Saw Palmetto Capsules

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Doshas means vata, pitta and kapha are dynamic energies which change in response to our actions, emotions, dietary habits and seasons etc. when we live against our body nature, we support unhealthy patterns that ultimately lead to physical and mental imbalance.

Your nature is determined by the combination of body and mind. These are two inter-related classification of person in Ayurveda. First relates to body and second to the mind, also known as your prakriti that means nature. Dosha and gunas of your body shows your basic physical and psychological nature.



Sawpalmetto (serenoa repens), as name describes for its fan shaped leaves – is native and grows wild in united state America. This Plant is evergreen shrub, usually 2 to 10 feet tall and occasionally reaches the size of a small tree up to 20 to 25 feet. As fruits (berries) of saw palmetto ripens, these changes from green to bluish black. Saw palmetto products are derived from the ripe fruits.

Chemical constituents of Saw palmetto berries include carbohydrates, phytosterol, monoacylglycerides, fatty acids (lauric acid,capric acid,caproic acid,linoleric acid,palmitoleic acid,myristic acid and stearic acid) and polysaccharides present in this fruit include galactose,arabinose,uronic acid.

Saw palmetto products are believed to be beneficial in many urinary and genital problems. It has shown better results in conditions like alopecia, acne, benign prostate hypertrophy, cough, asthma, bronchitis, thyroid and others.

Benefits of saw palmetto

  • Saw palmetto is used in frequent urination and increased night urination due to inflammation of prostate and bladder.
  • It really works well in benign prostate hyperplasia. Testosterone present in prostate converts to DHT(dihydrotestesterone) which causes enlargement of prostate gland. Saw palmetto inhibits the growth and conversion of testosterone in to dihydrotestesterone and therefore helps in benign prostate hyperplasia.
  • It helps in stimulating male reproductive system and increases male reproductive hormones as well.
  • Saw palmetto acts as very good aphrodisiac.
  • Saw palmetto works wonder in conditions like asthma, bronchitis and other throat problems.
  • Internally it has very good results in hair loss.
  • Also used to aid thyroid functions.
  • It has good results in relieving migraine and other kind of headaches.
  • Extracts of it are also used in anti acne formulations.
  • It has also been used as anabolic agent which contributes to muscle growth.
  • Saw palmetto is amazing in prostate health and hair restoration.
  • Overall this herbal supplement is considered to be best in male reproductive system, respiratory system, urinary system.

Ingredients of saw palmetto

S. No. Herb Used Latin Name Quantity
1 Saw Palmetto Serenoa repens 500 mg

Saw palmetto is wonderful supplement made from pure organic ayurvedic medicines without using any chemicals, preservatives and additives. Saw palmetto capsules contains saw palmetto extract and other ingredients like soya bean oil, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, soy lecithin, natural caramel color and purified water.

Product information

  • Product form: capsules
  • Package type: bottle
  • Package quantity: 90 capsules.

Dosage and How to use saw palmetto

Saw palmetto capsules are convenient to consume.

In adult men-1 capsule once or twice daily preferably with meal.

Side effects of saw palmetto

As this herb is well tolerated and very safe to use, it has no side effects.

Advantages of our product-saw palmetto

  • Our products are 100 percent natural and consist of pure organic herbs.
  • Our products are 100 percent vegetarian made from plant cellulose and not from hard gelatin which are low in cost and are made from chemicals, cows cartilage and pig intestines.
  • We are using 500 mg herbal extracts in our products where as other use only 150 gm herbal extracts.
  • We never believe in testing our products on animals.
  • Our products are available at reasonable cost and have high quality.