Dia Finito Capsules

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Dia-Finito capsules – Fights the dragon of diabetes naturally

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases where person has high blood sugar. It either may be because pancreas does not produce enough insulin or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. Classical symptoms produced by high blood sugar are – Polyuria – frequent urination, Polydipsia – increased thirst, Polyphagia – increased hunger. Dia finito capsules is 100 percent pure and natural ayurvedic supplement made from various valuable herbs which are known best for their therapeutic actions on body. These capsules help in regulation of insulin from pancreas for better sugar control and also prevent fluctuations in sugar levels. It is a perfect alternative for allopathic medicines in diabetes. The product can be used along with other anti-diabetics and slowly the others can be withdrawn.

Therapeutic uses of dia-finito capsules

Herbal remedy dia-finito is considered to be excellent for diabetic patients. It –

  • Naturally regulates the secretion of insulin from pancreas for better sugar control.
  • Helps to settle the symptoms of fatigue caused by diabetes in patients.
  • Helps in restoring carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism.
  • Prevents diabetes complications like neuropathy, nephropathy, myopathy and retinopathy.
  • Prevents fluctuations in sugar levels.
  • Acts as rejuvenator to increase stamina and strength of body.

Ingredients of dia-finito capsules

S. No. Herb Used Latin Name Quantity
1. Saptrangi Salacia Reticulata 300mg
2. Mamijava Enicostemma littorale 170mg
3. Sonth Zingiber officinale 10mg
4. Kali Marich Piper nigrum 10mg
5. Pippali Piper longum 10mg

Benefits of Used Ingredients in Dia-finito

  • Saptarangi (salaia oblonga) – Saptarangi is a herb with seven whorls in it. It is drug of choice in diabetic persons. It regulates the functions of liver and pancreas. It binds to intestinal enzymes that break down carbohydrates in the body. These enzymes are called alpha- glycosidase, which turn carbohydrates in to glucose (sugar that circulates throughout the body). If enzyme binds to the natural extract than to a carbohydrate, then less glucose gets in to blood stream, resulting in low blood sugar levels. As it acts on liver so gives very good results in hepatomegaly and other related disorders. In females it regulates female hormones and relieves painful menstrual periods.
  • Mamejiva (enicostemma littorale) – This bitter natured plant have been reported for possessing properties like antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiulcer, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic etc. this amazing ayurvedic plant regulates blood sugar levels, also relieves obesity, skin diseases, fever etc. It is very good laxative also.
  • Sonth (zingiber officinale) – Sonth or shunthi commonly called adarak in Hindi is very valuable herb used in many health ailments. Due to its hot potency and pungent taste, it helps in improving digestive fire and therefore removes toxins from body. Also helps in lowering blood glucose level. It pacifies the vitiation of vata and provides strength to body. It helps in stimulation of circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system and nervous system. Shunthi acts as a very good aphrodisiac also.
  • Kali mirach (piper nigrum) – kali mirach offers a range of health benefits as it contains essential nutrients to tissues for functioning. It also contains phytonutrients so that fights against diseases. Kali mirch considered to be very useful in conditions like cough, cold, asthma, diabetes, indigestion, headache, piles, cancer, liver disorders, fatigue, pain, fever and so many.
  • Pipli (piper longum) – This is the one rarest spices in west, well known for its valuable actions. It is analgesic, aphrodisiac, carminative, anthelmintic and expectorant.

Who can use Dia-finito?

Dia-finito, a wonderful herbal supplement is recommended in persons who have increased blood sugar level, person with diabetic neuropathy, nephropathy, myopathy, and retinopathy. It is also prescribed in weakness and fatigue caused by increased blood sugar levels.

Side effects

Dia-finito is pure herbal product with no side effects at all. It is totally safe to use with prescribed dosage.

Dosage of Dia-finito

1 to 2 capsules, 1 hr before or after food with water twice daily.

Product information

  • Product form: capsules
  • Package type: bottle
  • Package quantity: 60 capsules in 1 bottle

Advantages of our dia- finito

  • This product is 100 % vegetarian.
  • This product uses only standardized extracts of our natural herbal powder.
  • This product is available at competitive prices and of high quality.
  • This product is free from any side effects.
  • We never test our products on animals.
  • This product does not contain any artificial flavoring, chemical or added colors.