Irregular Menses

Irregular menses is caused due to hormonal imbalances in females. These hormonal imbalances are caused by various factors such as teenage problems, stress, menopause, tension, other ailments, physical weakness, injuries and many more. This is very common for females who are in regular strenuous activity such as sports. Abnormal menstrual bleeding is more than just a regular issue and you should not take it lightly. Rather you should start the treatment right from the time you feel unusual or irregular menstrual bleeding. The best possible long term remedy for this has to be to nature’s science, that is, Ayurveda. Healing of irregular menses through herbal medication is one of the best way to get relieve that will last for a long time without any side effects.
We at Always Ayurveda are concerned about your well being and therefore we have made medicines with minimum human intervention as well as kept our formulation to be more effective in every single dose. Our products are 100% natural and vegetarian.
Painful menstrual cramps experienced during the period are called dysmenorrheal.
– Regulating your diet could help you deal with the pain.
– Eating healthy and adding lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet can help ease the pain.
– Adequate rest, sleep and enough exercise is also a good way to keep the cramps at bay.
– Some women find that yoga, abdominal massage, or a hot water bottle applied to the abdominal area can help you find relief from menstrual pain.

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