelina arborea std. ext. 50 mg
6. Gokshur Tribulus terrestris std. ext. 50 mg
7. Kantakri Solanum surattense std. ext. 50 mg
8. Brihati Solanum indicum std. ext. 50 mg
9. Prishnaparni Uraria picta std. ext. 50 mg
10. Shalparni Desmodium gangeticum std. ext. 50 mg

Benefits of the Used Ingredients in Vata Balance

  1. Bilwa (Aegle marmelos) – Bilva is also known as bael. It is hot in potency and possesses numerous medicinal properties. Bilva is known to tranquilise the nerves, it is very effective in managing insomnia, epilepsy, hysteria and various vata disorders. It acts as an appetiser, digestant and astringent. It contains hemostatic properties and is also useful in haemorrhoids. Bilva also acts as a tonic. It is also effective in managing a variety of health conditions such as pain, swelling, cold, cough, dyspnoea, cardiac debility and palpitations, etc. Bilva helps to manage vitiated vata and kapha dosha. It is very beneficial for the reproductive and digestive system of the body.
  2. Shyonak (Oroxylum indicum) – Shyonak is one of the best medicines for the disorders of the vata. It is very beneficial for the health of the nervous system of the body. Balancing the levels of the vata dosha will help to manage the condition of aggravated vata. Shyonak is effective in managing weakness due to amadosha. It digests the ama dosha and excretes it through urine. As it reduces the ama dosha in the body, the blood circulation improves eventually.It helps to increase the appetite, improves digestion and increases the strength of the body.
  3. Patla (Stereospermum suaveolens) – Patala alleviates the excessive levels of tridosha i.e. vata, pitta, kapha. It is a very effective analgesic and helps to give relief in various painful vata disorders. It contains anti-inflammatory properties also. Patala is astringent, useful in polydipsia and a liver stimulant. Patala is an aphrodisiac and is very effective in managing semen debility. It is used to reduce gastric acidity and also helps to manage vomiting, diarrhoea and piles. It is a diuretic and is beneficial in various urine related difficulties. It gives strength to the urinary system.
  4. Agnimantha (Premna integrifolia) – Agnimantha is a bitter tonic and is very beneficial in pyrexial debility. It is very useful in managing vata kapha disorders. Agnimantha is hot in potency and helps to clear the obstruction of the channels. It contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Agnimantha has appetising, digesting and laxative properties. It is useful in loss of appetite, ama dosha and constipation. It is known to improve a variety of difficulties related to the respiratory system such as cold, cough, and asthma, etc. Agnimantha is also given in pyuria and urticaria.
  5. Gambhari (Gmelina arborea) – Kashmarya is also known as gambhari. It is a bitter tonic having nutritive and rejuvenating properties. Gambhari helps to relieve fever and burning. Kashmarya is also known to balance the vata levels in the body. This helps to manage a variety of difficulties related to the nervous system such as brain debility, dizziness, etc. Gambhari is a very efficient aphrodisiac. It is used in semen debility. It is cold in potency and gives a soothing effect, hence managing different types of burning sensations.Gambhari also helps to manage diarrhoea, constipation and haemorrhoids.
  6. Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) – Gokshura is a very effective vata shamak agent i.e. it helps to pacify excessive levels of vata dosha from the body. It contains analgesic properties also. Gokshura is effective in a variety of painful conditions and vata disorders. It is known to exhibit aphrodisiac properties and hence, helps to improve the health of the reproductive system. It is effective in managing the condition of impotency also. Gokshura is a very beneficial ayurvedic herb containing a variety of medicinal properties. It is a diuretic agent and is therefore also useful in urine related difficulties such as dysuria, etc.
  7. Kantkari (Solanum surattense) – Kantakari is also known as kateri, kandiyari, nidigdhika, badajan barri, etc. It is katu and tikta in taste and hot in potency. Due to these properties, kantakari helps to balance kapha and vata dosha in the body. As kantakari is hot in potency, it is known to increase the levels of pitta dosha. Kantkari possess a variety of medicinal properties that help to improve the health of the body in numerous ways. It is useful in managing various respiratory disorders, anorexia, fever, worm infestations, skin infections, amenorrhea, and obesity, etc. Kantkari improves the strength, immunity and digestion of the body. It contains antioxidant properties also and helps to improve the overall health of the body.
  8. Brihati (Solanum indicum) – Brihati is also known as Bahupatri, Dorali, and maheshri. It is laghu, ruksha, and tikshna in taste. Brihati is katu in vipak (post digestion effect) and hot in potency. It possesses numerous medicinal properties. It is very effective in balancing vata and kapha dosha in the body. As it helps to pacify vata dosha, it is very beneficial in improving the neurological state of the body. Brihati also helps to increase the strength of digestion, thus, removing the accumulation of undigested food (aam). Due to these properties, it can be used in diarrhoea, IBS and malabsorption syndrome. It is useful in anorexia, relieves tongue coating and manages bad breath. Brihati helps in detoxifying the blood and can also be used in managing skin diseases. It has various other benefits also such as antipyretic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, carminative, cardiac tonic, etc.
  9. Prishnaparni (Uraria picta) – Prushniparni is a tridosha shamak agent, i.e. it helps to pacify the excessive levels of vata, pitta, kapha dosha. It is a nervine tonic and helps to alleviate numerous types of vata disorders. Prishniparni is an appetiser, antiseptic, flatulent and astringent agent. It helps to manage dipsia, flatulence, diarrhoea, bleeding piles and sprue. It is an aphrodisiac and is very effective in managing semen debility. It is also a cardiac tonic, hemostatic and reduces oedema, hence can be used to manage heart diseases, blood disorders, vatarakta and oedema.
  10. Shalparni (Desmodium gangeticum) – Shalparni is used in a variety of vata disorders. It is an aphrodisiac. It improves the quality of semen. Shalparni is a nervine tonic. Shalparni is an antipyretic agent and is especially beneficial in visham jwara. Shalparni is beneficial to the digestive system also as it is a deepan, pachan, snehan, anuloman, and deworming agent. It is a very good rasayan and improves the condition of weakness, malnutrition and body aches. Shalparni improves the health of the heart and stomach. It helps to balance the levels of the tri dosha (vata, pitta, kapha) in the body.

