Symplocos Racemosa


Symplocos RacemosaThe botanical name of Symplocos Racemosa is lodhra. It is an ingredient of many rasayanas. A yellow dye is extracted from the leaves which, in combination with other plants, are used for dyeing silk. It is mainly found in the plains of hills of northern India and other Asian rivers, up to a height of 1400m.

Being an Ayurvedic herb, certain researches are being going on to extract more benefits from this herb.


Being a small evergreen tree with a height of 6-8.5m, leaves of this tree are lathery, orbicular and dark green in colour. The flowers of this tree are white or cream, in axillary, simple or compound racemes. The fruit is almost dark purple in colour containing 1-3 seeds. The parts which are mostly used in managements are bark and roots.


Their extracts are highly beneficial in relieving gynecological conditions like excessive menstrual flow and leucorrhea. The herb also relieves various digestive disorders.

As mentioned earlier, parts which are mostly used are bark and roots. Bark has astringent properties which help in relieving diarrhea and liver concerns. It is used as a tonic in disorders like conjunctivitis and ophthalmia. A decoction of the same is used to relieve bleeding gums, menorrhagia, and other uterine disorders.


Following are the nutrient compositions of lodha tree:

  • Triterpenes : It contains Betulin, Betulinic acid, acetyloleanolic acid and oleanolic acid.
  • Flavonoids and Anthocyanins: It has 3-Monoglucofuranoside of 7 -O-methyl leucopelargonidin glucosides, symposide.
  • Tannins: Ellagic acid has also been reported from the bark.
  • Alkaloids: The bark has yielded loturine, loturidine and colloturine.


  • It is used in management of diarrhea, dysentery and liver disorders.
  • Bark of Lodhra is useful in bowel complaints such as diarrhea, dysentery etc and also in dropsy, eye diseases, liver complaints, fever, ulcer, scorpion sting etc.
  • In Bombay the bark is often employed in the preparation of plasters and is supposed to promote resolution of inflammatory masses.
  • In fever, dysentery and liver complaints, It is used in the form of compound decoction and infusion.
  • In bleeding gums and all, a paste composed of Lodhra bark, rasot, tubers of cyperus rotundus and honey is applied to the gums.
  • It is one of the constituent of a plaster used to promote maturation of boils and other malignant growth.
  • Lodh Tree has been traditionally used as a uterine tonic. Numerous references attest to its value in maintaining optimum women’s health. Additionally, the plant and its formulations have been effective in relieving wounds and controlling bleeding.
  • Lodh Tree extracts are beneficial in relieving gynecological conditions, like excessive menstrual flow and leucorrhea.
  • The extracts of the tree are used to relieve digestive disorders like runny stools, diarrhea, dysentery and bloody stools.
  • In the respiratory system, its soothing and relieving action reduces irritation and inflammation.
  • Licorice enhances immunity by boosting levels of interferon, a key immune system chemical that fights off viruses.
  • The phytoestrogens in Licorice have a mild estrogenic effect, making the herb potentially useful in easing certain symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as irritability, bloating and breast tenderness.
  • Its anti-allergic property is useful in allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis and bronchial asthma.
  • When applied topically, Licorice can be used to fight dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.


The adverse effect of this herb is not fully known. But it is always advisable to use appropriate quantities of the herb or consult a registered practitioner before using this herb.


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