Datura Stramonium


Datura StramoniumThe Datura Stratumonium belongs to the family of N.O.Solanaceae. The other names of the plant are stramonium, Datura, Jamestown weed and Devils apple.
Datura is mentioned in the ancient indian literature as Shivashekhera because its flowers are associated with Lord Shiva. This plant has been a part of Indian ayurvedic medicinal history for centuries.
The plant is known to be an intoxicant, containing emetic, relieving and digestive powers. The smoking of Datura seeds is known to be used as a management for Asthma majorly.


Datura is a bushy plant that grows up to the height of 1 metre. It has large egg shaping leaves and very big sized flowers. The plant has egg shaped fruits that are covered in prickles. This plant is indigenous to Indian and usually grows in temperate Himalayan region at a height of 2500 metres.
D.stramonium has a weird smell that is errect and freely branching. The root of the plant is long, white in color, fibrous and thick. The stem is erect, leafy, pale yellow green in color and smooth. The leaves are 3 to 8 inches long and toothed. The upper surface of the leaf is dark green and the inner side is light green. The leaves taste bitter and cause nausea. This plant flowers in summer and has fragrant flowers. The calyx is long and has swollen at the bottom.


The leaves and seeds of the Datura Stramonium have been used in Pharmacopoeia as an antispasmodic for patients who suffer from critical conditions of asthma and wheezing. The plant possesses properties similar to that in belladonna. The plant is also used to induce sleep.
The datura has an active anti asthmatic agent called atropine which causes the paralysis of the pulmonary parts of the lung. This eliminates the spasms that are responsible for causing asthma attack. The smoking of Datura has been practiced for centuries.
The chinese use this herb as a form of anaethesia and Zunis use it as an analgesic.
The other medical usages of the plant include providing relief from tooth pain and bad throat conditons. It also helpful for patients with glaucoma, enlarged prostrate, heart troubles, urinary problems or bowel obstructions.


The leaves of the Datura contain alkaloids. The plant seeds yield a large amount of diploid I and tetraploid II as well.


Datura Stramonium is used to relieve the following ailments:

  • Asthma: Smoking burning leaves is known to be a very useful medicine for relieving asthma.
  • Malaria: The fruit of the plant is a remedy for phlegmatic type of malaria fever.
  • Heart disorders: It is known to relieve distress, palpitation, aortic ailment and cardiac pains.
  • Earache: the leaves of the Datura are useful for relieving ear aches as well as suppurative pain in the ear.
  • Impotency: This plant is used for relieving impotency. The seeds of the fruits are extracted and boiled in cow milk for relieving impotency.
  • Baldness: Datura seeds, saffron, liquorice and cream heated in coconut oil into charred powder to relieve bald patches.
  • Problem of Breast Milk Secretion
  • Piles
  • Ulcer
  • Skin related ailments
  • Bedwetting
  • Cold
  • Epilepsy
  • Pains
  • The datura plant is consumed for relieving the problem of dryness in mouth, coma, hallucinations as well as giddiness
  • The poultice of Datura is said to be helpful in relieving fistulas, neuralgia and abscesses.
  • This herb is also used to calm patients suffering from schizoid.
  • The leaves of Datura contain atropine and hyoscyanmine that are dominant mind altering drugs.


Datura is poisonous and hands should be washed properly after handling it. The mixture of the Datura should not be used on children. The normal dosage of the plant is about 2 decigrams only. Excessive consumption of it can lead to dryness in mouth as well as the throat.


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