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Our lifestyle today has drastically changed in terms of diet and physical activity from a few decades back. In addition to it, the polluting environment around us and overconsumption of animal based products is not helping much. This can lead to build-up of toxins. These drastic changes have had an impact on the blood circulating inside our body. It is said that your skin is the mirror of your body’s health, specifically, blood health. Impure blood will lay the foundation for formation of low quality body tissues and lead to skin disorders. Premium Blood Cleanse capsules by Planet Ayurveda offers a simple solution to all blood and skin problems. These capsules help in cleansing the channels of formation and circulation of blood (rakta vaha srotas) and the roots of these channels which are liver and spleen. Toxins in the blood are mainly purified by the liver. Over-accumulation of toxins and an overworked liver leads to various health issues such as anemia, skin diseases, spleen disorders, jaundice, fever, burning sensation in the body, bleeding disorders and many more. To provide relief in such cases Premium Blood Cleanse capsules presented by Planet Ayurveda is highly beneficial.

Sr. No. Indian Name Latin Name Quantity
1. Curcumin Curcuma longa 250 mg
2. Neem Azadirachta indica 250 mg

Product Details

  • Product Form: Capsule form
  • Package Type: Bottled pack
  • Package Quantity: 60 Capsules


The advised dose for Premium blood cleanse can be 1 or 2 capsules twice a day with plain water.

Properties Of Ingredients Used

  • Curcumin (Curcuma longa): Curcumin or turmeric is one of the most famous herbs of Ayurveda. It is tikta (bitter) and katu (pungent) in taste, ruksha (dry) and laghu (light) in property. It is hot in potency due to which it balances Vata and Kapha Dosha. Its bitter taste balances Pitta. Therefore, it can be said that turmeric pacifies all the three Doshas. It acts as a natural detoxifier and a quick healer which is used in various skin diseases. It has kanduhara (relieves itching), kushtahara (treats skin diseases), varnya (improves complexion), vranahara (heals wounds) and krimihara (relieves worms) properties. It works as an immune modulator by correcting the metabolism of the body. It has a high antioxidant property.
  • Neem (Azadirachta indica): This herb is extremely detoxifying in nature. It brings down the high levels of toxins present in the body, alleviating blood and skin disorders. It is tikta (bitter) and kashaya (astringent) in taste. It possesses laghu (light) and ruksha (dry) properties. It is cold in nature. It is said to pacify Kapha and Pitta Dosha. It has anthelmintic, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-diabetic properties.

Therapeutic Properties Of Premium Blood Cleanse

Premium Blood Cleanse helps in blood purification and aids in the detoxification of the body which further helps in preventing the formation and accumulation of free radicals. This will help slow degeneration of cells. Therefore, with a good diet and lifestyle this remedy can prove to have anti-ageing benefits. This herbal remedy will help you to prevent and manage many problems associated with blood i.e., skin diseases, liver diseases, spleen diseases.

Consumption Of Premium Blood Cleanse Capsules

Premium Blood Cleanse by Planet Ayurveda is a remedy in capsule form that is better to be consumed by the advice of Ayurvedic experts. Every age group can benefit from this product. This herbal remedy is effective for all the patients with blood impurity and the health problems associated with it.

Indication For Premium Blood Cleanse

As we read earlier, Premium Blood Cleanse capsules by Planet Ayurveda are especially formulated for detoxifying the body. Here are some specific conditions in which these capsules can be beneficial:

  • Premium Blood Cleanse capsules have blood purifying properties. This property makes them useful in diseases such as anemia, spleen disorders, jaundice, fever, etc. as well as to detoxify the body.
  • It consists of standardized extracts of detoxifying herbs such as turmeric and neem that provide a cleansing effect on blood. Therefore, it helps to manage various skin conditions like pruritus, acne, eczema, psoriasis scabies, fungal infections etc.
  • These capsules improve digestion and aid in anorexic conditions, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, worm infections etc.
  • Activate sluggish liver and promote its functioning by stimulating the digestive fire. Hence, can be given in prevention as well as management of initial stages of liver disorders.
  • These capsules are also used in inflammatory conditions or skin problems with pus and inflammation.
  • These capsules help manage diabetes as they lower blood sugar level. Along with their healing properties they are effective in treating diabetic wounds also.
  • Due to the detoxifying property of this product it can be taken as a supplement for beauty enhancing purposes. It helps improve skin glow, reduce acne and acne marks and reduces oiliness of the skin.
  • Can be used in cold and cough due to its anti- bacterial and antiviral properties.
  • Can help improve overall hair health and prevent scalp infections.

Side Effects Of Premium Blood Cleanse

Premium blood cleanse has zero side effects if it is consumed under the prescribed dosage. If someone is not taking under the advised dosage it may worsen the condition of the patient. Lactating and Pregnant women must have these products under the strict supervision of Ayurvedic Experts. Therefore, it is evident to first consult an expert doctor before consuming this product.

Reasons To Choose Premium Blood Cleanse

Premium Blood Cleanse capsules are formulated under the strict guidance of M.D. Ayurveda practitioners. They have the added advantage of being:

  • Completely natural and vegetarian. They do not produce any side effects if taken under the guidance of an Ayurvedic Physician.
  • With gelatin free capsule shells, this formulation is free from extra additives that are unnecessary like fillers, colors, or any other artificial materials.
  • Premium Blood Cleanse consists of pure and standardized extracts of Curcumin (Curcuma longa) and Neem (Azadirachta indica).
  • Patients ailing from blood disorders should consume these cleansing capsules to relieve themselves of the consequences of impure blood.


Premium Blood Cleanse is a great remedy that works to purify blood. Potent herbs such as Curcumin (Curcuma longa) and Neem (Azadirachta indica) detoxify the body and aid in removing blood diseases. This acts to support healthy circulation within the body. A healthy routine along with these capsules is an effective combination to get better and faster results. These capsules work on various problems such as eczema, fungal infections, chronic itching, acne etc. This formulation will not cause any adverse effects if consumed under the advice of Ayurveda experts.


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