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Bhumi Amla Powder pacifies kapha and pitta doshas in the body, promotes digestive fire and stimulates liver functioning. This herbal powder is an effective ayurvedic medicine in powdered form which is helpful in pacifying kapha and pitta doshas in body, promotes healthy liver functions, maintains a healthy skin and stimulates the urinary system. This herb is beneficial in jaundice patients. It is also beneficial in healing wounds easily. This ayurvedic preparation does not cause any side effects and gives best result to the patient. Bhumi amla is cold, bitter and astringent nature.


  • Bhumi Amla powder has various health benefits because of the numerous medicinal properties it consists of, such as antiviral, anticancer, antibacterial, hepatoprotective, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It contains alkaloid phyllanthoside which has strong antispasmodic activity and helps in treating spasms.
  • This herb cures inflammation of the liver which is used to cures Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
  • Bhumi amla gives relief from jaundice, ulcers, dyspepsia, wounds, chronic dysentery, diabetes, dropsy and menorrhagia.
  • It can be used to get relief from swollen breasts.
  • This herbal formulation can be used to manage any kind of urinary disorder.
  • It has anti-viral and anti-microbial effects.
  • It contains compounds like linolenic acid and receinoleic acid.
  • Paste of powdered bhumi amla powder helps to fix fractured bones.
  • Bhumi amla is very effective in diabetes.
  • It plays a good role in renal stones and gall bladder stones.
  • Bhumi amla has a carminative action.
  • It has a curative action on body as it treats skin disease, edema, and acts as a neutralizing agent for poison.
  • Bhumi amla powder relieves the symptoms of leucorrhea.
  • This herb relieve the symptoms of cough, asthma and hiccups.
  • Bhumi amla powder also has antipyretic action.
  • This herb also treats high blood pressure.
  • Bhumi amla powder cures ascites.
  • This herbal formulation helps in the age reversal process and nourishes the organs.
  • It also cures facial palsy and paralysis.
  • This herb includes medicinal properties including diuretic, de-obstruent, carminative, antiviral, hepatatonic, anti- nociceptive, anti-inflammatory, antimalarial, antibacterial, hypotensive, hepatoprotective, febrifuge, antispasmodic, analgesic, anti- hepatotoxic.
  • It stimulates the liver and ignites the digestive fire in body.


S. No. Herb Used Latin Name Quantity
1. Bhumi Amla Phyllanthus niruri 100 gm


This tremendous ayurvedic herb boasts amazing medicinal effects which help in dealing with various health issues. The extract of this herb has been found to cure acute inflammation of liver. This herbs cures Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B. It is also helpful in the treatment of AIDS. This formulation contains nitrtetralin, phyteltralin, ricinoleic acid, linoleic acid in it which aid in preventing jaundice, diabetes, sores, ulcers, sores, swellings, opthalmia, and chronic dysentery. Bhumi amla powder may decrease the amount of Hepatitis B virus found in the blood stream. This herbal formulation is also beneficial for gonorrhea, dropsy, menorrhagia and urinary infections. Due to its bitter, astringent, cold, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory actions, it is useful in liver disorders, asthma, jaundice, cough, spleen disorder. This herb also cures itching and other skin affections.


Classical Reference of Bhumi Amla

Who can use Bhumi Amla Powder?

This powder can be consumed by persons suffering from jaundice, chronic dysentery, urinary infections, skin disorders, hepatoprotective, liver function disorders.


Half to one teaspoonful twice daily with plain water after the meals.

Product Details

  • Package Type: Herbal Powder.
  • Package Quantity: 100 gm. Bottle.
  • These are free from chemicals, preservatives, yeast, pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, fillers, starch, raw powders etc.

Side Effects

There are no known side effects with this herb if consumed in the prescribed dosage. But care should be taken to consume this herbal medicine in the prescribed dosage.

Advantages of Using Bhumi Amla Powder by Planet Ayurveda

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  • Only natural herbs are used in the manufacturing of this medicine.
  • No chemicals or preservatives are used.
  • Only standardized extracts are used in the preparation of this medicine.
  • For ensuring better results, only organic products are used.
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  • Testing of the medicine is not done on animals.