Tanner’s Cassia


Tanner’s Cassia‘Tanwar’, as the Indians call it, Tenner’s cassia is quite a well- known shrub. By virtue of the tree’s bark having one of the most valuable of Indian tans containing tannin, it is called Tanner’s Cassia.


Tanner’s Cassia grows upto 30 to 60 cms in height, it’s stem is brown in colour and is round, hard and strong with many branches. The plant’s leaves are yellowish green and flowers, bright yellow. Rather, beautiful, the fruits of Tanner’s Cassia contain 7 to 10 seeds each which are also known to have a cooling effect. However, the petals of this plant are slightly astringent in taste.


The bark of Tanner’s Cassia is beneficial in stopping bleeding and other secretions. It’s completely non-poisonous leaves, although containing some quantity of mucilage and foul to taste, are invigorating and spread a feeling of freshness. They also aid in restoring disorderly processes of nutrition. By infusing them in water, a rejuvenating cool drink can also be made from the leaves of Tanner’s Cassia.


Tanner’s Cassia is advantageous in relieving various illnesses. Some of the ailments that can be relieved by the plant are mentioned below:

  • Diabetes– Tenner’s cassia is beneficial for diabetics. A decoction of the whole plant or buds can be used to relieve diabetes. The powder of the plant can also be mixed with honey and proves effective for patients suffering from the disease.
  • Conjunctivitis– The outer layer of the plant’s seeds can be removed and made into a fine powder. This powder can serve as dusting powder when relieving conjunctivitis.
  • Sore Throat- The bark of Tanner’s Cassia is a very good option for using as a gargle and soothes the throat in case it is sore.
  • Menstruation– The herb is very beneficial in regulating the menstrual cycle. The flowers and buds of Tanner’s Cassia can be used as passerines to avoid excessive bleeding during menstruation.
  • Ophthalmia– The seeds of Tanner’s Cassia should be crushed into a fine powder and blown into the eyes of a patient suffering from purulent ophthalmia – that is, inflammation of the eye or conjunctiva. An ointment prepared from them and oil can also be applied to the affected eye.


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