Petroselinum Crispum


Petroselinum crispumPetroselinum crispum is known as Prajmoda in India and is popular by the name of Parsley across the globe. It is believed that Parsley was used by Romans to relieve problems of the eye and also as a tonic that helped in increasing the strength of the Roman gladiators. The herb contains large quantities of Vitamin A and C.
The Petroselinum crispum plant is native to the southern parts of Europe. The herb can be grown easily in the tropical regions. This is a dainty plant and requires excessive care as it can dry rather easily. This plant is widely grown in the Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil, the Carribean region and Africa.


The Petroselinum crispum plant stands erect, is short lived and has a fleshy aromatic tap root. The plant has dark green colored shiny leaves which tend to rise from a very short stem. There are 2 kinds of parsley. One has plain leaves and the other has curly leaves. The curly leaved Petroselinum crispum is colloquially known as moss curled.


An analysis done of the Petroselinum crispum revealed 100 gms of the plant contained 74.6 percent moisture, 1 percent of fat, around 3 percent of minerals, around 6 percent of protein, 1.8 percent of fiber and 13 percent of carbohydrates. The Petroselinum crispum is also rich in calcium, carotene, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin C, niacin and phosphorus. The calorie count of the 100 gms of Petroselinum crispum is approximately 87.

Petroselinum crispum also contains glucoside apin as well as an essential oil known as apiol. The fruits of the Parsley also contain coumarin.


The Petroselinum crispum is rich in ascorbic acid which makes it a good blood cleansing agent. The herb is known to increase the secretion as well as the discharge of urine. The Petroselinum crispum plant is also proven to be helpful in relieving problems of flatulence. Raw Petroselinum crispum juice contains metabolic properties that improve the functioning of the adrenal as well as the thyroid glands.


Petroselinum crispum is useful in relieving the following ailments:

  • Digestive disorders: The Petroselinum crispum aids digestion and is helpful in preventing the formation of gas in the stomach as well as the intestines. This herb is one of the most popular remedies for relieving indigestion. Approximately 2 sprigs of fresh Petroselinum crispum or a quarter teaspoon of the dried parsley can be consumed with a glass of water for this purpose.
  • Genito Urinary ailments: According to renowned herbalist Dr.R.D.Pope, Petroselinum crispum is an “”excellent for the genito¬urinary tract, being of great assistance in the calculi of the kidneys and bladder, albuminuria, nephritis and other kidney troubles.” The herb is considered effective for relieving dropsy.
  • High Blood Pressure Levels: The Petroselinum crispum helps in maintaining the blood vessels especially the arterial system and the capillaries. This herb can be consumed as a beverage. This beverage is made by gently simmering water and Petroselinum crispum for a few minutes.
  • Eye Problems: Raw Petroselinum crispum juice is mixed with the juice of fresh carrots and is used for relieving problems that are connected with the eyes as well as the optical nerves. The plant is extremely beneficial for weakening eyes, cornea ulceration, cataract, opthalmia, conjunctivitis as well as sluggishness of the pupil.
  • Menstrual disorders: The Petroselinum crispum is useful for relieving the problem of scanty irregular menstruation. The presence of apiol in the herb helps in monitoring the female sex hormone called the estrogen. The juice of the herb can be combined with that of beetroot, cucumber as well as carrots.
  • Insect bites and Wounds: The bruised Petroselinum crispum is used as an applicant on bites and stings. It is also used on inflamed joints and for cleaning open wounds.
  • Bad Breath: Petroselinum crispum is useful in relieving the problem of bad breath. Around 2 cups of water is boiled with coarsely chopped Petroselinum crispum sprigs and around 2 to 3 cloves for this purpose.
  • Boils: The medicinal herb is applied on the boil and is the boil is then wrapped with a clean muslin cloth.


The juice of raw Petroselinum crispum is a potent remedy but should not exceed 60 ml in quantity especially when it is being mixed with carrots, celery, spinach or lettuce.
This herb must be consumed by pregnant women only after consulting a certified herbalist.


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