Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common experienced joint pain. This pain is felt in the back that typically originates from the structures of the spine and its associates viz., the muscles, nerves, bones, joints in the spine. The reason for back pain lies in the very structure of the human spine. Between each two vertebrae is a disk, which functions as a cushion for everything we put our back through every day. When enough water is not present to properly hydrate the gelatinous center, the entire disc takes the toll. This means that one of the simplest and most effective way to reducing back pain is to increase water availability to the spine to keep them working as a trouble free machine. This is the basic mechanism for our herbal remedy to work towards reducing back pain to give you long lasting relief. The back pain can be cured best with natural ways of Ayurveda.

At always Ayurveda we aim to be more specific and oriented in creating a herbal combo pack that is an all time solution to the problems of back ache. We also suggest a simply stretching of the spine backwards and forwards regularly throughout the day to rehydrate your discs can be a very relieving idea indeed. We at Always Ayurveda are concerned for your health and thus we prepare herbal medicines that are made with minimum human intervention. Our products are 100% natural and vegetarian.

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