Medicinal Properties

The combination of the above mentioned ten herbs i.e. Bilva (Aegle marmelos), Patla (Stereospermum suaveolens), Gambhari (Gmelina arborea), Shyonak (Oroxylum indicum), Agnimantha (Premna integrifolia), Shalparni (Desmodium gangeticum), etc. in Vata balance capsules help to improve the health due to its numerous medicinal properties. Vata balance capsules mainly help in pacifying the vata dosha. It is very beneficial for improving the health of nerves, muscles, bones and joints. This combination of herbs possess anti inflammatory properties, anti rheumatic properties, analgesic properties, antispasmodic properties, and antioxidant properties also. It is also helpful in improving the health of the uterus. It helps to detoxify the uterus and also acts as an uterine tonic.


Vata balance is very effective in pacifying the excessive vata dosha from the body and is therefore, very beneficial in Vataj disorders. As mentioned earlier, Vata balance capsules exhibit numerous medicinal properties and hence, exhibit effectiveness in managing a variety of diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. It helps in managing various types of pains such as low backache, general body ache, fatigue with body ache, and muscle spasms etc. Vata balance helps to manage various other medicinal conditions also such as bursitis, fibromyalgia, gout, paralysis, sciatica, etc. It improves the condition of the respiratory system of the body and hence useful in cough, bronchitis, asthma, and various breathing difficulties. It is also beneficial for improving the strength of the digestive system and hence helps in getting relief from various digestion related difficulties such as gas, bloating, constipation, etc.

Side Effects

There are no side effects of Vata Balance Capsules when given in appropriate doses.

Dosage of Vata Balance

1-2 Capsules once or twice daily, or As directed by physcian.


The use of Vata balance capsules is not contraindicated in any specific conditions. It can also be used by lactating (breastfeeding) mothers and has no adverse effects on lactation.


In a nutshell, it can be concluded that maintaining the levels of dosha in equilibrium is essential to keep the body healthy. The imbalance of dosha is the causative factor behind all the types of diseases. So, as the Ayurvedic treatment emphasises on treating the root cause of the condition it is capable of eliminating the diseases permanently. Vata balance capsules help to maintain the levels of vata in appropriate amounts. Hence, it should be consumed in order to keep the vataj diseases at bay.


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