Weak Eye Sight

Eyesight is the greatest gift from God to mankind which involves the ability to distinguish between the good bad, big, small, ugly, beautiful, etc, things. Less ability to see is a big hindrance in every ground of life. It plays an important role to laver down the success rate on an individual’s performance. Some cases of poor vision can also be the result of inherence and age, for which treatments and betterment chances are very low. However, in most cases, weak eyesight can be best eliminated with the help of some natural remedies or workable and efficient eye exercises. In the other case, weak eyesight left untreated creates complications. If individual starts experiencing the below mentioned signs and symptoms, the best thing to do is to pay a visit to eye specialist and have an eye test to check the level of eye weakness. The doctor will advise you to wear glasses according to type an intensity of weak eyesight. In less severe cases, you may be only treated through some recommended eye drops or eye exercises. If eyes are checked and diagnosed properly on time, you can stay safe from a big problem.
In different activities, there are wide arrays of vision and eyesight that can affect your activities in various aspects of your life.
Myopia or near sightedness and Hypermetropic of far sightedness is a common problem that affects the eyeball to see clearly.
Low power of sighting can make your brain week which lowers down your visual perception, thinking and learning ability and all this weakness ultimately results in both ways i.e. social and health. Your professional life will also be disturbed through weak eyesight. A big time passed while hanging glasses on the face sometimes irritates you, especially in case of girls as their facial beauty is disturbed by glasses.
Eyes are a big gift from God and it is our responsibility to take great care of it. On time diagnose after experiencing the signs and symptoms, its treatment will save you from weak eyesight and wearing glasses.
Some of the major causes are as follows:
– Watching TV for long hours
– Watching TV sitting very near to the TV
– Heat and weakness of brain
– Sometimes unbalanced eating habits and deficiency of Vitamin A in meals
– In the age of 60, loss of central and blurred vision are the main causes of blindness
– Sometimes tiny dust particles enter and are stored in our eyes. Although it seems to be harmless, it may be a sign of night blindness and retinal detachment.
– Some major and common symptoms of weak eyes are as under;
– Seeing lazy from eyes
– To see things with no clear results
– Feeling burning sensation in eyes
– Seeing objects at a close distance with no clear results
– Watering in eyes
– Heaviness in head during study
– Persistent common cold

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