Semecarpus Anacardium


Semecarpus AnacardiumThe common name of Semecarpus anacardium is called the Marking – Nut Tree in English. The common used in Hindi is Bhilawa and in Sanskrit is Bhallataka. It belongs to the family of Anacardiaceae. This herb has been used in ayurveda since ancient times. The fruit is considered to be a golden acorn of Galen and Avicenna.
This plant is found in warm parts of India, Australia as well as Malayasia. It is closely related to the cashew nut. It can be found in the outer Himalayas to the Coromandel Coast.


It is a deciduous tree, medium in size. The height of the tree is normally 12- 15 m. The leaves are large and simple; they are up to 60 cm long and 30 cm wide. The color of the bark is deep brown and it is quite rough in texture. The flowers are more of a dull greenish – yellow color. The color of the fruit is black when ripe; it is quite smooth and shiny in texture however, it is toxic in nature. The nut is about 1 inch long.


Various parts of this herb are used such as the fruit, gum and the oil. The juice contains resins and can be applied to cracked heels. It is used both in traditional as well as modern medicine.

The Fruit of This Herb Can Act As An:-

  • Astringent
  • Alterative
  • Antirheumatic
  • Carminative
  • Counterirritant
  • Rubefacient
  • Vesticant

Semecarpus anacardium can be used to relieve a wide variety of diseases such as anorexia, cough, asthma, indigestion, ulcers, corns, leprosy, piles and various other nervous diseases.


Semecarpus anacardium consists of various vitamins such as vitamin E, vitamin C and cytochrome. It also contains a number of antioxidants. This herb also shows presence various amino acids, minerals, bioflavonoids, and phenolic compounds.


Semecarpus anacardium has been used for medicinal purposes since the times of the ancient times. Some of the aliments that this herb can help relieve are:-

  • Respiratory Diseases: Semecarpus anacardium has been known to relieve certain respiratory complaints. This herb helps to relieve bronchitis, chronic cough and asthma. It is also known to enhance breathing.
  • Heart Problems: Water retention, heart failure related edema as well as weakness of the heart can be fixed by using this special herb.
  • Digestive Problems: Semecarpus anacardium can be used to relieve internal infections; it can also relieve certain digestive discontent. Such as intestinal worms, diarrhea, colitis and hemorrhoids. This herb is also used to relieve yellow fever since ancient times.
  • Skin Infections: This herb can relieve scabies and ringworms like skin infections, by using traditional methods. Other skin problems such as eczema, corns, warts and psoriasis can be relieved as well.
  • Traditional Uses: This herb has been traditional used to relieve reproductive complaints. Such as painful menstruation, low sperm count and lack of interest in sex.
  • Nervous Disorders: Semecarpus can relieve forgetfulness, dementia, and various psychological traumas. It is also known to relieve paralysis, nerve pain, and even epilepsy in certain cases.


The juice of this herb can cause irritation, painful blisters and itchiness of neighboring skin, which may seem to look like a bruise.

The herb not should be taken in large doses as it can produce blisters on the throat and even cause severe gastrointestinal irritation. And sometimes even hypotension, dyspnoea and areflexia.

The fatal dose of this herb is 5 – 10 grams. Before using any herb it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner.


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