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Manjistha Capsules – An Effective Supplement for Blood Purification

Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia), also known as Indian madder. It is an Ayurvedic tonic that has been recognized as wonderful herb for its numerous benefits and uses. Manjistha is a powerful herb and is very commonly used in Ayurveda. It has vigorous blood purifying properties. Manjistha pacifies pitta dosha which means it reduces excessive heat from the body. It is a potent anti-toxic in nature.

This bitter, herb was traditionally used and valued for its enormous effectiveness in cleansing and purifying the blood, and the lymphatic system.

Manjistha capsules are formulated by our experts MD Ayurveda. Manjistha capsules are one among wonderful herbal formulations which is very effective in blood purification.

Therapeutic Uses of Manjistha Capsules

  • Manjistha is a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial herb.
  • It also acts as muscle relaxant, to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Manjistha capsules are effective to heal bruises and reduce arthritic pain and swelling.
  • Manjistha capsules are also very effective to get a rid of digestive issues, allergies and skin-related issues.
  • It enhances circulation and also helps to remove toxins (Ama) from the body.
  • Manjistha is known to detoxify the blood and removes toxins from the lymphatic system.

Practical Benefits of Manjistha Capsules

  • Act as blood purifier: Blood purification is the primary function of Manjistha. For good skin and healthy hair, it is very necessary to purify blood. Manjistha is a great blood purifier. It cleanses the blood and removes all toxins.
  • Promotes healing of injury: Manjistha capsules are very effective to heal wound or infections.
  • Treats calcium deficiency: Calcium is required for building up of bones and teeth. Manjistha helps to maintain calcium in the body.
  • Relives skin problems: Manjistha capsules are blood purifier and therefore these capsules gives relief from various skin diseases. It relieves itching, eczema and herpes.
  • Relieves menstrual pain: Some women suffer with extreme pain during menstrual cycle. Manjistha is beneficial during painful menstruation.
  • It destroys tumors: Nowadays cancer is becoming very common. Manjistha can destroy both benign and malignant tumors.
  • Detoxifies the body: People who are in the habit of eating toxic diet Manjistha is a very useful herb to remove toxic from bodies.
  • Joints problem: It is used to treat uric acid arthritis and gout. It helps to remove uric acid from the body.

Ingredients of Manjistha Capsules

Sr. No. Indian Name Botanical Name Quantity
1. Manjistha Rubia cordifolia std. ext. 500 mg

Manjistha is renowned herb found in India, Africa and South Asia. It is a well-known herb used since ancient times. It is known as artificial coloring agent. It efficiently purifies blood which heals skin disorders. It also aids in improving the urinary system and prevents kidney stones. It maintains equilibrium between the three energies (pitta, Kapha and Vata and eliminates toxins (Ama). This herb has anti-bacterial and anti- microbial properties. It boosts immunity and improves digestion. It is also well known ‘rasayana’. It pacifies pitta dosha in the body.

Manjistha herb is useful in Skin disorders, prevents renal calculi, strengthens and improves the functioning of the entire urinary system.

Classical Reference

Classical Reference of Manjishtha


1 to 2 capsules to be taken twice daily with plain water after the meals.

Product Detail

  • Packaged Type: Std. herbal extract
  • Packaged Quantity: 500gm / bottle


There is no known side-effects with this herb, if consumed in the prescribed dosage.

Advantages of Using Manjistha Capsules by Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda’s Manjistha capsules offers many health benefits to cure health issues like skin, and also effective in digestive issues. Moreover, there are several other factors too, that contribute towards making it better than many other similar products available in the market today. These are:

  • The product uses only standardized 100 % natural herbal extract.
  • This product is 100 percent pure vegetarian.
  • It is made up of pure, natural and safe ingredient.
  • It does not cause any side effects.
  • Use of only high quality herb is done to ensure better health results. It is a high quality product available at competitive prices.
  • It does not contain any artificial flavoring agent, chemicals or added colors.
  • We never test our products on animals.