Quantity : 5 gms
Dosage : 250 – 500 mg, once or twice daily with lukewarm water, before or after a meal or as directed by an Ayurvedic physician.



This is an ayurvedic classical formulation which is in the powder form. Powdered form of a substance which is obtained by calcination is known as bhasma. It is made from a mineral based stone after purification process which is the first step and also makes it a potent medication and helps it to have its best action as all the herbomineral medications in ayurveda are able to travel in the minute channels of the body and do its action. This medication is best used for the treatment of the diseases related to the urinary tract disorders. Hajral yahud is also known as the patthar bel as it is in the shape of ber fruit (Ziziphus mauritiana) and also has lines on it like the ber fruit has.

Ingredients Used in Kapardak Bhasma

This formulation is made by the following mentioned ingredients:

  1. Hajarula yahuda (Lapis judaicus)
  2. Muli swarasa (Raphanus sativus)

Ref. Ayurvedic Text [ Siddha Yoga Sangraha ]

Description Of The Ingredients

Mainly it is made from hajrul yahud by giving the bhavana of muli swarasa so in the medicine properties of the above compounds are there which are discussed below:

  • Hajrul yahud – Hajrul yahud is a fossilized calcium silicate or the lime silicate its other name is stone olive which is really beneficial for different conditions related to the urinary system and tract. It also helps in promoting the healthy functioning of the kidneys and provides nourishment to the kidney cells. It also acts as lithotriptic agent and helps in breaking down the stones.
  • Muli swarasa – Fresh juice of the tuberous part of the plant is used for making the formulation. It is used in relieving indigestion, fever, diseases related to the nose and throat, can also be used in treating colicky pain, abdominal tumor. It has a scraping property so it helps in scraping the toxins and excess doshas and eliminating it. Also it is light to digest, pungent and bitter in taste which undergoes bitter taste conversion after digestion and helps in balancing all the three doshas from the body.

Method Of Preparation

Following method is used for the preparation of the hajral yahud bhasma

  1. Powder of the hajrul yahud is triturated with the radish juice
  2. Than discoid shaped cakes of the above are made and dried
  3. After drying these cakes are subjected to 500-600 degree celsius heat for a time period of 4-5 hours.
  4. After this process the calx is formed which can be stored in dried containers.

Medicinal Properties

It is a formulation which has medicinal properties like

  1. Diuretic (Increase the passage of the urine)
  2. Lithotriptic (Breaks down the stones of urinary tract)
  3. Anti-inflammatory (Treats the symptoms of the inflammation)
  4. Anti-infective or antiseptic (Treats infections)
  5. Analgesic (Relieves pain)
  6. It is sheeta veerya means cold in potency

Dosha Karma

It helps in balancing the pitta and kapha dosha from the body.


It can be taken in the dose of 500 mg to 1 gm

Classical Indication

Classically it is mentioned that it can be used in conditions like

  1. Ashmari (Urolithiasis)
  2. Sharkara (Diabetes)
  3. Mutravrodha (Diuresis)
  4. Vrikkshool (Pain related to the kidneys)


It can be indicated in the following disorders

  1. It is used for treating urinary stone
  2. Difficulty in passing urine
  3. Treating ringworm infection
  4. Dysfunction of pancreas
  5. Nephrotic syndrome
  6. Polycystic kidney disease
  7. Pain during the micturition
  8. Burning sensation in the urine
  9. Ischuria
  10. Itching on the skin
  11. Morbilliform eruption
  12. Crystalluria

Side Effects

There are no known side effects of these medications but should be taken under the supervision of the ayurvedic doctor. It is also safe for the use in pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers.


This powder bhamsa preparation is an ayurvedic classical composition which is best for treating several disorders related to the kidneys. Planet ayurveda provides the best and pure hajral yahud bhasma which is made following the correct procedure mentioned in the classical texts.

Note :- This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.


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