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It is an effective Ayurvedic medicinal herb used to improve appetite and digestion, as well as treat stomachache and other symptoms like heartburn, indigestion. It is useful in the treatment of diarrhea and cholera.

  • Ingredients used in Pippali Mool Powder : Pippali Mool
  • Latin name: Piper Longum
  • Part used for the medicinal purpose : Root

Also useful in lung disorders like asthma, cough, bronchitis.
Other treatments like a headache, muscle pain, enlarged spleen, paralysis, psoriasis, intestinal worms.

Names in Different Languages

  • English Name : Root of Long pepper
  • Hindi Name : Pipala, Pippalki Mool
  • Punjabi Name : Maghaun
  • Tamil Name : Tippali Mula
  • Malayalam Name : Tippali Mula
  • Bengali Name : Pipal
  • Marathi Name : Pimparamula
  • Gujarati Name : Ghanthod
  • Kannada Name : Hippali Beru


  • Katugranthi, kanamula,
  • Sarvagranthika, Ushanam,
  • Granthikam, mula

Medicinal Properties of Pippali Mool Powder

  • Rasa (Taste) : Katu (Pungent)
  • Guna (Qualities) : Laghu (Lightness), Rooksha (Dryness)
  • Veerya (Potency) : Ushna (Hot Potency)
  • Vipaka : Katu (Undergoes Pungent Taste after Digestion)
  • Effect on Tridoshas : Balances Vata and Kapha Doshas

Dosage :- ½ tsp twice daily with plain water or honey after meals

Health Benefits of Pippali Mool Powder

  • It balances Vata and Kapha dosha
  • Helps in promoting digestion, carminative, relieving bloating and constipation
  • Relieves ama dosha
  • Useful in abdominal tumors
  • Useful in chronic respiratory disorders
  • Useful in spleen disorders, splenomegaly
  • Helpful in treating asthma and other respiratory disorders
  • It increases Pitta dosha
  • Useful in worm infestation, infected wounds
  • Useful in treating disorders of Vata dosha imbalance like paralysis, constipation, neuralgia etc
  • Improves taste and provides relief from anorexia
  • Useful in ascites, enlargement of the abdomen
  • Provides relief from hyperacidity

Therapeutic Uses of Pippali Mool Powder

1. Rheumatoid Arthritis

This powder is very useful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis by decreasing the pain and inflammation of joints because it has inflammatory property. The patient starts getting relief in a shorter period of time. It is also helpful in other disorders like degradation of joints.

2. Asthma

This powder has an anti-inflammatory property. It prevents from asthma attacks, and work by reducing the swelling and mucus production in the airways. This powder acts as a bronchodilator(dilates the bronchioles), that prevents the patient from symptoms regarding asthma.

3. Anemia

This powder contains iron, zinc, and many other nutrients. This powder is very helpful in patients who are suffering from anemia and provides relief from the symptoms like yellowish discoloration of skin, weakness etc.

4. Tuberculosis

It acts as a rejuvenative so it improves the strength of lungs and improves the appetite that helps in gaining weight and helps to avoid weight loss that is associated with tuberculosis and its treatment.

5. Liver Damage

This powder is very effective in ascites and its other symptoms like pain and distension in the abdomen. It is very helpful in the patients of liver damage that sometimes caused in the patients of tuberculosis. It provides relief to the patient.

6. Diabetes Mellitus

It controls the blood sugar levels of the body because it has an anti-diabetic property and also prevents the complication of diabetes such as diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic foot, and cataract. By improving the metabolism of carbohydrates it helps in increasing the blood sugar levels of the body.

7. Hemorrhoids

This powder acts as a laxative that softens the stools and provides relief in the symptoms like pain, constipation etc.

8. Abdominal Pain

It helps in providing relief in abdominal pain and other symptoms.

9. Menstrual Disorders

This powder is very helpful in menstrual disorders and helps in providing relief to the patient in the symptoms like abnormal uterine bleeding, irregular menstruation etc. It maintains the health of the patient. It acts as an anti-inflammatory.

10. Epilepsy

This powder acts as an anticonvulsant and sedative. It is also helpful in nerve pains. This provides relief by reducing the symptoms like sudden bouts of blinking and chewing, stiffness of body etc.

11. Diarrhea

This powder is very helpful in relieving diarrhea and other symptoms like fatigue and general weakness. It provides relief.

12. Cough

This powder acts as a suppressant that blocks the cough reflex and also acts as an expectorant that that clears the passage of airways. This provides relief to the patients in symptoms like chest congestion, burning sensation in chest etc.

13. Paralysis

It improves the condition of the patient who is suffering from paralysis by improving the functions of the muscles and other symptoms.


Classical Reference of Pippali Mool

Side effects

There are no side effects if it is consumed as per prescription. Care should be taken if it is consumed in the prescribed dosage.

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