Prabhakar Vati

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Size (Per Unit) : 120 Tablets
Dosage : 1-2 tablets twice or thrice daily with lukewarm water



Heart is the only organ which never rests and is responsible for pumping the blood to all over the body. Heart should be healthy if you want to be overall healthy as if the heart will not function properly it will have an impact on all over the body and can lead to diseases such as bradycardia tachycardia syndrome, coronary heart diseases, myocardial infarction, diseases related to heart diseases etc. Ayurveda is really helpful in managing heart disorders, It has many ayurvedic herbs which are capable of managing every type of heart disease.

Ingredients Used in Pravakar Vati

It contains the following ingredients which are mentioned below:

  1. Makshik bhasma (Copper pyrite calx)
  2. Loh bhasma (Iron calx)
  3. Abhrak bhasma (Mica calx)
  4. Tugakshiri (Bambusa bambos)
  5. Shuddha shilajit (Asphaltum)
  6. Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna)

Ref. Ayurvedic Text [ Bhaishajya-Ratnavali ]

Description of Used Ingredients in Prabhakar Vati

All the ingredients have special and unique medicinal properties which are mentioned below:

  • Makshik bhasma – This calx contains copper and iron like minerals due to which it will be helpful in treating anemia and copper will help in absorption of the iron. It has a sweet, bitter and astringent taste, light to digest and has a cold potency. Resultant taste conversion after digestion is sweet and helps in pacifying all the three doshas from the body but more useful in pacifying pitta dosha.
  • Loh bhasma – It is made from purified and processed iron which has a scraping effect on the body so it will be helpful in scraping the fat and cholesterol from the body due to which it will prevent many heart diseases. It helps in treating iron deficiency anemia, general debility, spleen enlargement etc. It has a pungent, bitter and sweet taste also it is hot in potency and resultant taste conversion after digestion is sweet.
  • Abhrak bhasma – Purified and processed mica is used for making this formulation which is very cold in potency and sweet in taste due to which it is best aphrodisiac and helps in balancing the vata dosha. It is helpful in treating disorders such as cough, dyspnea, anemia, and acidity. It is helpful in increasing hair growth, improving complexion and helps in stabilizing the body. It is helpful in strengthening the muscles of the heart, due to balancing of the vata dosha it will help in treating arrhythmia, hypertension etc.
  • Tugakshiri – It is a siliceous resin which is secreted from the trees of female bamboo. It is very helpful in treating lung diseases, ulcers etc. It has an astringent and sweet taste which is light to digest, sharp and dry in nature. Potency of the tugakshiri is cold and the resultant taste conversion after digestion is sweet due to which it helps in pacifying the vata and pitta dosha from the body. It helps in increasing the strength of the body and nourishes all the dhatus of the body.
  • Shuddha shilajit – Shilajit is not very sour in taste but has an astringent taste. It has a smell like cows urine and is neither too hot, nor too cold in potency. It alleviates vata, pitta and kapha dosha and it is the best known rasayan as there is no disease which cannot be treated by shilajit. It provides strength to the body, helpful in treating the lower body diseases such as increased micturition, diabetes, oligospermia, impotency etc.
  • Arjuna – Decoction of arjuna is used for making the tablets and giving it a paste like consistency to make them tablets. It has an astringent taste, light to digest and is drying in nature. Potency of the arjuna is cold and it is the best cardiac tonic mentioned in ayurveda which can be used in every kind of heart disease. It helps in balancing the kapha and pitta dosha from the body.

Method Of Preparation

Following method of preparation is used for making this medicine:

  • All the herbs except arjuna are made into fine powder and mixed.
  • Decoction of arjuna is made.
  • Powder of herbs is triturated with the decoction of arjuna to make a semisolid mass and after that pills are made.

Medicinal Properties

It has different medicinal properties which are mentioned below:

  • It has a cardioprotective action
  • Acts as a cardiac tonic
  • As it helps in arrhythmia so known as antiarrhythmic
  • Antianginal as it treats pain related to heart
  • Positive inotropic as it strengthens heart
  • It also improves digestion so acts as digestive and carminative
  • Haematogenic
  • Haematinic

Product Details

  • Product form: Tablets
  • Package type: Bottle
  • Package quantity: 120 tablets

Dosha Karma

This medicine mainly helps in pacifying pitta and vata dosha but also helps in reducing kapha dosha.


It can be take in the dose of 1-2 tablets thrice a day.

Classical Indications

Classically it has been recommended in hrudayaroga (Heart diseases).


It is indicated in heart diseases such as heart palpitations as it increases the RBCcount, Atrial fibrillations, congestive heart failure, inflammation of heart muscles, CAD (Coronary artery disease), Angina pectoris etc. It can also be indicated in disorders such as Hyperacidity, Heartburn, Restlessness, Vertigo, Anemia mainly iron deficiency anemia. It provides strength to the heart muscles so it will improve the blood circulation.

Side Effects

It does not have any side effects, It is safe for everyone but should be taken under the guidance of an expert ayurvedic doctor. Self medication should be avoided.


These tablets can be a life saver for the people suffering from heart diseases. Don’t ignore your symptoms of heart disease, regular exercising and taking this medication can help in managing your heart condition. Planet ayurveda’s Prabhakar vati is best as all the medication from planet ayurveda is pure and herbal and made with the authentic procedures.


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