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Size (Per Unit): 60 Capsules

Dosage: 1-2 Capsules twice daily, with plain water, after meals.


Why Is Indian Valeriana Meant For?

This is the pure herbal ayurvedic medicine which is very popular for the nervous system. It is to be used with other formulations for the best result in mental disorders. It is pure ayurvedic medicine and is safe to use. Only one ingredient is added in this capsule which plays as a catalyst and strikes on the mental disturbances. This medicine to be used under guidance of a physician because the prolonged use of this medicine may act as a sedative. It enhances the blood flow to the brain so as to perform proper functioning. Our acharya explains the nervous system disorder and gives the cause of mental disorders as under.

Acharya charak describes the cause that the person is of small satva, gets rid from its daily activities and affects the hridya and loses the intellectual functions of the brain.

Ingredients used in Indian Valeriana

It is the very best medicine for mental illness. The herb of indian valeriana capsules is important and maintains the functioning of the brain in the proper way. It is the proper medicine made for settling down the brain problems. The herb that is tagar is collected from its natural environment to give best results in diseases.

Sr. No. Indian Name Botanical Name Parts Used Quantity
1. Tagar Valeriana wallichii std. extract Rhizome 500 mg

Health benefits of these Ingredients :-

1. Tagar (Valeriana wallichii std. extract)

Tagar is a hairy herb found in himalaya. It is a very popular herb for mental disorders like mental stress, anxiety and improves other brain functions. The synonyms of tagar are ghodawat, thakaram, tagarai, ganthode, nata, paduka. It supports the all proper functioning of the brain and supplies the proper blood flow. Tagar roots are used for relieving the anxiety and stress because the root is rich with the chemical constituents. It also removes the nerve obstructions which brings the level of stress and anxiety down. It is the best medicine to be used for brain tonic.

Who can take Indian Valeriana?

The patients who are suffering from long term stress and anxiety are free to use this medicine as per the guidance of the ayurvedic physician. It is the best mental tonic which gives 100% results to maintain proper brain functioning.

Dosage of Indian Valeriana

1-2 capsules once or twice a day is given with lukewarm water under ayurvedic physician supervision.

Product Information

The product is made under the supervision of experts and is 100% safe to use. This medication is followed by many medical trials to check whether the medicine is safe or not. No animal is harmed during preparation of these capsules and while collecting the raw material. These are 100% safe and easy to use and are 100% vegan capsules.


The precautions are to be taken for pregnant women and small age children of overdose. The patient of surgery should confirm about this medicine with the doctor before going to surgical procedures.


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