Rosmarinus Officinalis


Rosmarinus OfficinalisCommonly known as Rosemary, this herb is a sweet scented shrub which grows up to two meters high. Dried leaves of rosemary are used for commercial purposes. They have a tea like fragrance. The other common names of this herb are rosemarine, incensier and garden rosemary.

In ancient times, it is regarded as the herb for remembrance. It also symbolizes loyalty, love and immortality. This herb is also used in aromatherapy.


This herb is a native of southern Europe and grows wild on dry rocky hills in the Mediterranean region. The cultivation for the same is carried in Yugoslavia, Spain, Portugal, and the USA. In India, its cultivation happens in cool climate gardens such as in Himalayas and Nilgiri for the pleasantly fragrant leaves.

The leaves of this plant are narrow and resembled curved pine needles. They are green on top and grey underneath. Flowers of the same are pale blue in color and they grow in small clusters. Crushed rosemary, however, has spicy camphoraceous aroma and a pungent, bitter taste. The parts which are used are leaves and flowers.


This herb has several therapeutic powers. Some of these are:

  • It helps in stimulating appetite and secretion of gastric juices.
  • Essential oils of the same are used in various skin care and hair care products.
  • It is used for headaches and nervous complaints.
  • It is used as a supportive therapy for rheumatism and circulatory problems.
  • It has amazing antioxidant properties which has stimulating effect on skin.
  • It has antiseptic properties and helps in the management of dandruff.
  • It has analgesic as well as antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic properties.
  • Essential oils are used in sharpening memory and boosting nervous system.
  • Furthermore, it stimulates the liver and help in lowering high blood sugar level.


It contains phenolic acid (rosmarinic acid), bitter diterpenes (carnosol, rosmanol) triterpenes (oleanic and ursolic acid), triterpene alcohols and flavonoids. The essential oil in the plant contains 1.8-cineole, a-pinene, camphor, b-pinene, borneol, iso-bornyl acetate, limonene, linalool, 3-octanone, terpineol and verbinol.


Rosemary is being used in the medicinal as well as cosmetic procedures for relieving various ailments. It was also been used in the ancient times by the Greeks and Romans.

Some of the common ailments relieved by this herb are as follows:

  • Indigestion: It is useful in atonic dyspepsia, that is, indigestion and stiffness in the stomach. It is being recommended to aid digestion of starchy foods and vegetables like egg plant and lima beans besides rich meats like pork, beef and lamb.
  • Flatulence: The essential oil of the same is used as an ingredient in rubefacient liniments. Rosemary is formally recognized as a drug in some the pharmacopoeias. It is mildly irritant and is used to relieve flatulence
  • Common Cold: Rosemary oil induces copious perspiration. When mixed with hot water it can be taken as a drink to relieve cold and chills. The oil can be applied tropically also. It can even be used as a gargle for sore throat.
  • Rheumatism: As mentioned earlier that the flowering tops and leaves have camphor like odour, it can be used for vapor bath in relieving rheumatism.
  • Heart Stimulant: A few drops of rosemary oil are taken internally as a heart stimulant.
  • Others: It also helps in preventing hair loss and relieving dandruff.


It is advisable not to use this oil during pregnancy as it has strong stimulating effects. Also is not recommended to people suffering from high blood pressure or epilepsy.

It is always advisable to consult a practicing Ayurvedic specialist before using products containing this herb.


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