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The process of wound healing comprises a complex cellular and biochemical cascade that leads to restitution of integrity and function. An individual tissue may have unique healing characteristics but all tissues get healed by similar mechanisms and this process undergoes phases of inflammation, cellular migration, proliferation, matrix deposition and re-modeling.

Simple wounds get healed up immediately as a natural process whereas chronic wounds fail to proceed satisfactory anatomic and functional integrity or they have proceeded through the repair process without producing an adequate anatomical and functional results.

The management of wound is the first medico-surgical problem faced by physicians and surgeons all over the world.

Due to shortcoming in the management of wound, contaminated with dead tissue or slough, suppuration, delayed healing, burning sensation etc. has promoted us to look back to ancient Ayurvedic texts as plants and their extracts have immense potential for the management and treatment of wounds.

Acharaya Sushruta (father of Indian surgery) has elaborated the concept of Vrana (wounds). The techniques of Sushruta are broadly classified as Vrana shodhana (wound cleaning) and Vrana Ropana (wound healing). The concepts and principles of wounds such as: causes, classification, examination, treatment and bandaging mentioned by Master Sushrut remained unchanged even in 21st century.

There are lot of drugs in different formulations are available for wound healing according to its type, site, chronicity. Among all the drugs available, Jatyadi Oil is effective in wound healing and no adverse effect of this oil was noticed.

In various research, it was proved that the application of Jatyadi Oil healed the patients of post Ksharsutra. So, it can be concluded that Jatyadi oil is effective in post Ksharsutra wound healing.

Jatyadi Oil is an herbal oil preparation named after Jati or Jasmine (Jasminum officinale), the chief ingredient of oil.

Uses Of Jatyadi Oil

  • Wounds: Jatyadi Oil is used for healing the wounds quickly. It is used externally over non-healing wounds, blisters, sinus, abscess, and bite wounds.
  • Skin Diseases: It is also used for the application over infected skin diseases such as: hand and foot mouth disease, syphilis, eczema etc.
  • Cracked Heals: It is also prescribed for the treatment of cracked heals, fissure, external hemorrhoids.
  • Blisters: This oil can be applied locally in the mouth for managing blisters.
  • Burns: Use of Jatyadi Oil is also recommended for burns such as: sunburn.

How To Use Jatyadi Oil For Piles, Hemorrhoids And Fissures

It has good wound healing properties therefore it checks the bleeding and heals the fissure wound faster. The burning sensation associated with piles, fistula and fissure gets treated by the application of Jatyadi Oil.

With the help of cotton swab, apply oil to the anal region thoroughly after defecation. Apply this oil in morning and evening.

Jatyadi Oil By Planet Ayurveda

Jatyadi Oil of Planet Ayurveda has an outstanding capacity of healing. This oil is applied externally for wound healing, injuries, and also to arrest bleeding from the wounds.

Jatyadi Oil by Planet Ayurveda contains natural products. These products are purportedly safe as hypersensitive reactions are not countered with the use of these agents. These natural agents induce healing and the regeneration of lost tissue by simple mechanisms.

All the ingredients of this oil are helpful in the purification of blood, initiating the healing process in the tissues and for disinfecting the wounds.

For the manufacture of Jatyadi Oil, base of sesame oil is used. All the herbs are infused in the medium of sesame oil along with the decoction of herb water.

The solid waste herb materials are then filtered out. The oil contains water soluble and oil soluble phyto-active principles of medicinal herbs.

Ingredients Of Jatyadi Oil

Most of the ingredients of Jatyadi Oil are shothhara, vedanasthapana and ropaka.

Planet Ayurveda’s Jatyadi Oil Consists Of

Sr. No. Name Botanical/English Name
1 Chameli Jasminum Officinale
2 Neem Azadirachta indica
3 Patola patra Stereospermum chelonoides
4 Madhuchchhisht Beeswax
5 Mulethi Glycyrrhiza glabra
6 Koot / Kushtha Saussurea lappa
7 Turmeric Curcuma longa
8 Daruharidra Berberis aristata
9 Katuki Picrorrhiza kurroa
10 Manjishtha Rubia cordifolia
11 Padmaka Prunus cerasoides
12 Lodhra Symplocos racemosus
13 Harad Terminalia chebula
14 Neelkamal Nymphaea stellata
15 Suddh tuttha Copper sulphate (purified)
16 Shweta sariva Hemidesmus indicus
17 Karanj beej Pongamia pinnata
18 Til tail Sesamum indicum
19 Water  

Reference: Sharangdhar Samhita, Sneha Kalpana, Madhyama Khanda, Page No. 237-238

Most of the ingredients used in the preparation of Jatyadi Oil have bitter, astringent, dry and light qualities. Sesame Oil acts as a good vehicle in bringing out pharmacological action of other ingredients.

Product information

  • Product form – This product comes in oil form
  • Package type – Bottle pack
  • Package quantity – 100 ml

Method of Application

Apply over the affected area once or twice daily.

Advantages Of Planet Ayurveda’s Jatyadi Oil

  • It is a pure and 100% natural oil obtained from different herbs.
  • This oil is very effective in treating wounds.
  • It is free from harmful chemicals, fillers, yeast and preservatives.
  • Jatyadi oil is available at a reasonable cost.
  • It supports overall health of human beings.

Side Effects

Jatyadi Oil has no side effects if used externally. But accidental oral intake may cause serious side effects.