Melissa Officinalis


Melissa officinalisMelissa officinalis is commonly known as Lemon Balm and bililotan. The herb is known to promote longevity in people. It has been prescribed by the dispensary in London as early as 17th century. It was prescribed to be taken in every morning for the purpose of renewing the youthfulness and vigor of an individual.
The lemon balm was also recommended for strengthening the brain and relieving languishing nature as well as to prevent the problem of balding especially seen in men. It is said that a Welsh prince who lived up to the age of 108 years attributed the reason for his longevity to the regular drinking of lemon balm tree.


The Melissa officinalis is a perennial herb that belongs to the mint family. The lemon balm grows up to the height of 30 to 60 cm and lasts for two years usually. The lemon balm tree has a creeping root system that can be kept under check if wanted. The Melissa officinalis, has egg shaped leaves and small white or pink colored flowers. It is also known to have a strong odor that is reminiscent of lemon which is why it is called lemon balm. The leaves as well as the flowering tops are used widely in medicinal drugs.
Melissa officinalis is known to be confused with the bee balm. The Melissa officinalis is native to central parts of Europe and the Mediterranean region.


The Melissa officinalis yields a very small quantity of essential oil. This oil comprises of geraniol ect, citral citronellal and euginol acetate. The Melissa officinalis contains eugenol that kills bacteria and has been proved to relieve muscle numbing. It is also rich in tannins that give it an antiviral effect. The terpenes in Melissa officinalis give it a soothing effect. Melissa officinalis also contains alpha-humulene, caffeic acid, caryophyllene, geranial, geraniol and neral.


The Melissa officinalis is considered to be benefiting for strengthening the functions of the stomach as well as promoting its action.

The crushed leaves of the Melissa officinalis are rubbed on the skin to act against mosquito bites. It is known for having anti bacterial and anti viral benefits. It is also a popular anxiolytic and sedative. It helps in improving mood balances and mental conditions. Studies have shown that Melissa officinalis also has positive effects on the patients of Alzheimers.

The Melissa officinalis essential oil is used in aromatherapy and is distilled with lemon oil as well as citronella oil.


The herb is known to relieve ailments such as:

  • Nervous disorders: The lemon balm is used for relieving the brain and improving the memory functioning. It is known to prevent fatigue of the brain, comprehension sharpening, reviving the spirit as well as relieving depression. A cold infusion made from the lemon balm tree is a calmative that helps in relaxing the nerves. The preparation of the decoction is made from about 30 gms of the herb put in half a liter of water and soaked for over 12 hours. This infusion is strained and used in small doses throughout the entire day.
  • Fever: The Melissa officinalis is an antipyretic and is used to relieve fever. A tea made from the leaves of Melissa officinalis is used to bring the body temperature back to normal.
  • Melissa officinalis is also used to strengthen the gum, remove bad taste from the mouth and to relieve problems of the liver as well as the heart.
  • The Melissa officinalis is also used to relieve venomous insect bites.


The herb must be used in moderation. It is advised to consult a good herbalist before deciding on prolonged usage.


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