Pack Size : 250 gms
Dosage : Two Teaspoonful Twice a day after meals.



This formulation is in the form of jam or paste form which is also a classical formulation. It is the best medication for treating conditions such as cough and cold and other respiratory tract disorders. Vasa is the best medication which helps in treating respiratory conditions. It is the best medication for the treatment of every kind of condition related to respiratory tract as its main content is vasa with other herbs which helps in increasing its effect.

Ingredients Used in Vasavaleha

This formulation has been made by using the following ingredients such as:

  1. Vasaka (Adhatoda vasica)
  2. Sarpi (Cow’s ghee)
  3. Pippali (Piper longum)
  4. Madhu (Honey)

Ref. Ayurvedic Text [ AFI -1  ]

Description Of The Ingredients

All the ingredients have a special medicinal properties which have been mentioned below:

  • Vasaka – Leaves of the vasa are used in this asava which has a bitter and astringent taste. It is light to digest, drying in nature and undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion. It has a cold potency and also helps in balancing the kapha and pitta dosha. As it undergoes pungent taste conversion also it has scrapping effect it will help in removing the mucous from the body.
  • Sarpi – Clarified butter which is oily in nature is known as ghrita or sarpi in ayurveda, It is helpful in enhancing memory and intelligence. It increases the agni (Digestive fire) of a person. Ghrita is helpful in pacifying the vata dosha but also it balances the pitta dosha from the body. Ghrita which is aged for some time is very helpful in treating intoxication, epilepsy, fainting, insanity, fever, and pains all over the body.
  • Pippali – Pippali has a pungent taste. Light to digest and has a strong and piercing nature. Vipaka of pippali is sweet, which means it undergoes sweet taste conversion after digestion and potency of the dried piper longum is hot. Pippali helps in balancing the vata and kapha dosha so it will help in treating the disorders like asthma, COPD and other respiratory disorders.
  • Madhu – Honey has a sweet taste with an astringent anu rasa i.e. sub taste. It is light to digest and causes dryness in the body. It also has a sweet taste conversion after digestion with hot in potency. It is helpful in balancing the kapha and pitta dosha from the body. It helps in improving skin complexion and has a scraping effect. It penetrates deep into the channels and also detoxifies the body. It is useful in treating conditions such as cough, cold, vomiting etc.

Method Of Preparation

Vasavaleha is made by using the following method of preparation:

  1. First a decoction of vasa is used for making this formulation.
  2. It is heated on a low flame and all the other ingredients are added in it.
  3. When this mixture is converted to a semi solid consistency that it will sink in water then it is removed from heat, cooled down and stored in a jar.

Medicinal Properties

It has the following medicinal properties which are mentioned below:

  1. It has an expectorant properties
  2. It has mucolytic properties
  3. It has an antiinflammatory properties
  4. Has an antipyretic properties
  5. Has haemostatic properties

Dosha Karma

It helps in balancing the kapha dosha from the body


It can be taken in the dose of 6 to 12 gm per day or as directed by an expert ayurvedic doctor.

Classical Indication

Classically it has been indicated in conditions such as:

  1. Kasa (Cough)
  2. Shwasa (Respiratory distress)
  3. Jwara (Fever)
  4. Rakta pitta (Bleeding disorders)
  5. Rajayakshma (Tuberculosis)


This formulation is mainly indicated in respiratory conditions such as asthma, cough, cold, COPD, bronchitis etc. It can also be used to treat certain types of fever including chronic and acute types of fevers. As Tuberculosis is a respiratory condition this formulation will also be responsible for treating this condition. It is also helpful in treating certain bleeding disorders such as epistaxis, bleeding piles, blood with sputum etc.

Products Description

  1. Product form : semi-solid form
  2. Package form : bottle
  3. Package quantity : 250gm


This medication is in a semisolid form which is a classical medication and is mainly used in treating respiratory disorders which can be acute or chronic. This medication is provided by planet ayurveda which is made from the pure and authentic ingredients. These medications are free from preservatives and chemicals.


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