Digitalis Purpurea


Digitalis PurpureaDigitalis Purpurea is also known by the name of common foxglove, lady’s glove, foxglove and purple foxglove. It is known as Tilpushpi in Hindi. It belongs to the species called Digitalis and is from the family of Scrophulariaceae. It is native to the temperate parts of Europe and North America.


The herbaceous biennial plant of Digitalis has spirally arranged leaves. They are simple and around 35 cm long. The leaves are covered with glandular hairs that impart a woolly texture. The stem is typically 1 to 2 meters tall and the flowers are arranged in a glitzy fashion. The flowers hang in an elongated cluster and each of them is tubular in shape. The inside of the flower is purple in color and is heavily spotted. The flowering occurs in early summer and is frequented by bees.

The sub species of the herb are:

  • D. p. subspecies purpurea – most of Europe
  • D. p. subspecies. mariana – Iberia
  • D. p. subspecies. heywoodii – Iberia


The extract from the leaves is used as an effective medication for heart failure. It has been recognized as dropsy and is known to increase the urine flow.


The constituents of Digitalis Purpurea are glycosides namely gitoxin, gelatin and digitoxin. All these glycosides have the property to promote cardio vascular activity in the human system. The leaves contain small amounts of glycosides. The seeds of the plant contain amber colored fatty oil which is bland to taste.


The Digitalis Purpurea leaves contain a resinous matter and can be used as a tincture. It is helpful in relieving diseases such as:

  • Heart Disorders: It is useful in relieving congested arterial system and is miraculous in stimulating the muscle activity in the body. The herb nourishes the heart and improves the blood circulation in the body.
  • Kidney disorders: This medicinal herb is useful for the proper functioning of the kidney. It helps in removing obstructions in the kidney and helps in improving the urine flow from the body.
  • Wounds and Burns: Digitalis Purpurea has been used for long as an ointment for application on burns as well as wounds. It is very effective in soothing and repairing damaged cells.
  • Prescribed as a hypodermic injection.
  • Excellent as an antidote for relieving Aconite poisoning.

As per ancient Ayurvedic medical science this herb is usually suggested in the form of powder, tincture or tablet.


The herb can cause problems such as nausea, drowsiness, blurred vision, vomiting as well as indigestion. It can poison and reduce the pulse rate of a person drastically. The leaves, flowers and the seeds of the Digitalis contain a poisonous substance called cardiac glycoside digitoxin.
It is advised to use this herb only after consulting a certified herbalist.


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