Solanum Nigrum


Solanum Nigrum

Botanical Classification

The herb Solanum Nigrum belongs to the family Solanaceae, the genus Solanum and the order Solanes.

Commonly Known As

This herb is commonly known by names such as Black Nightshade and Garden in English. Some of its other names are Sun Berry, Hound’s Beery, Wonder Berry, Petty Morrel, Duscle and Wonder Cherry. In Hindi, it is referred to as Makoi, Makoy and Manathakkali whereas it is called Kakamachi in Sanskrit.

Historical Details

The therapeutic properties of the plant Solanum Nigrum were discovered by the medicine men of India a long time back and they have been in use ever since.

Areas of Cultivation

The tree Solanum Nigrum in native to the forests of West Africa but is now also cultivated all over India. It is found growing extensively on roadsides, in wastelands or in gardens as a wild plant.

Parts Used

The whole plant as well as the fruit of the plant contains medicinal properties and are used for the same.


The Black Nightshade is an erectile herb that is very small in size and extremely delicate in nature. It grows all the year round and forms several arching branches. It can grow only up to a height of 1 meter and the branches and the stems of the plant are very smooth to touch. The flowers are either white or cream or violet in color and grow in clusters. The fruits are black or purple when ripe and contain seeds that are either blue or black in color. The leaves are elliptic and egg-shaped in shape and occur alternately. Products made from it are bitter, light and pungent as well as hot and unctuous.


The herb Solanum Nigrum has found many uses as a medicinal herb. It can be used internally or as a preparation that can be applied externally.

Its uses are given below in detail:-

Internal Uses:

  • The plant can be taken in the form of a decoction to relieve dropsy.
  • Syrup made of the leaves of this plant is useful in relieving fevers.
  • The fruits of the plant are used for relieving asthma.
  • The whole plant can also be consumed to relieve blindness and other eye diseases.

External Uses:

  • Paste made by crushing the leaves of the plant can be applied to ulcers, skin disorders, etc.
  • The paste made from the leaves also has the ability to relieve rheumatic joints and herpes.


The unripe fruits of this plant should never be consumed as they can prove to be toxic. Besides this, the extracts of this plant must be avoided by pregnant women, lactating mothers and infants for fear of undesirable side effects.
The herb must be consumed only after prescription from a certified Ayurveda practitioner.


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