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Does being underweight bother you? Have you faced criticism and indifference due to your thin frame? Do your friends and peer laugh at your weak frame?
In today’s modern world, where looks and physical appearance are taken as an important criteria to judge people, there are many who face rejection and ignorance due to their thin and weak frame. Society often treats thin and underweight people as weak and incapable. They face opposition in schools and workplace.
Underweight people try everything in their knowledge to gain weight. They try various weight gain supplements, steroids, and medicines given by quacks. Most of them do not even care of what adverse effects these medicines can cause to their body.
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of natural medicines where remedies are prepared from naturally occurring herbs. It is widely used system of medicine with wonderful results and no side effects. Its herbal supplements for weight gain help you in a natural way.
We all need certain basic nutrients for growth and maintenance of life. We know that the energy requirements of each person vary, so does the usage of energy by each person’s body. Therefore, it can be summarized that if a person is eating less than his/her energy needs or if his body is utilizing more than the amount of energy consumed by him, the body is meeting its energy needs by using fats stored in the body. This causes reduction of body fat and mass leading to weight loss.
In Ayurveda, we believe that a decrease in weight occurs due to imbalance in energies of the body. This results in fat depletion from the body. In certain cases the person even loses muscle mass and becomes skinny. We believe that Ayurvedic herbs for weight gain help such cases in a healthy and natural way.
Some common causes of being underweight and leading to weight loss are:
– Eating less: This could be due to various causes like loss of appetite, eating unhealthy food, stress or some medical causes.
– Being physically overactive
– Some medical causes can be hyperthyroidism, Cancer or tuberculosis, and abuse of certain medications
– Genetic underweight
– Anorexia nervosa
Ayurveda believes that the body is controlled by three energies. Vada, Pitta, and Kappha. These energies maintain the balance in the body. In a healthy individual these energies are in natural harmony with each other. Any disease or uneasiness can therefore be explained as an increase or decrease of any of these energies. Ayurvedic herbs help bring these energies to equilibrium
Ayurveda has ample number of herbs that help to maintain the body metabolism. It brings the hyper metabolic state to normal levels thereby building up body fat and muscle mass. Also the Ayurvedic herbs for weight gain help reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol levels in our body and hence maintain the required weight. It is a completely safe and natural system of medicine.
A number of Ayurvedic herbs have been studied to act beautifully on the human body system to maintain its normal functioning in a natural way. There are many herbs for weight gain that act in a natural, Ayurvedic way to increase weight and maintain metabolism of the body. Some of the best Ayurvedic herbs for weight gain are:
– ASHWAGANDHA (Withania somnifera)
The herb Ashwagandha is a wonderful herb widely used in Ayurvedic formulations. This multi-effect herb helps reduce stress induced neurological disorders. As we all know stress, fatigue, memory and bodily weaknesses are all outcomes of unhealthy life and may result into various chronic heart and neurological diseases. Stress is the reason behind loss of appetite, unhealthy lifestyle and loss of weight. Ashwagandha helps in preventing and curing such diseases. It is a good antioxidant. The herb has anti-inflammatory properties. Ashwagandha ayurvedic herb helps to promote overall well-being of the body and nourishes it with strength and immunity. The benefits of Ashwagandha have been included in our product WEIGHT GAIN FORMULA. You can also use ASHWAGANDHA Capsules for the same.
– AMALAKI (Emblica officinalis)
Emblica officinalis (Amalaki or amla) is herb famous for its rejuvenating properties. It is a natural antioxidant that removes free radicals from the body and helps in regeneration of cells. Amla helps in increasing the body vitality and strengthening immunity. It helps in developing healthy, glowing skin and preventing premature aging. It helps in maintaining proper functioning of the liver. It aids digestion by soothing hyperacidity. This wonderful herb helps in improving immunity and boosting metabolism. Its complete action over the body helps in gaining weight healthily. Amalaki herb is a part of our herbal product for weight gain called WEIGHT GAIN FORMULA.
– HARITAKI (Terminalia chebula )
Terminalia chebula, better known as Haritaki in the herbal world is a commonly used herb in Ayurvedic preparations. Its beneficial results are numerous including relief from constipation in chronic diseases, helping people who face loss of appetite and therefore resulting in a healthy body and muscle mass. In certain parasitic conditions like ascites regular intake of Haritaki is quite beneficial. Haritaki herb basically has a role in the proper functioning of the complete digestive system. It helps in liver functioning and relieves cases of liver diseases like hepatomegaly and spleenomegaly. For people who wish to gain weight Haritaki herb is quite helpful. It improves digestion and increases appetite. It improves body energy and immunity. Haritaki is present in WEIGHT GAIN FORMULA.
– SAUNF (Foeniculum vulgare)
The herb Saunf improves the taste and acts as an appetite stimulant and digestive. It can also be used in cases anorexia, emesis, loss of appetite, indigestion, flatulence, pain in abdomen and worms. Saunf extract is used in children abdominal pain. All these cases may be related to weight loss in a person thereby preventing him to gain weight healthily. SAUNF is present in our product WEIGHT GAIN FORMULA.
We at Planet Ayurveda use the beneficial powers of many of the above stated herbs and combine them into our strong and patent weight gain supplements. These products bring to you the wonderful effects of many weight gain herbs in a single product with magnified powers. Here is our range of weight gain products:
Weight Gain formula, Atirasadi churna, Ashwagandha Capsules

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