Male Support Formula

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Male Support Formula is a medicinal formulation for relieving erectile dysfunction in males. It offers a long lasting solution without causing any side effects. It is made with vegetarian ingredients and no chemicals are used. This is a safe and effective way to relieve erectile dysfunction in a natural way.

The Male Support Formula is offered in the form of capsules made from quality herbs. It is useful in providing sustained erection. This formulation comprises of three unique herbs which are being used since ages. It is prepared as per the principles of Ayurveda.

Male Support Formula contains rich anti-oxidants and provides a natural way to combat ageing process. These herbs are useful for enhancing pleasure, stamina, strength and confidence of a man. The herbs are energy generating and increase blood circulation to the tissues present in the penis. They give erectile strength and also energize the whole body.

Therapeutic Properties of Male Support Formula

The Male support formula from Planet Ayurveda has several beneficial properties such as:

  • It is useful against problems such as – impotence, erectile dysfunction, erection problems, loss of libido, and low sex desire
  • It fights against lack of stamina, low energy levels, low sperm count
  • It is an effective relieves against premature ejaculation
  • This unique herbal formulation relieves erectile dysfunction effectively and permanently.
  • With the use of this medicine, the arteries in the penis expand and become hardened. It results in the enlargement and erection of penis.
  • The herbs in the formula help to overcome stress of all sorts. Emotional disturbances also lead to low libido and disturbed sexual performance.
  • Energy levels are boosted with the use of this medicine.
  • Sex drive and confidence levels are maintained when this medicine is used.

Ingredients Used in Male Support Formula

S. No. Herb Used Latin Name Quantity
1 Ashwagandha Withania somnifera 200 mg
2 Shilajit Black Bitumen 200 mg
3 Gokhru Tribulus terrestris 100 mg

Benefits of Used Ingredients in Male Support Formula

  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): It is known as Indian ginseng. Ashwagandha is a miracle herb which provides stamina and strength to a person. In Ayurveda Ashwagandha is used for relieving impotency and sexual weakness. It helps to overcome male infertility because of impotence, low sperm count and erectile dysfunction. Ashwagandha comprises of natural alkaloids called as withanolides which act as anxiolytics, reducing anxiety and stress levels. It is an adaptogenic which means it helps the body to cope up stress and enhances vitality and stamina. Ashwagandha exhibits anxiolytic effect without causing sleepiness or drowsiness. It is also effective in increasing semen quantity and sperm count.
  • Shilajit (Black Bitumen): Shilajit is a kind of extract which gets deposited on the Himalayan rocks. It is a natural source of minerals like iron and 85 other micro- minerals. Shilajit enhances internal energy which is required for sexual activity. It is used as an aphrodisiac since hundreds of years. It is alternatively known as Indian viagara. Shilajit is used in Ayurveda for relieving nervous disorders and impotence and also as a tonic in relieving genitor-urinary diseases. It strengthens the muscles of the heart and maintains proper blood circulation in the body. Sexual desire is enhanced through micro-nutrition to the vascular and nervous systems.
  • Tribulus: Tribulus is also known as herbal Viagra as it gives excellent results in combating male sex problems like erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation and low sperm count also can be relieved with this herb. Prolonged use of Tribulus builds sexual stamina even in the elderly. It comprises of natural saponnins and phytochemicals which are useful in relieving erectile dysfunction in a natural way.

Who Can Use Male Support Formula?

Persons who have problems related to erectile dysfunction, low stamina, low sperm count, low energy levels can use this product and reap the benefits. It is also useful in maintaining the overall health of the body.

Specific Diseases That Male Support Formula are Useful For

Erectile dysfunction: Male Support Formula acts effectively in relieving erectile dysfunction. It also relieves other problems like low sperm count, low energy and stamina.

Dosage of Male Support Formula

One to two capsules should be consumed, two times a day with plain water. It is better to consult our doctors or any other certified medical practitioner before starting this medicine.

Product Info

  • Product Form: This product comes in capsule form
  • Package Type: Bottled pack
  • Package Quantity: Every bottle contains 60 capsules
  • Product Packs Available: This product can be bought in packs of 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 bottles.

Side Effects of Male Support Formula

There are no known side effects with the usage of this medicine in the prescribed dosage.

Advantages of Using Male Support Formula by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda’s Male Support Formula capsules offer many health benefits. In addition, there are several other factors that contribute towards making it better than many other similar products available in the market today. These are:

  • These capsules are made with pant cellulose and no hard gelatin or chemicals are used in the preparation.
  • Only standardized extracts are used in the manufacture of these capsules.
  • High quality organic products are used for better results.
  • The product is competitively priced and offers high quality.
  • These capsules are manufactured without the addition of artificial flavours, yeast, artificial colours, fillers or preservations.
  • Animals are not used for testing the efficiency of the product.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of Planet Ayurveda Male Support Formula, you can order them easily from our website. You may also choose other healthy products from our wide range of Ayurvedic supplements, capsules, herb powders, and oils and order now.