Balark Ras

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Size (Per Unit) : 10 Tablets
Dosage : 1 tablet once a day after meal with plain water or as directed by the physician.


It is an Ayurvedic formulation in the form of a tablet that helps in treating diarrhea as well as fever in children. It is helpful in pacifying the two doshas including the Vata as well as Kapha Dosha. It is very effective in dealing with a gut infection not only for kids it also helps in adults and many other problems as each herb has a specific effect on the health issue.


  1. Pravala Bhasma – Coral
  2. Shuddha Hingula – Purified and processed Cinnabar
  3. Rasaka Bhasma – Zinc
  4. Shringa Bhasma – Deer Horn
  5. Kachura – Curcuma zedoaria
  6. Keshara – Saffron
  7. Extract of Brahmi – Bacopa monnieri
  8. Gorochana – Cow Bile

Reference:- Siddha yoga sangraha

Description Of The Ingredients

  1. Pravala Bhasma – It is very effective in increasing immunity and making the body stronger naturally. It is packed with anti-inflammatory, antacid, antiarthritic as well as digestive properties making it effective in many problems. It is helpful in treating ailments like fever, depression, tachycardia, acidity as well as ulcers. It is also very effective in temperature and naturally reduces symptoms like excessive thirst, excessive perspiration, vertigo, weakness, and loss of strength.
  2. Shuddha Hingula – It is one of the herbal medicines that is effective in improving digestion as well as giving the body its needed strength. It is effective in balancing the Pitta as well as Kapha Dosha. It is packed with rejuvenating properties making it effective in treating splenomegaly and also has an anti-aging effect.
  3. Rasaka Bhasma – It is very helpful in treating malformation of the eyes, brain, heart, bones, and also other organs. It naturally increases the count of sperm and balances the levels of hormones in the body.
  4. Shringa Bhasma – It is packed with Antitussive, antipyretic, antimicrobial, expectorant, and many more properties. It is very effective in clearing the lungs and regulating the secretion of mucus. It is helpful in removing ailments like pain in the chest or difficulty in breathing as well. Shringa bhasma is especially indicated in people who suffer from rickets as it effectively improves the health of bones and improves overall growth.
  5. Kachura – It is very effective in enhancing the metabolism as well as maintaining digestion and naturally improving appetite. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation as well as pain. Its antiseptic, as well as analgesic property, makes it effective in treating problems like gingivitis, plaque as well as toothache. Its anti-bacterial property makes it very effective in reducing bad breath.
  6. Keshara – This herb is packed with antioxidants properties which help in protecting the cells from oxidative stress and free radicals. It helps in protecting the brain cells and fighting against progressive damage. Keshara is also very beneficial in treating cancer as it naturally reduces the cancer cells from growing.
  7. Brahmi – It is one of the powerful herbs that help in lowering the levels of inflammation which is effective in treating chronic conditions like diabetes, cancer, kidney as well as heart disease. It is also very effective in ADHD symptoms like inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. It also helps in preventing stress as well as anxiety because it naturally reduces the levels of cortisol.

Method Of Preparation

  • In this herbal medicine the cinnabar is prepared by grinding it with the goat’s milk for almost six hours.
  • After that the mixture is grinded with lime juice for one hour.
  • Then the process is repeated along with other ingredients for almost seven times.
  • Then the fine powder is obtained.
  • It is then made into a form of tablets.


  • Diarrhea – It is one of the worthy herbal medicines for children as they are very effective for diarrhea.  It is seen that 2 million cases of children suffer from diarrhea and some of them even die because of it. The common causative factor for the disease are parasites, a viral or bacterial infection. Balark ras is one of the beneficial herbal medicines for treating these kinds of problems and it also increases the immunity of the child’s body.
  • Intestinal Worms – Just like diarrhea, intestinal worms are also very common in children as it is ingested through contaminated soil. Even old people are at greater risk because they have weak immunity. Balark ras is one of the strong herbal medicines for fighting this intestinal problem.


1 tablet once a day after meal with plain water as directed by the physician.

Side Effects and Precaution

  • It should be taken strictly under the supervision of an Ayurvedic physician.
  • There are no proven side-effects of herbal medicine.
  • Balarka Ras is not recommended to the lactating mother.
  • Children should only take the prescribed amount of dosage.


It is one of the best herbal medicines for children especially who suffer from digestion as well as intestinal troubles. All the herbs present in Balark Ras are said to be very effective in other diseases like weakness, tachycardia, anxiety and many more.

Note :- This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.


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