Coriandrum Sativum


Coriandrum SativumCoriander is known to be both a perennial as well as an annual herb. It is a sweet smelling and erect plant that grows up to the length of 20cms. This herb has a number of branches and its feeble smooth green stem is edible. The leaves of the plant are thin and can be broken with ease. They are green in color when tender and turn brownish yellow after it ripens. The sweet fragrance of the plant makes it stand out. This herb is known as Dhania in Hindi. It belongs to the family of Apiaceae.
The plants of coriander are used in sauces, soups and curries. The oil of the herb is used in medicines and the dried coriander is an important additive in curry powders. This herb is also used to pickle spices, seasonings and sausages.


This herb grows in Mediterranean regions. It is cultivated in Europe, North Africa, South America, India, Thailand, Malaysia and China. The herb thrives in black soil across arid regions. The seeds of the herb are dried and used as a condiment in food. Its aromatic odour and spicy taste make it an interesting food element especially for the Indian Kitchen. The Indian coriander is known to contain essential oils as well as fatty oils.


The leaves of the herb work as a tonic and a stimulant. They make the stomach strong and are known to increase secretion of juices, relieve flatulence as well as reduce fever. Coriander also acts as an aphrodisiac, discharging urine, removal of phlegm from the bronchial tube and helps in the elimination of catarrhal substances from the body. Coriander seeds give a feeling of coolness. The juice of the herb is highly beneficial because of the presence of Vitamin A, B, B2, C and iron.


An analysis of the Coriandrum Sativum showed that it contains moisture, protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals. The minerals this herb is rich in are iron, calcium, phosphorus, carotene, thiamine, niacin, Vitamin C and riboflavin. The calorie count in 100gms of Coriander is 44.


The herb Coriandrum Sativum is helpful in relieving ailments such as:

  • Digestive Disorders: it is said that one or 2 teaspoons of coriander juice when added with fresh buttermilk can help patients who suffer from digestive problems like indigestion and ulcerative colitis.
  • Coriander is also beneficial for relieving fever during typhoid.
  • Dry coriander is helpful in relieving chronic cases of dysentery, diarrhea as well as acidity. Chutney made with green chilies, coconut, ginger, black grapes and dry coriander is an ancient remedy used for relieving problem of abdominal pain caused due to indigestion.
  • Small Pox: fresh coriander juice with banana if consumed once daily for a week is said to helpful in relieving small pox.
  • High Cholesterol Levels: The regular use of coriander water can help in lowering the blood cholesterol levels. It has diuretic properties and is known to be a great stimulant for the kidney.
  • Controlling Excessive menstrual flow: Coriandrum Sativum seeds are used to check the problem of excessive menstrual flow. For relieving this ailment, it is advised that around 6 grams of coriander seeds should be boiled in half litre and should be consumed with sugar over a period of 3-4 days.
  • Conjunctivitis: A mixture of dried coriander is known to be excellent for relieving conjunctivitis. It reduces pain and helps in providing relief from the burning sensation.
  • Skin Disorders: Coriander juice with turmeric is an effective remedy for relieving the problems of blackheads, dry skin and pimples. The mixture should be used every night before retiring to bed. Dry coriander should be used in moderation for people who suffer from bronchial asthma or bronchitis.


The continuous exposure of skin to oil extracted from coriander can be harmful. The use of dry coriander should be moderated if it is being used for a patient suffering from bronchial asthma or chronic case of bronchitis.


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