Madhumehantak Churna

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Madhu-Meh-Antak Churna: The Best Remedy For Diabetes

Madhu-meh-antak Churna is a powerful combination of unique herbs for relieving diseases like diabetes. It is an effective medicine for controlling the symptoms related to diabetes.

All the herbs act in a synergistic manner and lower the blood sugar levels in a natural way. Several researches conducted on Pterocarpus and Salacia oblonga have proven the efficiency of these herbs in controlling diabetes and preventing complications.

Therapeutic Uses of Madhu-Meh-Antak Churna:

All the ingredients used in the preparation of the medicine act in a synergetic way and relieve the ailment.

  • This herbal supplement has several herbs which directly influence the production of insulin in the body.
  • It relieves diabetes in a safe and natural way.
  • It is exclusively effective in relieving diabetes and related problems.

Ingredients Used in The Preparation Of Madhu-Meh-Antak Churna

S. No. Ingredient- International Name Common Name Parts Quantity (200gm)
1 Salacia chinesis Saptrangi Roots 30 gm
2 Pterocarpus marsupium Vizaysaar Bark 30 gm
3 Aegle marmelos Bilva Patra Leaves 20 gm
4 Gymnema sylvestrae Gurmaar Leaves 20 gm
5 Berberis aristata Darulhadi Rhizome 20 gm
6 Azardirachta indica Neem Patra Leaves 20 gm
7 Trigonella foenum graceum Methi Seeds 10 gm
8 Syzygium cumini Jamun Seeds 10 gm
9 Momordica charantia Karela Seeds/Fruit 10 gm
10 Ocimum sactum Tulsi Leaves 10 gm
11 Eochnera rosea Sadabahar Leaves 10 gm
12 Acacia arabica Babool Bark 10 gm

Benefits of Used Ingredients in Madhu-Meh-Antak Churna

  • Saptrangi (Salacia oblonga): The bark of the tree is used as a medicine to relieve diabetes. The root of the plant is also useful in controlling the disease. Its effectiveness has been proven in several studies.
  • Vizaysaar (Pterocarpus marsupium): The bark of the tree is useful in relieving ailments. The bark is used to make a wooden glass and it is known as “the miracle relieve for diabetes”. Water stored in this glass overnight and consumed in the morning will help persons in reducing blood sugar. The colour of the water changes to brown by morning. It can be used for around one month duration and should be replaced for further usage.
  • Bilva (Aegla marmelos): The fruit of the tree is useful in relieving irritable bowel syndrome. The leaves of the tree are excellent for controlling blood sugar levels. The leaves are dried, powdered and mixed with other herbs for good results.
  • Gurmaar (Gymnema sylvestrae): The name Gurmaar can be translated as “sugar killer”. It is a twiner which has been used in Ayurveda since ancient times for controlling blood sugar. This herb contains Gymneic acid molecules which have anti-diabetic properties. They gel with glucose molecules in the stomach and prohibit from entering the blood stream. It is one of the best ways to relieve diabetes.
  • Darunhaldi (Berberis aristata): It is a rhizome which grows in Southern India. The powder of the roots stimulates pancreas and enhance the production of insulin. It also purifies blood and is effective in relieving viral and bacterial infection, cough and cold, sore throat and various types of cancers.
  • Neem (Azadirachta indica): Nimbidin, Nimbin and Azadirachtin are the alkaloids which are effective in relieving diabetes. Neem acts as a blood purifier and several skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema and rashes can be relieved with Neem.
  • Methi (Trigonella foenum graecum): Commonly known as fenugreek; Methi is used as a spice in India, Egypt and Middle Eastern countries. Fenugreek seeds control sugar levels effectively. They are also proven for checking cholesterol levels.
  • Jamun (Syzigium cumini): It is a common tree found all over India. The seeds inside the fruit are dried and a powder is made from them. It is very effective in controlling the sugar levels in the body. The seeds have astringent properties and are useful in relieving diabetes and obesity.
  • Karela (Momordica charanatia): It is commonly known as bitter gourd. The juice extracted from bitter gourd is effective in relieving diabetes. Around 30 ml of fresh juice mixed with Indian Goose berry juice should be consumed on empty stomach every day for best results.
  • Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum): It is commonly known as “Holy Basil” and is a revered plant in India. It has several medicinal properties. Regular usage of this plant will control blood sugar levels effectively.
  • Sadabahar (Eochnera rosea): It is a flowering plant commonly seen in India. Periwinkle is the other name of this plant. The alkaloids present in the plant are helpful in controlling sugar levels in the body.
  • Babool (Acacia indica): It is a very effective herb which helps to relieve diabetes and tooth related problems. It is used in the manufacturing of tooth pastes.

Who Can Use Madhu-Meh-Antak Churna?

Persons suffering from diabetes can use this medicine and get their ailment under control. This herbal formulation is prepared as per ancient Ayurvedic treatises and modern GMP standards in an ISO 9001:2008 factories.


1-2 teaspoonfuls to tablespoonful of this powder should be consumed two times in a day either with apple juice, sugarless iced tea or plain water.

Product Details

  • Package Type: Herbal Powder.
  • Package Quantity: 200 gm Bottle in beautiful pet packing.
  • These are free from chemicals, preservatives, yeast, pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, fillers, starch, raw powders etc.

Side Effects:

There are no known side effects with the usage of this medicine. However it is better to consult an Ayurvedic physician before starting any Ayurvedic medicine.

Advantages of Using Madhu-Meh-Antak Churna By Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda has manufactured this unique herbal formulation as per industry standards and there are several reasons which make it superior to any other similar products available in the market. They are:

  • Wild crafted and organic herbs are used in the preparation of this churana and no chemicals are used
  • To maintain higher standards, organic products are used
  • No artificial flavors, yeast, fillers or preservatives are used in the manufacturing of this product.
  • We never encourage testing of our products on animals
  • The product uses only standardized organic herbs powder of our 100 percent natural herbal powder combinations
  • Use of only high quality organic products is done to ensure better health results
  • It is a high quality product available at competitive prices
  • This product is 100 percent pure vegetarian
  • It is made out of pure, natural and safe ingredients
  • It does not cause any side effects

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