Tribull Oil

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Humans are sexual that means a male and a female are indeed to reproduce. Each has specific organs capable of producing specific cells to reproduce. The male reproductive system is a series of organs used during sexual intercourse and procreation. The external genitalia for men include the penis, scrotum and testicles. Penis is the male organ for sexual intercourse. It is tubular muscular organ, consists of three internal chambers that are made up of special sponge like erectile tissues. As it is filled with blood vessels, it becomes rigid and erect which allows the penetration of it during sexual intercourse. Skin of it is loose and elastic which helps changing of size during erection. Thus penis makes sexual intercourse possible. It contains numerous sensitive nerve endings. Semen is expelled out through the end of penis when it is erect and when men reaches climax.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where penetration fails due to many reasons. Most of cases occur when there is less blood supply to arteries that take blood to the penis. This condition is usually relivable. We at planet ayurveda have a very effective herbal oil preparation named Tribull Oil that is proven very helpful here.

Product details

Introduction of Tribull Oil

The oil contains extracts of potent herbs like Indian ginseng, Saffron, Celastrus paniculatus, Butea and so on that are very well known for their functions on body. there are plentiful oil preparations in market for sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunctions and other male sex health problems but our product tri-bull oil is totally different from all of those because this oil preparation is made from pure herbal medicines (well researched) described in ancient ayurveda texts and are selected by expert MD Ayurveda doctors. The special method of preparation preserves the efficacy of the herbs and leads to remarkable results that has made and still making this product worldwide popular by giving energy of 3 bulls to your organ.

Benefits of Tribull Oil

  • It helps to improve stamina and even erectile strength.
  • It works wonder in erectile dysfunction due to diabetes and heart diseases.
  • It helps in premature ejaculation also.
  • Works wonderfully in weak and old people.
  • Helps for prolonged hardening of penis.
  • Also helps in other related male sex health issues.

Ingredients Used in the Preparation of Tribull Oil

Each 10 ml Contains:

Sr. No. Name Kwath Dravya Latin Name Book Ref. Part Used Qty. (µL)
Decoction Contents
1. Shatavari Asparagus racemosus BPN Root 500
2. Ashwagandha Withania somnifera BPN Root 500
3. Gambhari chal Gmelina arborea BPN Bark 300
4. Kaner root Nerium oleander BPN Root 300
5. Vjradanti Barleria prionitis BPN Root 200
6. Gokhru bada Pedalium murex BPN Fruit 500
7. Khurasani ajwain Hyoscyamus niger BPN Seeds 500
Kalk Dravya
8. Ashwagandha Withania somnifera BPN Root 100
9. Latakasturi Hibiscus abelmoschus BPN Seeds 100
10. Kesar Crocus sativus BPN Flower 25
11. Jaifal Myristica fragrans BPN Fruit 50
12. Laung Caryophyllus aromaticus BPN Fruit 50
13. Malkangni Celastrus paniculatus BPN Fruit 50
14. Kaali mirch Piper nigrum BPN Seeds 100
15. Palash beej Butea monosperma BPN Seeds 50
16. Karveer root Nerium odorum BPN Root 200
17. Kapas beej Gossypium herbaceum BPN Seeds 100
18. Sheela ras Liquidambar orientalis BPN Gum 200
19. Naag kesar Mesua ferrea BPN Flower 300
20. Akarkara Anacyclus pyrethrum BPN Fruit 100
21. Bhaang beej Cannabis sativa BPN Seeds 100
22. Dalchini Cinnamomum zeylanicum BPN Internal Bark 100
23. Shudh kuchla Strychnos nux vomica BPN Seeds 200
24. Paan patta Piper betle ASS Leaf 200
25. Til taila Sesamum indicum BPN Oil q .s

Product information

  • Product form: Oil
  • Package type: Small bottle
  • Package quantity: 50 ml
  • Note: For external application only.

How to use

Apply over the penis and massage gently, daily or every alternate day.

Advantages of Tribull Oil

This is an amazing herbal product, made from pure herbs, infect extracts of best quality herbs and this is not mixed with any chemical or added color. This is formulated in oil form for easy convenience of people and also available at reasonable cost.

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