Size (Per Unit) : 20 Tablets
Dosage : 1 tablet twice daily after meals or as directed by the physician.



Jalodar is a condition in which there is accumulation of the interstitial fluid in the abdominal cavity. This can be due to many different etiologies and the most common cause is liver cirrhosis. In modern times it can be correlated to the ascites like condition. Jalodar can be painful and discomforting for a person. One can have ascites when there is accumulation of more than 25 ml of fluid in the abdominal cavity and for the treatment of this condition there are ayurvedic classical medications such as jalodarari ras which we are going to discuss below.

Ingredients used in Jalodarari Ras

It is made using the following ingredients which are mentioned below:

Sr. No. Indian Name Botanical Name Quantity
1. Pippali Piper longum 50 gm
2. Maricha Piper nigrum 50 gm
3. Tamra Bhasma – bhasma (calx) prepared from copper 50 gm
4. Rajani – turmeric Curcuma longa 50 gm
5. Jaipala Croton tiglium 200 gm
6. Snuhi Ksheera Euphorbia neriifolia 200 gm

Ref. Ayurvedic Text [ Bhaishajya ratnavali-udarroga adhikara/72-73 ]

Description Of The Ingredients

All the ingredients in this formulation have the qualities which in the combination will produce effects which helps in the treatment of the jalodar. All the herbs posses unique medicinal properties which are mentioned below:

  1. Pippali – Fruits of the pippali are used for making this formulation which has pungent taste, light to digest and also light, strong and piercing nature. Pippali undergoes sweet taste conversion after digestion and dried variety of pippali has hot potency. Pippali helps in balancing the vata and kapha dosha in the body. It is the medication which helps in increasing the metabolism of the person and it has been mentioned that it treats ascites. It is also very helpful in treating respiratory conditions like cough, cold, TB etc.
  2. Maricha – Pepper corns of the pepper are used in the making of jalodarari ras and it has a pungent taste with qualities such as light to digest, strong and piercing in nature due to which it enters in the deep channels of the body. It enters the minute channels of the body. It undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion due to which it has hot potency. Helps in balancing kapha and vata dosha but slightly increases the pitta dosha. It has a scraping effect on the body and channels and eliminates the accumulated toxins from the body, also it has a pramathi effect on the body means it has a cleaning effect in the abdomen and intestines.
  3. Tamra bhasma – Tamra bhasma is made from the copper after the purification process. It has many medicinal properties like it acts as an antacid, expectorant, also it will also act as mild laxative, tamra bhasma is digestive stimulant and lower bilirubin and helps in burning the fat. It can help in treating problems such as hiccups, IBS, loose stools or the burning sensation in the liver. It is also good for the treatment of liver and spleen disorders. Tamra bhasma has an astringent, sweet, bitter and sour taste with light to digest, dry and has sharp nature with hot potency. Its taste conversion after digestion is pungent, also it helps in reducing the kapha dosha and detoxifies pitta dosha.
  4. Haldi churna – Haridra is bitter and pungent in taste with hot potency and has a pungent taste conversion after digestion so it will be helpful in removing the blockages from the blood vessels and also detoxifies the blood. It helps in rectifying the agni (Also known as metabolic fire) due to which it will detoxify and cleanses the digestive juices and enzymes. Due to the katu, tikta taste, hot potency with katu vipaka of haridra it removes the blockages of the liver and also acts as a liver stimulant and restores the haematopoietic functions. It is also helpful in treating the inflammation of the body naturally.
  5. Jaipala – Seeds and fruits of the jaiphal are used for making this formulation which has bitter and pungent taste and it is heavy to digest with strong and piercing nature. Vipaka of the jaiphal is katu means it undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion. It reduces the vitiated kapha and pitta dosha. Jaiphala has water absorbing, drying qualities due to which it can be used in absorbing the ascites fluid and severe constipation. Its seeds improve vigor and act as an aphrodisiac.
  6. Snuhi ksheera – It is a small tree or a big shrub which is mostly found in the dry parts of India. Which liquid is discharged from this plant is used for the making of this formulation and is known as Snuhi ksheera or milky latex which is pungent in taste and light to digest. It has a strong and piercing nature, snuhi undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion. Snuhi ksheera is best for making the kshar sutra which is used for the treatment of the anal fistula and piles. This milky latex is best for purgationso can be used in the cases of ascites, poisoning to eliminate the accumulated toxins and also it can help in relieving the severe constipation.

Method Of Preparation

Following method of preparation is used for making this jalodarari ras.

  1. 50 gm of pippali churna, 50 gm of maricha churna, 50 gm of tamra bhasma, haldi churna 50 gm, purified jaipala 200gm all these ingredients are taken and mixed in a kharal (Mortar and pestle).
  2. After that add snuhi ksheera in this mixture and do dridha mardan (mixing it with snuhi ksheera) for some time until it forms a solid consistency.
  3. Make tablets from this mixture of 1-1 ratti and dry it in shade and store it.

Medicinal Properties

It has following medicinal properties:

  1. Purgative and laxative
  2. Hepatoprotective
  3. Deepana (Appetizer)
  4. Carminative
  5. Pungent taste
  6. Rasayan gandhi (without any smell)

Dosha Karma

It will help in balancing the vata and pitta dosha

Classical Indications

Classically it is mentioned that this medication should be used for the treatment of – jalodar (Ascitis)


It can be indicated in the following disorders:

Severe constipation as it has many ingredients which acts as a laxative and also it is the best medication for ascites as it will help in eliminating the excess fluid from the body because it will act as a purgative and remove the excess water and toxins. As it is a liver stimulant it can also be used in liver cirrhosis.


It can be given in the dose of 125 – 250 mg

Side Effects

It has following side effects

  1. Overdose can cause severe diarrhea which can lead to electrolyte imbalance
  2. Vertigo
  3. Darkness in front of the vision
  4. Should be avoided by pregnant and lactating women

So this medication should be only consumed under the guidance of an expert ayurvedic doctor.


This medication is the best medication for the treatment of the ascites and It is an ayurvedic classical medication which is mentioned in the book bhaishajya ratnavali. Planet ayurveda provides this medication jalodarari ras which is made by the pure and authentic herbs and using authentic procedures.

Note :- This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.


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