Colchicum Luteum


Colchicum LuteumColchicum Luteum is known by the name of colchicicum in English, Suranjan in Sanskrit and Hirantutiya in Hindi. It belongs to the family of Liliaceae. The common names of the plant are autumn crocus and meadow saffron.
The corms of the plant are usually used to make natural medicines. It is known to be Kapha and Vata suppressant. These are the principle stabilizing energies that govern the body as well as the mind. It is connected with the structure, lubrication, fluid balance and stability of the entire human body.


It is found at the height of 2000- 9000 feet. It has tuberous roots which are oval in shape and brown in color. The leaves of the tree are 6-12 inches in length and are roundish in shape with small flowers. The flowers of this herb are 1-2 inches in length and around half an inch in width. The flowers of the plant are hermaphrodites. The plant leafs in the summer season only. The seeds are oval in share and are light brown color.
Colchicum is a perennial flowering plant that has around 160 species which grows in to bulb like corms. It is a member of the Colchicaeceae family and is native to Europe, West Asia, parts of the Mediterranean coast, East Africa, South Africa and the region of Western Cape.


Colchicum Luteum is known for its pain relieving properties that also help in relieving wounds. Colchicum helps in preventing indigestion and work as a laxative that relieves constipation. This medicinal herb is helpful for all kinds of liver and spleen related problems. It purifies the blood and acts as diuretic. This plant is also advised by naturalists for patients who suffer from any condition related to the urination.

The plant is an:

  • Alterative: The Colchicum Luteum causes a gradual change in the body which is usually because of improved nutritive absorption as well as the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • Aphrodisiac: The herb works as an aphrodisiac that increases the sexual desires in a person.
  • Carminative: The Colchicum Luteum plant reduces flatulence and helps in expelling excessive gas from the intestines.
  • Laxative: The herb is known to stimulate the bowel movement in the body naturally and solve the problem of constipation.
  • Anodyne: Colchicum Luteum is known for its pain relieving properties. It is also a very beneficial pain relieving agent.


The Colchicum Luteum plant is an excellent relieve for the following ailments:

  • Joint pains: This plant has been used for relieving the problem of joint pain for centuries.
  • Skin related problems: Application of Colchicum Luteum on the skin can relieve ailments of the skin.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: This plant is beneficial for people suffering from swelling due to rheumatism. It is advised to use a paste of this herb with saffron and egg for relieving rheumatic pain.
  • Gouty arthritis: The presence of colchicines in the corms is very beneficial for relieving pain and for inflammation caused due to gout.
  • Wounds: The dried root of the plant is beneficial for relieving injuries.
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Liver and spleen related problems
  • Dysurea
  • Sciatica
  • Blood infection


The plant of Colchicum Luteum contains an alkaloid called colchicines. It also contains a significant amount of starch.


The excessive intake of Colchicum Luteum may prove to be harmful. It has been known to cause narcotic action as well as a suppressant for brain activities. It can also cause intestinal pain, diarrhea and vomiting. The leaves, corm and seeds can be poisonous if taken without consultation. The herb is very bitter to taste and can darken on exposure to light. The corm of the Colchicum Luteum needs careful handling. It is poisonous can cause serious inflammation in the stomach.
We at Planet Ayurveda encourage our customers to consume the herb only after consulting a certified Ayurveda practitioner.


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