Phyllanthus Niruri


Phyllanthus NiruriThe Phyllanthus niruri is commonly known as Niruri. The Indian name of the plant is Bhue Amala and its Sanskrit name is Bhumyamlaki.
Phyllanthus niruri is a tropical plant that is found in coastal parts of the country. It is also known as stonebreaker and seed under leaf. The plant is a relative of the spurges that belong to the Phyllanthus genus that belongs to the family of Phyllanthaceae.
The other names of the herbal plant are Quebra Pedra , Keezha Nelli , dukong anak, dukong-dukong anak, rami buah, turi hutan, , amin buah, bhuiaonla, and Meniran.
Phyllanthus niruri’s dried powder can be made into capsules or tablets for use during sickness. It can be added to tea and other beverages.


The Phyllanthus niruri is a weed that grows around 2 feet tall and has small leaves. These leaves are alternate and arranged in 2 rows. They are membranous and unusually thin with a glacous under its surface. They are elliptical in shape and have a narrow base with 2 stipules. The flowers of the Phyllanthus niruri are small monoecious and are found in pairs.
It bears herbaceous branches and the light green bark is smooth to touch. The Phyllanthus niruri plant has pale green colored flowers that are often flushed with red color tone. The fruits of Phyllanthus niruri are tiny and contain seeds.
The entire plant of Phyllanthus niruri is used in medicinal preparations by herbalists.


The Phyllanthus niruri contain alkaloids, lignans, amarin, gernanin, corilagin and rutin.


The Phyllanthus niruri plant is used to relieve problems of the liver as well as the kidney. It is known to be useful for relieving Hepatitis A mainly. It is a well known benefiting diuretic. The fresh juices as well as the powder of the Phyllanthus niruri are mainly added to medicinal formulations.
The Phyllanthus niruri is an astringent, laxative, carminative and a very bitter tasting tonic. The plant helps in problems like gonorrhea, constipation, stomach ache, dyspepsia, opthalmia and urinary disorders. The plant is also used for relieving flu, dropsy, diabetes, jaundice, asthma, bronchial infection, liver cirrhosis, genito urinary system ailments and viral hepatitis.

The prescribed dosage of the Phyllanthus niruri is:

Powdered Phyllanthus niruri: 10 to 20 ml.
Infusion of Phyllanthus niruri: approximately 1 to 2 gms.


Phyllanthus niruri has been used worldwide as an additive in medicinal formulas. The entire plant is used for this purpose. The ailments that this medicine can relieve are kidney stones, gall bladder ailments, hepatitis, flu, cold, tuberculosis and viral infections. The medicine is also useful in relieving liver and kidney problems. The Phyllanthus niruri is also used to relieve bacterial infections such as prostatitis, venereal diseases, urinary tract problems as well as cystitis. The Phyllanthus niruri also helps in reducing anemia symptoms, hypertension and diabetes. The herb is a diuretic, analgesic, stomachic, febrifugal and an anti spasmodic. The herb also has cell protective properties.
The Phyllanthus niruri root also relieves skin diseases like leprosy, ring worm as well as hair disorders. The root extract is added to massage oils, body lotions and hair oils. It is a proven liver tonic.


The Phyllanthus niruri should be consumed only after careful consideration with a certified practitioner.


The products that use this benefiting herb include:

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