NutmegThe botanical name of Nutmeg is Myristica Fragrans. It is commonly also known as Jaiphal. The nutmeg is the dried kernel obtained from the seeds of the evergreen tree. It has a distinctive aromatic smell with a slightly pungent taste.


The nutmeg tree is usually 9 to 12 meters in height and can in some cases grow up to the 20 meters. The tree is found in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, West Indies and parts of Malaysia. The plant has been known to be found in ancient records as well that was found across India. In recent times this has changed and the tree is considered to be a scarce species.


Nutmeg contains an essential oil and traces of saponin. The dried and ripened seeds of the fruit contain highly volatile and fixed oils. The leaves of the tree yield the oil that is rich in myristicin. The oil also contains limonene, d-borneol, geraniol and d-pinene.

The oil of nutmeg is colorless or light yellow in color. The oil is used in toothpastes and cough syrups.


The Nutmeg plant is used to prepare various medicines for centuries. In recent times the plant has been used in a number of widely used pharmaceutical decoctions. The oil of the nutmeg is extracted and used in liniments, hair lotions as well as in perfumes. The oil is also known to be an effective antispasmodic carminative.


The nutmeg is used to relieve the following health problems:

  • Digestive disorders: The powdered nutmeg is mixed with the juice of apple or banana and is used to relieve patients of diarrhea that is caused due to indigestion. Around 5 to 15 grams of nutmeg powder is used with approximately one tablespoon of fresh amla juice around three times in a day to relieve the problem of morning sickness and hiccups.
  • Insomnia: The nutmeg powder is used with fresh amla juice to relieve insomnia, depression and for calming irritability. The paste of nutmeg is used with honey and given to infants who tend to cry excessively. This herbal mixture is useful for inducing sleep in the children.
  • Dehydration: The nutmeg is used to relieve dehydration that is caused because of excessive vomiting or diarrhea. An infusion is prepared with half a nutmeg and half liter water. This infusion is given with coconut water in small doses for relieving dehydration.
  • Skin Disorders: The Nutmeg plant is used to relieve problems of the skin. It is a useful remedy for relieving the problem of ringworm and eczema. The nutmeg paste is consumed with first thing in the morning before cleansing the mouth.
  • Rheumatism: The nutmeg is powdered crudely and fried in tit oil till all the particles turn brown in color. This is then applied externally for relieving problems of rheumatic pain, sciatica as well as neuralgia. It is important to note that this oil must be applied only after cooling.
  • Common Cold: Nutmeg is useful in relieving the problem of running nose. Paste made from cow’s milk is applied on the forehead as well as the nose to get relief.
  • Sex Stimulant: The nutmeg is mixed with honey and used with half boiled egg. This is an effective sex stimulant that prolongs the time of intercourse.
  • The other diseases that can be relieved with the help of nutmeg are:
    1. Eye conditions
    2. Muscular pain
    3. Nervous Related problems
    4. Asthma
    5. Bronchitis
    6. Lymphatic ailments
    7. Kidney problems
    8. Piles
    9. Spleen disorders


It is important to note that Nutmeg should be used in small doses. If taken excessively it can excite the motor cortex and cause epileptic convulsions or lesions in the liver. Sometimes even a single teaspoon of the herb can cause toxic reaction like burning sensation in the stomach, vomiting, restlessness, delusion, queasiness and giddiness. It is advised that infants must be given doses only after consulting a certified practitioner.


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