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Effective Herbal Remedies for Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM)


Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Canine DCM), as the name suggests, is a disease related to the dogs, the most loyal and friendly living being on the Planet Earth. Unlike humans, they cannot express their feelings in words whether these are related to their love and care towards us or their health problems. We need to understand them through their activities and other symptoms appearing in their body.


As they are best known for their natural safeguarding ability, a proper and best care should be given by humans in order to safeguard them against the diseases naturally. Planet Ayurveda fulfills these needs and offers the most beneficial and friendly herbal supplements to help them be healthy. Here, all the information about Canine DCM is provided to help these speechless and the friendliest living beings through natural ways.

S. No. Products Quantity
1 Arjuna Vet Syrup 5 Bottles (200ml Each)
2 Geri Vet Tablet 1 Bottle (240 Tablets)
3 Ashwagandhaghan Vati 2 Bottles (120 Tablets Each)
4 Siddha Makardhwaj Tablets 2 Bottles (30 Tablets Each)

Introduction of Canine DCM / DCM in Dogs

Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) is basically a disease that affects the cardiac muscles and leads to a reduction in the capacity of the heart to generate pressure for pumping the blood through the vascular system. DCM is characterized as an expansion of the ventricles and thinning of the ventricular walls. The secondary factors include the reduced flow of oxygenated blood to various parts of the body and the coagulation of blood in the lungs. It affects the overall functioning of the heart as well as other parts of the body. The symptoms and complications of the ailment vary according to the breed of the affected dog.

Ayurvedic Aspect of Canine DCM / DCM in Dogs

According to Ayurveda, Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Canine DCM / DCM in Dogs) is caused due to the vitiation of Pitta and Vata Dosha in the body of the Canines (Dogs), which further affects the Rakta (Blood) and Mamsa (Muscles) Dhatu (Tissue), especially of the heart and alters its normal functioning.

Symptoms of Canine DCM / DCM in Dogs

Reduced normal activities by the affected dogs are the primary visible symptoms, the other ones that can be commonly seen in the canines suffering from Dilated Cardiomyopathy are:

  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Fainting / Collapse
  • Weight Loss
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Coughing
  • Blue Tongue
  • Depression
  • High Breathing Rate
  • Heavy Breathing
  • Irregular Heart Rhythm
  • Abnormal sounds in the heart
  • Reduced Appetite
  • Raised Abdomen
  • Restlessness

Causes of Canine DCM / DCM in Dogs

There is no primary cause defined till the date, but toxins or infections are considered as the secondary causes along with some factors for the Canine DCM. The responsible factors are:

  • Nutritional Factors
  • Infectious Factors
  • Genetic Factors

Diagnosis of Canine DCM / DCM in Dogs

Clinically, it can be diagnosed with the Auscultation (using a stethoscope), blood and urine tests along with the following methods as described below:

  1. Echocardiographydisplays the chamber expansion and the rates of the reduced pumping function of the heart.
  2. Thoracic Radiography / X-Raysevaluate the pulmonary tissues and vessels and provide evidence of the fluid collection in or around the lungs.
  3. Electrocardiographycharacterizes the heart rhythm and to diagnose Arrhythmias.
  4. 24 Hour Electrocardiogramcharacterizes the heart rhythm more accurately (recommended in rare cases)

Complications of Canine DCM / DCM in Dogs

The dispersion of cardiac muscles, low level of oxygen supply and high level of oxygen demand along with the increased heart rate and stress on ventricular walls may lead to Cardiac Arrhythmias, affecting either the atria or the ventricles. It may also result in the sudden death of the affected dogs.

Which Breeds of Dogs are more prone to DCM?

The male dogs are more prone to Dilated Cardiomyopathy as compared to female dogs. It is a reported fact that Canine DCM mainly affects some specific breeds of Dogs, such as:

  • Doberman Pinscher
  • The Great Dane
  • The Boxer
  • The Cocker Spaniel
  • Irish Wolfhounds
  • Saint Bernards
  • German Shepherd
  • Portuguese Water Dogs
  • English Springer Spaniels

Herbal Remedies by Planet Ayurveda for Canine DCM / DCM in Dogs

Ayurveda always offers the treatment of a disease that works on the root cause and the main affected parts of the body. As the DCM in dogs mainly disturbs the functioning of the heart and vitiates the Vata and Pitta Dosha, so the treatment should be provided, to balance the disturbed functioning and both of the Doshas affected. The herbal products of Planet Ayurveda are 100% natural and safe to be used for the treatment of Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy, manufactured under the proper supervision of Ayurveda experts following the ancient Ayurvedic Principles.

Dogs are not our Whole Life… But, they make our Life Whole!!

Pamper your dogs with natural care and help them to get rid of the Dilated Cardiomyopathy with the following herbal supplements.

1. Arjuna Vet Syrup

Dosage – 4 Tsp. twice daily.

2. Geri Vet Tablet

Dosage – 3-6 Tablets Twice Daily.

3. Ashwagandhaghan Vati

Dosage – 3-6 Tablets Twice Daily.

4. Siddha Makardhwaj Tablets

Dosage – 1 Tablet Twice Daily.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes for Canine DCM / DCM in Dogs

The Diet recommendations for the dogs suffering from Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy are based upon the factors responsible for the disease and the taurine levels. Taurine is a component of the bile acids (the acids responsible for digestion of fats) and an essential requirement for the healthy heart functioning, retinal functioning, and reproductive health. If the nutritional factors are responsible for the disease in any manner along with the other causes, then there should be a need to change the current diet. The DCM in dogs is diagnosed as two different cases:

  1. Diet-related DCM with normal taurine levels
  2. Diet-related DCM with taurine deficiency

Hence, the dietary recommendations are to be specific as per the diagnosis that should be consulted with your veterinarian before making any changes.

Other Precautions to be taken

The caretakers of the dogs need to be more caring and attentive so that they can help them to get rid of Canine DCM at the earliest, or to prevent the severity. Regular check-ups of your pets are also recommended for a healthy care.


Hence, it is concluded that the Dilated Cardiomyopathy in dogs can be treated well with the herbal remedies, without causing any side-effects. Planet Ayurveda offers the best and the most effective pet care herbal products to provide safety and treatment to your dogs against the Canine DCM.

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