Oxalis Corniculata


Oxalis CorniculataOxalis corniculata is known by many names around the world. The most popular ones being; Indian Penny wood, creeping wood sorrel, and creeping oxalis. In India it is known by common names like Amrul, Paliyakiri, Yensil, Amrulshak, Amboti ki Patti etc. The Sanskrit names for Oxalis Corniculata are Asmanthaka and Kushali. It is used for cooking during the month of December.

This herb is mainly found in India as the Indian weather conditions of wet soil and monsoons are favorable for its cultivation. Although, native to India it is a well known weed with beautiful yellow flowers found around marshy lands. This herb has sour flowers and bitter leaves and has many medicinal properties which are being studied in recent times.


Oxalis corniculata is a low growing creeping weed, which grows up to 20 cm in height, with delicate yellow flowers. The fruit of this herb is 1 to 2 cm long and cylindrical. It explodes and throws out its 1 mm long seed. The leaves are trifoliate and the subdivided leaflets give it a shape similar to that of a clover.

This plant is edible and the flowers can be used to make a tangy drink similar to that of lemons. It is very rich in Vitamin C, oxalic Acid, Potassium and Vitamin B.


This herb is very acidic in nature and needs to be combined with milder herbs or components for usage. It works as a cooling agent. Oxalis corniculata is used to bring down fever. Being very high in Vitamin C and potassium, it helps relieve scurvy and skin disorders.


The flowers of oxalis corniculata are very sour and are rich in oxalic acid, potassium oxalate. The leaves are extremely bitter and astringent. They contain traces of cellulose. Oxalis corniculata is abundant in iron, calcium and vitamin B1.


This herb is an effective relieve for several ailments. Some of these are:

  • Fever: The leaves of this herb when used to make a mild infusion can help bring down the temperature. It is known to be very effective in controlling high fevers.
  • Scurvy: Scurvy is caused by the deficiency of vitamin C in the body. The herb being rich in vitamin C is used to relieve this ailment. The leaves can be used by making an infusion for this purpose.
  • Stomach disorders: Disorders like dysentery and enteritis in mild conditions can be relieved by boiling the leaves of the herb with buttermilk and having it twice a day. The juice of the leaves and fresh leaves of this herb are also used to relieve many other stomach disorders.
  • Skin disorders: The leaves of this plant have proved to be very effective in relieving ailments like corns, warts and relieve pain from inflammations and boils and red eruptions. The leaves of this herb mixed with the right ingredients forms very effective ointment for removal of warts and corns. In this case they need to be applied on the wound or affected area.
  • Eye disorders: A few drops of the juice from the leaves of this herb cool the eyes and prevents the opacity of the cornea.
  • Jaundice & Diabetic symptoms like poly hydra: The leaves of the juice mixed with buttermilk prove to be very helpful in relieving jaundice and reduce the poly hydra condition brought on by diabetes.


Although this herb is very useful and specific side effects of its usage are not proven widely; studies suggest that this herb should be used in limited quantities. Excessive use of any herb or any medicine may cause some damage to the body. Due to the herb being a rich source of oxalic acid, it is advised that people with problems like gout, rheumatism, calculi should avoid the usage of this herb. Being generally acidic in nature it is also advised to dilute it before usage with milder components like coconut water.


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