Acacia Catechu


Acacia CatechuThe Acacia catechu is known as Cutch tree, Terra Japonica as well as Black Catechu. In Hindi it is called Khair and Khadira in Sanskrit.

This herb was previously known as Kat or Cacho. This tree was a very important export product that was sent from India to China, Persia and Arabia in the early 16th century particularly. This plant was used majorly for the purpose of dyeing and tanning. Japan takes the credit of introducing this plant to countries in Europe in the 17th Century.


The tree of Acacia catechu is found all throughout India. The main areas for its habitat in the country are the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats and the Himalayan tracts.

This tree is deciduous and has short hooked spines that reach up to the height of 9 to 12 meters. The leaves of this tress are bipinnately compounds with almost 50 pairs of leaflets which look like feathers. The bark of the tree is grayish brown in color that exfoliates into long and narrow strips.

The flowers of the plant are pale yellow in color and have cylindrical spikes. The flattened and glabrous fruit of the plant have oblong pods. The sapwood of Acacia catechu is whitish yellow in color. The extract of the wood is cooled in moulds and the dried mass is broken into shinny jagged pieces for various uses.


The Acacia catechu plant is known to have the following medicinal properties:

  • Astringent
  • Bactericide
  • Refrigerant
  • Stimulant
  • Masticator
  • Expectorant


The plant of Acacia catechu contains tannins and Flavonoids majorly.


The extract of heartwood, flowering tops, young shoots, the bark, fruits and the gum of the plant are used to create products for use. These extracts are used as an anodyne, bactericide, refrigerant, detergent, astringent, styptic, masticatory, expectorant, stimulant and as an antiphlogistic.


  • Anti fungal activity: According to studies, the plant extract reacts on the growth of various fungal growths like Piricularia Oryzae as well as colletotrichum falcatum.
  • Birth control: The Acacia catechu plant is used as a natural birth control agent which is chemical free. It is beneficial when taken under proper guidance.
  • Swelling in liver: Liver sluggishness and swelling are some of the liver ailments that can be relieved by using the extract of Acacia catechu.
  • Blood clotting: This therapeutic plant helps in clotting blood in case of excessive bleeding.
  • Gingivitis: Acacia catechu extract is used for the purpose of gargling to relieve the problem of gingivitis
  • It is also used for the management of life threatening diseases like Leukaemia
  • Asthma, Bronchitis and cough
  • Relieves dysentery, diarrhea and the problem of stomatitis
  • This plant is also known to relieve sores and the problem of skin afflictions
  • The bark of the plant is used as an antipyretic as well as anti inflammatory substance.
  • The bark relieves psoriasis, anemia, ulcers, gum issues.
  • Relieves the problem of leprosy
  • Swelling in spleen
  • Skin disorders
  • Constipation
  • Pain in the chest

It is also important to know how this plant is miraculous when consumed for relieving diseases such as:

  • Obesity: Acacia catechu liquid is very good for people suffering from obesity
  • The extract of the plant is very good for relieving sore throat
  • A very strong combination of Acacia catechu extract and milk can relieve complains of cough as well as bronchitis
  • The distilled water of the plant is used to relieve acute body pains


Though the side effects of this plant are less known it is advised that the extract of the Acacia catechu plant should be taken only after proper consultation with a known practitioner. This tree has been used for centuries in medicines and has proven to be beneficial for a number of known as well as unknown diseases.


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