Eyes are the most important of all the five senses and it’s unimaginable for a person to lead a normal life without eye sight. Glaucoma is one of the major causes of blindness in the world next to cataract. It is often referred as the “silent thief of the eyes” because its symptoms are usually mild in the beginning and it is detected at the later stage when it is only possible to stun the growth of the disease or slow down its growth. The loss of vision often occurs gradually over a long period of time.
The glaucoma is associated with the increased fluid pressure in the eye. The development of damage vary from person to person like some people may have the symptom of high pressure of fluid in the eye but never have any sign of nerve damage and some people may have slight more pressure in the eye than the normal pressure and develop high damage to the optic fibers of the eyes. Thus to sum up we recommend you not to delay your treatment and take the remedial medications on the first instance. Of the many causes of Glaucoma the most common are diet, ethnicity, gender, genetics and lifestyle.
We at Always Ayurveda are dedicated to find you a real and best treatment for Glaucoma and thus after years of efforts and lots of research our experts have come out with the best ever natural treatment with herbal combination for glaucoma.

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