Asthma & Allergies

Asthma is a chronic condition that is marked by the spasm of the bronchi of lungs which results in difficult for the patient to breath easily. The severity of an Asthmic attack ranges from minor difficulty in breathing with heavy breathing to severe cases where the patient have high degree of difficult on breathing and this may also lead to death in worst case. Asthma slowly increases in severity and ultimately is fatal for a person. Here we are very concerned about your well being and thus we intend to give you the most advanced and thoroughly researched Herbal treatment for asthma. These medicines unlike other drugs do not result in allergic reaction and it is completely safe to use.

The Preventive Measures of Asthma:
– Avoid cold and damp places.
– Go for a morning or evening walk.
– Do yoga mainly ‘Pranayama’.
– Avoid over eating. Take light dinner one hour before going to bed.
– Drink boiled water in plenty.
– Avoid air conditioners, coolers and direct air to fan.
– Avoid Tobacco, wine and smoking.
– About three glasses of orange juice cut wheezing.
– In 1 cup of water soak 1 tspn of fenugreek seeds overnight. Strain. Add 1 tspn of ginger juice and 1 tspn of honey of this. This should be taken morning and evening.
– The caffeine in regular coffee can help prevent and control asthma attacks. Three cups a day will provide the maximum benefit- and don’t give coffee to children with asthma.
– Onions are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can reduce the constriction of the airways in an asthma attack.

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