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Kantakari powder is a popular and very effective medicinal herbal powder in Ayurveda and is very effective in respiratory disorders like asthma, cough, cold and also useful in laryngitis, hoarseness of voice and also used in increasing appetite, improves immunity and acts as a brain tonic.

Ingredients Used In Kantakari Powder

S. No. Herb Used Latin Name Quantity
1. Kantakari Solanum xanthocarpum 100 gm

Names In Different Languages

  • English name: Febrifuge plant
  • Hindi name: Rengani, Choti Kateri
  • Punjabi name: Kandiyari
  • Bengali name: Kantikari
  • Farsi name: Badagan Barri
  • Tamil name: Kandan kattiri
  • Arabian name: Badajan barri
  • Marathi name: Bhui ringani


  • Kshudra, Nidigdhika
  • Duhsparsha, kantakari
  • Vyaghri

What Are The Medicinal Properties Of Kantakari Powder?

  • Rasa (taste): Katu (pungent), Tikta (bitter)
  • Guna (qualities): Laghu (light), Teekshna (piercing), Rooksha (dry)
  • Veerya (potency): Ushna (hot)
  • Vipaka (undergoes pungent taste after digestion): Katu
  • Karma (Action): It increases Pitta dosha and balances Vata and Kapha dosha

What Are The Medicinal Uses Of Kantakari Powder?

  • Effective in the treatment of asthma and chronic respiratory disorders
  • Useful in cardiac disorders and in relieving anorexia
  • It also improves strength and immunity
  • It helps in ejaculation
  • Improves digestion strength and metabolism and useful in worm infestation
  • Helpful in treating pruritus (excessive itching)
  • Useful in obesity and reducing fat and cholesterol deposition
  • It is also used in amenorrhea and painful delivery

In Ayurveda, it is useful in treating disorders of Vata dosha imbalance

What Are The Therapeutic Uses Of Kantakari Powder?

Respiratory Disorders

It prevents from asthma attacks and it has an anti-inflammatory property and works by reducing the swelling and pain as well as decreases the mucus production in the airways. It also acts as a bronchodilator that dilates the bronchioles and prevents the patient from other symptoms of asthma like breathlessness, chest congestion etc.

In cough, this powder acts as an expectorant, that clears the passage of airways to the lungs and also prevents from other symptoms like chest congestion, pain in chest and excessive mucus secretion. It works as an anti-inflammatory by reducing the inflammation and provides relief to the patient.

Worm Infestation

It expels the parasitic worms or any other parasites from the body by acting as an anthelmintic, by killing them and doesn’t cause any significant damage to the host. It also provides relief in symptoms like pain in the abdomen, vomiting etc and controls the recurrence of these worms in the body.

Digestion Strength

This powder improves the digestion strength because it contains many nutrient supplements like zinc, vitamins that helps in stimulating appetite and reduces the feeling of anorexia, heaviness in stomach etc and provides relief to the patient.


This powder acts as an anti-pyretic that provides relief in fever, and its other symptoms like headache, sweating, weakness, fatigue etc.


This powder is helpful in pruritus, by acting as an anti-allergic, antibacterial as well as antifungal that kills the microorganisms that cause pruritus and provides relief to the patient.


This powder acts as a heart tonic, provides relief in cholesterol deposition, and reduces the cholesterol levels circulating in the blood.

Blood Purifier

This powder has an anti-toxicant property that removes the toxins from the body and purifies the blood and removes all other waste products from the body.


This powder improves the symptoms of certain psychiatric conditions and reduces the inflammation by acting as an anti-inflammatory and also acts as a nerve pain reliever that provides relief in pain and other associated symptoms and cluster headaches.

Hair Fall

This powder helps in preventing from hair loss or caused by any illness, or any chemotherapy or any other cause.


This powder is effective in dental conditions like toothache, by acting as an anti-inflammatory that reduces the inflammation and redness and also acts as a pain reliever that reduces the pain and provides relief to the patient.


This powder acts a hormonal therapy, by increasing the estrogen as well as progestin that maintains the estrogen deficiency.

Improves Immunity

This powder helps in improving the immunity of the body and prevents the body from infection and increases the strength of the body. Also prevents the body from autoimmune diseases.


This powder also acts as a purgative that softens the stool and increases the frequency and number of bowel movements and provides relief in other symptoms like pain in the abdomen, constipation etc.

Liver Swelling

It acts as a liver tonic that helps in reducing the inflammation by acting as an anti-inflammatory and reduces the redness and prevents the liver from infection.


It acts as a natural expectorant and helps in breaking down of phlegm in the throat and is also very effective in tonsillitis, it has anti-inflammatory, antiviral as well as antibacterial property. These properties help in reducing infection and kill bacteria and virus and also acts as an anti-inflammatory that reduces the inflammation and provides relief in pain as well as swallowing and heals the wounds in a shorter period of time and provides relief from discomfort.


Classical Reference of Kantakari

Dosage Of Kantakari Powder

1/2 to 1 teaspoonful twice daily with plain water after the meals.

Product Details

  • Package Type: Herbal Powder.
  • Package Quantity: 100 gm. Bottle.
  • These are free from chemicals, preservatives, yeast, pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, fillers and starch etc.

Side Effects Of Kantakari Powder

There are no side effects of using kantakari powder if it is consumed as per prescription. Care should be taken if consumed as per prescribed dosage.

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